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In Da Lift

Dick and DomJust popped out to get a sandwich and a drink, and “tutted” heavily under my breath as I turned the corner in a narrow corridor of the building to find a whole load of kids blocking the way .. and then only as I passed realised it was because they were all crowded round Dick & Dom getting their autographs.

Dick & Dom, who were then still there waiting by the main set of four lifts that take you to all-places-TVC when I came back two minutes later, sandwich in hand. Except that two of the lifts are broken, and so by the time one of them ‘bings’ to take us up, about 12 people all squeeze in, and we’re so close that I can smell the stale cigarette smoke on Dick. Or is it Dom? Ok, I don’t actually know which is which.

But I do know that I had to summon every reserve piece of strength in my body not to murmur the word ‘Bogies’ and thus prevent making myself look like a twat.

They got out on the 4th floor .. heading for the BBC bar … whilst I stayed in ’til the 7th, my integrity very much intact. Phew!

28 responses to “In Da Lift”

  1. Paul says:

    Dick and Dom what ace people. Me, I’m more of Dick person er I mean I like Dick … er what I am trying to say is that yea, I find them both amusing.

    (Phew, think I got away with that! Otherwise people would think I was gay! Lets hope my wife doesn’t see this … Geoff, I am counting on you!)

  2. Neil says:

    I think they’re both Dicks.

  3. Bumble says:

    I love Dick and Dom lol

  4. David A says:

    Awww, you should of said bogies 😛 I bet all these people who complain about them like it. They’re great!

    Dick is the one in the red shirt, real name Richard!? Dom is the other one, real name, Dominic!?

  5. Anthony says:

    I love the trailer for In Da Bungalow in which they are fired from their job as ice-cream men because they’d thrown the ice cream all over the customers… it’s the glee with which they set about their mischief that’s so amusing.

    And anyway, Geoff, WHERE’S THE NEW PROJECT?!

  6. Paul says:

    David A – You sad bugger (That’s 3- Ed)

  7. geofftech says:

    Geoff’s ‘NEW PROJECT’ will be here … soon!

    I’m working on several websites at the moment, apart from my own, and have in fact farmed out bits of the work of my one onto other people, so that I can do the work of someone else’s myself!

    So all in good time my young masked man! Ok?

  8. Ian says:

    Which one’s Dec? I can never tell.

  9. Paul says:


  10. SK says:

    Does the “New Project”, have anything to do with asking for peoples Birthdays?

  11. Yorkie says:


  12. geofftech says:

    Oh god, I knew this would happen. Can’t we have a nice relaxing game of Mornington Crescent instead?

  13. Chich says:

    Spoil Sport Geoff hehe

    Boooggggggggggiiiiiie Woggiieeeeeeesssssssss

  14. Paul says:

    Birthdays eh?! Mine is the 31st February … I share my birthday with a rare breed/mutant (the mother in law)

  15. Chich says:

    I’ve seen a few episodes, bloody hilarious but most saturdays i sleep in after a night out with the heavys

  16. David A says:

    OK then, how about a game of the “Two Word Tango” – I’ll start:

    Muck 😛

  17. David A says:

    Sorry, had to post about this – “The show has been the subject of a reprimand by media watchdog Ofcom after viewers complained that Dom’s T-shirt with the slogan “Morning Wood” referred to a state of male sexual excitement (rather than (good) Morning (Dominic) Wood).” LOL

  18. SK says:

    Don’t tell me, you’re going for the world record on the number of legitimate birthday card’s sent out by one person?

  19. Chich says:

    That would be a right laugh

  20. geofftech says:

    Dammit, no! But that’s not a bad idea, is it? Maybe I could run it as a side project, as I do have a long list of people’s birthdays now …

  21. Andrew says:

    Dick and Dom, what a right pair of tarts, i think you’ll find that dick and head is more appropriate.

  22. Jonny says:

    I use Firefox and Thunderbird after going through phases of using IE, Netscape (7.1), Mozilla and Firefox as well as Outlook Express

  23. Paul says: – Suprised Geoff hasn’t brought our attention to this!


  24. Fimb says:

    I’m not sure I could have restrained myself *g* I might have to start groupying outside of BBC centre now they’re back on saturday mornings

  25. Jon. Justice says:

    I was in Wimbledon library when Dick and Dom came in to do their “hilarious” bogies routine. I asked them to go away and they wouldn’t. Then I called my film crew in (I’d just popped in during a break in filming) and they didn’t think that was funny. Their PA asked us to stop filming for “copyright reasons”. Aw, for shame.

    While I’m at it. Looking gay and 33? Snap.

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