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Measuring two more

Measuring doorsI’ve been meaning to mention for a while that I was out measuring train door widths the other day. Ever since my local TOC (South West Trains) made a big song and dance a year ago about their newly refurbished trains, and the fact that that doors opened wider, I’d been meaning to get my tape measure out and REALLY see how much wider the doors opened on the new trains that now come through Epsom.

It hasn’t got written up here, but is over on my South West Train pages instead where I do tend to vacillate about about the virtues of their train service a lot.

Something else which I’ve been been meaning to do for absolutely bloody ages, but have just been really slack, is to catch up on a 50p that I got given weeks ago. I’m now doing it because I got given another one more recently – on Friday just gone – and so it seems like a good moment to catch up with the both of them.

Jon Choo - 523First is a lovely man by the name of Jon Choo (#523) who came on the TubeRelief gig that we did many many weeks ago now, and in the pub two days later when everyone met up he handed of his coin saying that “He’d been meaning to do it for ages” – A bit like me and the eventually blogging of it then, eh Jon? Apologies it too so long, but your coin has gone in the charity pot – thanks!

The tune he chooses as well is British Sea Power’s “Lately”, and Jon’s blog is here too if you fancy a look.

Chris Searle - 524Continuing in the tube-relief-particpant theme, another of the chaps from that day by the name of Chris Searle (#524) came out and caught up with me at work the other day – and hence the cheesy photo in front of the big sign on the side of studio one at work.

Since TubeRelief day, Chris and his mates have been out and had another crack at the whole tube system, and got a great time too (although not a record breaking one!). Chris’s write up of his day out is here. Oh, and his tune is the classic “Don’t stop me now” by Queen.

Thank you both Chris and Jon!

32 responses to “Measuring two more”

  1. Isaac Hunt says:

    YAWN …. Your blog is BORING

  2. John Stanley says:

    iI like your girly bag, very gay…

  3. Jon says:

    God I look fat. Anybody knows what diet plan Peter Jackson was on?

  4. Paul says:

    mmm … me thinks Geoff needs to get out more? Is anyone with me?

  5. Chris says:

    That does sound like a deliciously random and utterly Geofftech thing to do.

    I wish I thought up things like that..

  6. geofftech says:

    1. No one’s forcing you to read it Tim! And you’ve obviously nothing better to so at work on a Sunday that to sit and read it..! 😉

    2. I like my gay bag too. I’m JGE, remember?

    3. Jon. You like fine mate. Stop worrying!

    4. pip pip! absolutely, will be in touch soon. i haven’t asked you when your birthday is yet, have I?

    5. Paul – Ssssh. Get back to YOUR blog!

    6. I’ve got a better one than train doors coming next week…

  7. Paul says:

    oh yea … good idea! (Or maybe I should go back to my OU, what I SHOULD really be doing!)

  8. Rich says:

    Well unlike ‘Issac Hunt’ I thought the door measuring was amusing. Certainly cheered up my Sunday afternoon.

  9. Chich says:

    Pfft i only travel on silvelink trains, oh well. Might have to take the tape out hehe.
    Geoff can i reserve 525 pls! pretty please….

  10. Andrew (TM) says:

    You could measure the seat-pitch – the distance from the back of one seat to the front of the back-cushion of the seat behind. I recall thinking that some new-ish South West Trains rolling stock (on the Clapham Junction to Exter route) have very cramped leg-room… which must be an issue for lanky Geoff! 😉

  11. Geoff's Mum (Tina) says:

    How did I spawn such a nerd! I should have known when
    he started collecting bus numbers at 7years old! Can someone
    find him a girl-friend please asap.

  12. ian says:

    Paul. I think less might be better. 🙂

    I have been out today, since you’re about to ask. I went to B&Q. Like I always do.

    Mrs. Scallion* … can you elaborate further on this bus number collecting?

    * it’s a sort of onion

  13. Paul says:

    Tina, there really is hope for Geoff … I consider myself a nerd and I am happy with Rebekah. She isn’t a nerd, no where near but someone will accept it, worts and all (even his nerdy traits!)

    Can’t wait for the CD’s … I am like a kid before Christmas!

  14. David A says:

    You bloody cheap skate! You got 524 people to give you 50p, when you must earn something like 20 thou a year! 262 could feed Africa for a whole year! Has the rest gone to charity since you got your Ipod?

  15. Mr X says:

    David A:

    As someone who donated 50p, I suggest you read the whole site and then PISS OFF!

  16. Chris says:


    Nothing like a bit of tension..

  17. Anthony says:

    Geoff is a comedian of epic proportions. The 50p that I donated to him, which he has explained will go to charity, was worth the donation since his contribution to the level of happiness that I experience in my life has been exemplary (eg. Bananapost et cetera).

  18. geofftech says:

    David A –

    As a regular commenter/visitor here, I can’t really believe that you’re that ignorant or stupid to have not previously picked up on all the issues surrounding such a predictable and lazy comment such as yours, but just in case that is so, here are a quick few pointers:

    Today’s post clearly reads:

    but your coin has gone in the charity pot – thanks!

    All 50p’s post-500 and that I received up to TubeRelief day went into the TubeRelief fund.

    I could start blogging some of the genuinely selfless good deeds that I do in this world (which have more effect and make more of a difference to someone’s life than (say) pouring money into never ending charities trying to make a difference, but don’t due to issues quite clearly highlighted by Geldof & Co. at the recent Live8 event for example), but if I did that, then you’d just think I was doing it just to prove a point wouldn’t you?

    ps. When’s your birthday?

    pps. Twenty grand? Don’t make me laugh… I earn much more than that …

  19. Ian says:

    More than 20 grand? For support? No wonder the licence fee is going up.

  20. geofftech says:

    It’s an outrage isn’t it Ian? I think you should write to your MP and complain.

  21. Sam says:

    Geoffs Mum (Tina)
    I actually find it quite funny and sweet in a way that he has nothing better to do than go out and measure train doors!

    *hides* (before Steve reads this post and I get moaned at)

  22. geofftech says:

    I actually find it quite sad that a lot of people have nothing better to do with their lives other than tediously monotonous things such as:

    Watching rubbish TV night after night
    Drinking because it’s the only way that you know how to have a good time

    And therefore it’s a huuuuge compliment if anyone tells me that i’m “different” or “quirky” etc.. because it means that I’m doing something interesting and different with my life, and not just exisiting…

    No need to hide Sam! 🙂

  23. Sam says:

    Theres every need to hide because I called you “sweet” again and according to Steve I do it quite often!
    So Steve, for the record:

  24. Sam says:

    Theres every need to hide because I called you “sweet” again and according to Steve I do it quite often!
    So Steve, for the record:
    I do NOT fancy Geoff!!! 🙂

  25. Sam says:

    Oops, apologies for first comment, didnt mean to post twice, grrr, and i’m suppose to be a uni student, pah! :$

  26. SK says:

    So that’s why you wern’t doing the Nike 10k run then, you had train doors to measure! Tut, tut…..

  27. geofftech says:

    That’s ok Sam, every female I ever come in contact with eventually succumbs to ye old Geofftech-magic-lover-touch. It’s just a matter of how long … 😉

    Ok, kidding.

    Mr G-Force. I was out measuring trains about two weeks ago on my day off! Yesterday I spent making a Nottingham Forest fans website and eating some particularly yummy homemade chocolate cake.

  28. Geoff's Mum (Tina) says:

    Ian: I know what a scallion is, as my husband is Irish, and we have
    lived in Ireland for a while. They are what the English call Spring Onions
    May I say you are getting very warm!
    Re bus numbers: There are books printed with the bus serial them,
    not the Reg No. but the one on the side. Bus-spotters stand on street
    corners on busy main roads and tick off buses that they see in their books.
    A pointless exercise, but slightly more useful than mugging pensioners.

  29. SK says:

    I have some quite useful information on train door sizes vs passenger flow for you Geoff, but I can’t seem to access Hotmail tonight for some reason, so it’ll have to wait.

  30. Chris says:

    Personally, I’m more interested in train doors vs. passengers, full stop.

    That’s usually far more interesting/amusing..

  31. ian says:

    Mrs. Leek?…
    Wouldn’t it be easier to go to the bus depot and wait for them to come out? Admittedly, in my experience, they would hide in there all day, but you could at least go all Brian Hanrahan on it.

    At first I thought that the number collecting was the number on the front. Hence the trip to the 281 the other day. Has anyone ever travelled the full length of every bus route in London… that’s a very Geoff thing to do, I think.

    At least mugging pensioners is profitable. Oh… Have I just glorified terrorism again?

  32. geofftech says:

    Brain Hanrahan?

    as in “I counted them all out… and I counted tham all back in”.

    That gives me goose pimples just thinking about it. Seriously, it really does. Now i’ll have to go and dig out the bbc news CD i’ve got that with the clip on. It’s fucking fantastic.

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