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Oh C***!

I was going to buy the new Mike Gayle novel today, until I found that it had yet another sickeningly ingratiating ‘thanks’ section (as per his last book which was shit), and so it put me right off buying it and I started scanning the shelves of WHSmiths for something else instead.

I didn’t actually go in to buy a book – all I wanted was a padded envelope so that I could post a video back to someone, but it cost 59p, and I only had a twenty pound note on me – and so I felt that I had to buy something else. I’m not alone in doing that right? You don’t want to be chastised for sucking dry the shops cash register, so you look for something else to buy so that when you hand over that note it feels like a more worthwhile purchase.

The C WordsWell in the end, I got a copy of Mark Mason’s “The C Words”. And that’s Commitment, Coupledom and Children before you ask. I was hooked by the summary on the back … “Alex is thirty four and, after a string of unsuccesful relationships is single once again“. Heh.

Even better, inside is a whole dialogue where he’s having a conversation with a female friend of his where they talk about someone being JGE.

‘JGE’ you ask? Just Gay Enough, of course! And in light of the comments we’ve been having here recently, I couldn’t help but quote part of the book:

“It doesn’t mean literally gay. It just means being in touch with your feminine side. Women don’t like overtly heterosexual men. You know, shirt open to the waist, medallion, leather trousers, and of the rubbish. It puts them off. They want a a bloke who’s not too threatening. They want you to have some of the characteristics of a gay man, without actually being gay. So they can talk to you about clothes, interior decorating, that sort of thing – but they still want you to be a complete animal in bed”.

Now I thought that this was just bollocks for a novel, but turns out it’s been mentioned here here and here before! So what do we think – real enough? Or a complete load of tosh …

113 responses to “Oh C***!”

  1. ian says:

    That wasn’t me! Who is this IanPoster?

  2. Thank you Neil. I can’t say I blame you, it is pretty cute.

    Geoff has never had this many comments before, he is going to be over the moon.

    Ian, (ye of Cairn dog photo) that means now you MUST give us at least the first letter of your last name.

  3. Oh, and does everyone realize:

    a. The “clean” yet lively debate about James Blunt and his possibly being gay is going on over at Annie’s blog while the

    b. The “filthy” debauchery continues over here; and

    c. We are all addicted to commenting on blogs when we should be working (me), living life or doing other things. Let’s admit it. Just exactly what is our problem?

  4. kate says:

    too much time on our hands? should it be rediced to 20 hours a day, just so that no-one can blog?

  5. COMMENT EDIT: Rather than saying that “Geoff will be over the moon at so many comments,” I should have said:

    Geoff will be “fuckin’ high” over so many comments.

    Fits the character of the discussion much better.

  6. geofftech says:

    I’m delerious Kris, aye. You cutie arsed hawaain, you.

    Ian – i have the IP address of your imposter, would you like to know who loves you so much that they take your name?

  7. Annie Mole says:

    There are so many typos in Geoff’s post above I wouldn’t know where to start correcting it 😉

    My “clean yet lively” James Blunt debate is at least vaguely on topic to the original post

    with said clean and lively comments here

    Although as Geoff has now started commenting there god knows how long it will remain “clean” and lively for……

  8. Thank you Geoff, you cute-arsed Brit. I am actually not Hawaiian but originally from California. You know, a blonde beachy girl. Now we just need to know if Neil has a cute arse. Then we will all be one big happy family.

  9. Take it from me, Neil does 😉

  10. And I bet Mecca does too so we are really all just a happy foursome.

  11. geofftech says:

    Neil’s arse is hairy. I’ve seen it.

  12. Good christ. At first I was flattered that my sweet “okole” (Hawaiian word for arse, pronounced “oh-koh-lay”) had been inspiring some nice sentiments. But now I am not so sure. Just when I thought the discussion could not hit any further bottom (pun intended) look what at happens.

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