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Sunday Stalking

Am at work today – Sunday – and have just realised that Top of the Pops is now on at the weekends … so is anyone dead famous in the building today? [Looks up dressing room schedules online…]

Dressing Room Schedules

Oh yay! The Robster, the psycho-bitch with the large chest, and the rather cool Kanye West are all in the building, who shall I go and stalk first .. ?

25 responses to “Sunday Stalking”

  1. James 510 says:

    Don’t you have any WORK to do?

  2. geofftech says:

    Fixed one print queue problem, a login issue and kicked off a rebuild already .. so yes, but weekends are notoriously quiet anyway – and besides, I meant after my shift has finished .. 😉

  3. Simon says:

    print queue problem – restart spooler on said server (1min allowing for logging in) login issue 40 seconds to find the account and unlocked etc – or longer if machine has the patch cable not in and kicked off a rebuild about 3 minutes if ghosting. I know its only about 10 minutes real work, but there is all the waiting for the work to appear! That is the hard work!

  4. geofftech says:

    And fetching the teas in, that’s quite time-consuming too.

    Note I said ‘fetching’. Any similar sounding words should be used in the ‘porn’ thread below… ~cough~ And i’m not going to explain that if you don’t get it!

  5. David A says:

    Right lets go through the pros & cons of stalking each of these stars:

    Firstly, Kanye West:

    Pros: Rather cool, has lots of “bling” and may let you join his “posse”

    Cons: May be hidden behind a big bodyguard, who is carrying a gun and will shoot on sight! (Probably works for the Met Police 😛 ;D )

    Mariah Carey:

    Pros: Shes a member of the opposite sex, without a BF as far as I know & erm… anything else?

    Finally, Robbie Williams:

    Pros: English, good looking member of the same sex 😉 , travelled on the tube at sometime, rich & a nice guy

    Cons: English, good looking member of the same sex 😉 , travelled on the tube at sometime, rich & a nice guy

    Let us know who you decide to stalk. I’d say Robbie because at least you know your safe!

  6. David A says:

    Oops, forgot Mariah Careys Cons:


  7. Kathleen says:

    always Robbie!!
    n take sneaky fotos! 😀

  8. Bumble says:

    IS there noone nice!? Tsk, see if you can shoot Robbie…

  9. geofftech says:

    Well .. have just clocked the Robster coming in! There was a hideous amount of people trying too hard to look pretty as well that were obviously part of his entourage … and they all started cat fighting with Mariah’s entourage.

    Ok, that’s a lie .. but there’s a lot of people just milling about down by the studios/dressing rooms trying to look important, and then I wander by whistling, jeans and scraggy t-shirt trying not to look out of place!

    I’ll go back for another wander in a minute …

  10. Woah- what happened to that blog entry that was there earlier?

    I know you occasionally delete comments, but an entire blog entry?!

    That’s just unheard of!

  11. geofftech says:

    Something I was experimeting with – Mikey’s comment was unfortunately also deleted, but he was faaaar too keen in commenting so soon!

  12. Bah.

    I can’t actually remember what was in it, though..

    Which is annoying..

  13. Mikey says:

    Neither can i, and i commented!!

  14. Wot, they film TOTP on Sundays now, as well?

  15. beautifixation says:

    just to let u know that a lot of “normal ” girls or “good” girls do get turned on by porn,talking from experience here!

  16. geofftech Says:
    September 18th, 2005 at 1:18 pm

    Note I said fetching. Any similar sounding words should be used in the porn thread below ~cough~ And im not going to explain that if you dont get it!

    “Fetching…?” Similar sounding words that are ‘nasty’and belong in the porn post…?? Fetching…Hmmm Ok then…more British slang I need ‘splained…

    I say Robbie is the best stalking candidate listed. Take some photos and post them here! If you dare.

  17. Mikey says:

    Could you get disciplined for taking photos of celebs Geoff?

  18. geofftech says:


    “Felching” is the word I’m referring to. It’s too rude to appear in or wikipedia, so I can only refer you to this article here! Don’t say i didn’t warn you in advamce though!! (Not suitable for minors!)

  19. Chris says:

    Why isn’t it suitable for minors?

    Just because they work in dark caves? T’shh!

  20. My goodness. Well OK then. I have heard of that kind of “activity” before but I never knew it had a name. Eeeek. I actually had a friend who was an OR doc. The stories he told about the er…problems… that people would come in with (in that same vein) boggled the mind.

    Oh, is F5-Chris considered a minor in England? What is the age of consent there?

  21. David A says:

    Legal age of consent is 16 here.

    However most seem to think 12-13-14 is fine. When I say most I mean CHAVS!

  22. No no, I’m legal.

    Word play, see?



  23. Chris–You’re a miner??? I thought you did video work for a living?? At least Chris is not a chav.

  24. No.

    I’m a student.

    A ‘professional tax dodger,’ if you will.

    The film and video work’s what I want to get into..

  25. Lager says:

    Geoff… I think you should be *really* careful when making info from the BBC’s private intranet available publicly like this… or maybe you know that in this case it is OK?

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