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Top Shelf

The Pete CollectiveIt would rude not to mention ‘Yet another one of those crazy internet quest things’ – as I’m partial to them myself – and someone (called Pete!) has made me aware of the website – where a chap called Pete is trying to get together as many people with the same name as him, alltogether at the same time! I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t think of doing it myself, except that I probably would have changed it and got people together called ‘Geoff’ instead. Anyway – Is your name Pete? If so, go and have a look

Circle Line HikeI should give mention to the fact that fellow tube-record-holder Neil, plus others from the Going Underground blog site, went on a charity walk, overnight last night, taking part in the Circle Line Hike.

I didn’t go along (I was busy, enjoying an evening of having all my spelling mistakes pointed out to me) and was thus on the last, late train home when Neil calls me up, saying “Guess what! We’ve just seen you on TV!”. Indeed … as the 1,000 or so people who were taking part all trooped past some office block on the Euston Road, they could see inside the reception area a big widescreen TV, which had been left tuned into Sky Travel overnight, who were at that exact moment repeating for the umm-teenth time the episode of ‘The Tube’ from 2003 with me in it! “It was like you were with us, but not actually with us” said Neil. Ah bless, I think he missed me.


Also, just to prove that this blog is not all geeks & trains, can I just mention pornography for a moment? I can? Excellent!

My supposed ‘sweet and innocent’ status has come under scrutiny from certain quarters recently, and I ended up having a conversation about this matter with quite an old female friend of mine when I caught up with her yesterday for a coffee in town.

Top ShelfShe then proceeded to amuse me greatly because in the space of about ten minutes she did an extremely girly thing (browse for clothes looking for an outfit for a wedding that she’s not going to go to for at least another three months), followed by admitting something which (to me) is surely extremely ungirly – she gets turned on by pornography.

Actually, it wasn’t quite that clear cut, as I’d admitted something to her which I thought might suprise her – but it didn’t, as she just came back to me saying “Oh I think a lot of people aren’t as innocent as you think, for example I get my boyfriend to buy me porn magazines and read the stories out to me as it gets me all horny…”.

I just wondered how many other women out there reading this right now would be prepared to admit similar things .. you can of course leave your name as ‘anonymous’ in the comments …

(NB. Before you ask, no I’m not going to tell you who it was that said it , and – amusingly – when I typed ‘Top Shelf’ into Google Images looking for a picture to go with this, but also worried about what it might come out with, I was rather amused when all I got was lots of picture of home-made shelving units…)

18 responses to “Top Shelf”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Being the tech geek that you are, how do we know you can’t actually “see” who we are when we’re typing comments, even though we sign as “anonymous?” Give us ladies at least that reassurance before we confess. I will however, confess to shopping and buying a little black dress at least a year before the occasion…(!) just because, when you see something in a shop window that is perfect and just what you need, why wait? The sad thing was, though, I was canned off the job and the aforementioned fancy occasion never took place. The black dress still hangs in my closet with the tags on.

  2. geofftech says:

    Well at best all my blog software can do is to log your IP address, and it’s quite difficult to work out who you are just from that. However, if you have something really juicy you have to get off your chest, then go and use to mask your IP address – as that does make you completely anonymous! Go on .. go for it … confess away …

  3. Moley says:

    “Sorry, Hujiko does not provide access to the POST method. To access interactive content and other special features, try the Proxify proxy.”


  4. ian says:

    Is this the same blog that just 2 months ago accused a regular commenter of being a troll based on IP address alone?

  5. Chris says:

    Yes- it is, the accusing bastard.

    Still, you live and learn, eh Geoff?

  6. Who’d ever thought we’d see the day!!?? Geofftech with a “Parental Advisory!” slapped on it! We could complain to Geoff’s mum but she’d actually probably like reading all the confessions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmm, no juicy confessions yet I notice.

  7. geofftech says:

    That’s a pity, i thought HUJIKO would get you round that. Ok then, you’ll just have to go and use a different machine to the one you normally use so that I can’t compare and contrast IP addresses. (Not that I really care that much anyway)

  8. geofftech says:

    “Is this the same blog that just 2 months ago accused a regular commenter of being a troll based on IP address alone?”

    Based on IP address and the timings of the entries as well. Get your accusing facts right please, Ian.

  9. No comment re pornography – but you know how innocent I’m supposed to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the plug of the Circle Line Hike though and yeah you’re right it was as though you were with us at some point.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well I’m quite happy having sex with my PC…

  11. tl says:

    Just curious as to why you think “getting turned on by pornography” is “extremely ungirly”. Alot of pornography is silly (to me) but there is some that isn’t too bad. So why does that make me “extremely ungirly”, not just ungirly…. but extremely. Most girls probably just won’t admit it :p

  12. geofftech says:

    I don’t think it makes you un-girly in the sense that you’re not a girl, but in the sense that it’s unusual (in my experience) for women to admit that they get turned on by it.

    So .. what are you admitting to then, oh mysterious ‘tl’ ??

  13. Fimb says:

    We’re moving into the Sex and the City generation remember.. so while ladies have always done such things, its only just now becooming OK to talk about it!

  14. geofftech says:

    So Fimbi … anything you’d care to admit to? Go on .. no one reads my blog anyway, so you’d only really be telling me.

  15. On the un-pornographic subject of shelves, I’m going to a gig in Cardiff in December, and have booked a room at a Travel Inn for two nights.

    One of the things Travel Inn’s website kindly lists is the distance to the nearest MFI.

    Therefore, if I find myself getting bored during Foo Fighters, I can pop off to MFI, knock up a wardrobe in the hotel room, and make it back in time to see Oasis.


  16. tigerlily says:

    Think the key word there is admit or maybe they just haven’t seen any decent pornogaphy. There is some out there and yes, guess I am admitting to it ๐Ÿ™‚ not mysterious at all, just was too lazy to type it all out…. you knew who it was anyways, that’s all that matters right? :p

  17. Christ- is work really making you bored enough to add commercial links to peoples’ comments, now?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Right. Since I see that we don’t really have any real sex confessions here yet about what turn any of us on (“No sex please, we’re British”) I’ll be first lady to offer mine as to what turns me on. It’s when I shoot racy photos of myself and email them to a lover.. the idea that it is so risqu้ and so appreciated on the receiving end. Turns me on! Kind of a thrill. And the quality’s actually pretty good if I do say so myself! And I’m hiding my IP through HUJIKO. Did it work, Geofftech?

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