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R-sole on the R-70

I have to laugh … a lot. One of the guys at work (Who shall remain namelessIssacc), talks to me on the quiet yesterday and admits that he’s thinking of starting a blog, and asks what software I use, and could I give him a few pointers. And this is the guy that ribs me mercilessly about it everytime that we’re on shift together.

I tell him – amongst other things – that one of the good things about a blog is that even if no bugger reads it it’s still a good way to vent your anger and rant about things that piss you off – Work, women, and getting hit by buses when you borrow a friends car for the day.

Now you see I can’t do the first one (much) as everyone at work now calls me ‘Geofftech’ rather than ‘Geoff’ all day (yawn), the second one just causes too much trouble generally, but – yay! – I can tell you all about my accident instead.

I’m ‘inbetween’ cars at the moment, but needed one yesterday to get to work early, and then travel to a mates wedding rehearsal, as I’m being an usher next week. So my friends that live round the corner from me really kindly lent me their Ford Ka for the day.

So I leave work at 5pm, and drive towards Twickenham getting stuck in a nice traffic jam in the Richmond one-way system. And I’m quietly minding my own business where I’ve just pulled out of a sideroad, across a bus lane and into the regular lane of traffic, when an R70 bus swing round the corner, and ~bang~ the back of bus hits the back left of the car, scraping the bumper and mangling the tyre.

We took photos, swapped details, I swore at the driver (but later calmed down) and was then left by myself in a borrowed unfamiliar car to find the jack and change the wheel in the dark (obviously finding time to take a photo right in the middle of it all) with my hands getting filthy dirty and then being late at pitching up at my mates house for the rehearsal. What can I say … I was not happy!

Car accident 1Car accident 2Car accident 3

I’ve this morning rung the bus company, and now have to talk to their insurance company instead – and I realise now that the hassle is in all the time and effort that it will take to sort this all out and get them to cough up for paying for the damage – and that’s now the most annoying part, not the damage to the car itself!

So there you go Tim. Start a blog, and you too can have pointless rants like this one …

8 responses to “R-sole on the R-70”

  1. Anthony says:

    It’s the Law of Conservation of Happiness, Geoff… this is pretty bad, so something good is going to happen soon. MARK MY WORDS.

    Mind you, it was a Ford Ka, so the bus driver was actively trying to hit you!

  2. Isaac Hunt says:

    I’m missing you this week already, Geoff …

    Glad you’re OK …

  3. Isaac Hunt says:

    PS I just emailed my mate again at the Apple Store

  4. I reckon the bus driver rammed into Geoff on purpose! I mean there’s our hero, going to all the tube stations in London and our poor bus driver “friend” is I guess probably annoyed seeing as Geoff hasn’t visited all the bus stops in London.

    Thats my theory anyway!

  5. geofftech says:

    and you mate at the Apple Store said what? I was in there again on Monday and they were saying that it might now now be until Thursady or Friday that they get the videos in…

  6. Chris says:

    I went in there earlier, and was told they’d be there in about 2 weeks.

    Soddit. I’m ordering online.

  7. CV says:

    Re: bus connection. Technology isn’t all good or always right. If you hadn’t relied on Tom Tom and had looked at a map before setting off you wouldn’t have been in Richmond town centre in the first place! 😮

  8. Rob(Geoff's brother-in-law) says:

    Bus Drivers are great……well, I am!

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