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Happy Friday

I’ve just seen the most depressing sight down my local high street. Outside Wilkinsons (a.k.a “Chav-Shopping-R-Us”) was a woman in a wheelchair who had a blanket over her lap. And she was smoking a cigarette … but not in a normal way. Instead she had a silver ashtray balanced on her lap blanket, and from that a tube going up to the cigarette in her mouth. And before you say “Well she probably couldn’t move her arms Geoff, don’t be such an insensitive bastard”, I watched her for long enough to see her raise her right arm, take the cigarette out of her mouth,
Sarcasmcough like there was no tomorrow, and put the fag bag between her lips, but yet she had this device to allow the ask to go down the tube and into the ashtray. And it was just … depressing. I don’t know why.

Many thanks to Alison today for sending me this, an article about sarcasm from the magazine. “I saw it and I thought of you” she says. Cheers mate, I love you too.

LadderI also need to plug this excellent site which someone forwarded to me during the week. I’d seen it before a few years ago but it was good to catch up with the rules of the relationship ladder. (Note: Only blokes will probably really find this funny).

Now to go and see how big my blog page is and make it smaller if I can … and then play at bus conductor for the weekend at wedding number 33.

16 responses to “Happy Friday”

  1. Dig the MP3! … Madonna could be knocked off the top spot with this! Go Geoff, go Geoff! (Oh and Neil too, no hard feelings!)

  2. geofftech says:

    I’ve seen the video to the Madonna track today .. she’s wearing an awful pink leotard in a gym. not good! tube still rocks tho’ …

  3. kate says:

    hmm. would her video be as popular if it was a tube train wearing a pink leotard instead of her?

  4. Anthony says:

    AFS is a remix legend. Compared to him, there’s nobody better at dropping the pressure… on the Tube, at least.

  5. I used to work at Wilkinsons, and I’ll have you know that “our” clientele were most respectable people… apart from all of the chavs, low-lifes, families, children, old people and alcoholics, of course. I even served Maxine Carr once (post-prison), but that’s another story.

    I actually blogged about how rubbish it was working there, until they found out, and I think I nearly got sacked. I guess they didn’t want their loyal customers finding “low everyday prices” at another shop.

  6. geofftech says:

    You served Maxine Carr! Eek! wasn’t she supposed to have a new look & new name and everything? that must have been a bit freaky…

    Tube = Tube, yes yes yes. Just call me ‘Typotech’ !

  7. Rich says:

    Loving the mp3.
    Saw the madonna video on C4. Great track – video too, even if just for a game of ‘spot the location’

  8. geofftech says:

    Ooooh! Why? Where was it filmed?

    Just seemed like a cheap verion of Eric Prydz “Call on me” really – gym thing going on. And I don’t like the way Madge’s arse cheeks hang out from her leotard. I’m sorry but for a woman of 47, that’s just not pretty.

    (Madonna incidentaly, born on August 16th… just two days out from mine! Dammit…)

  9. geofftech says:

    Right, who knows how to tie a cravat then? I’m having difficulty…

  10. Anthony says:

    Good luck, Geoff. I think you are going to need it.

  11. Rich says:

    Well if I’m right, some of it was shot in Borough Market – and of course on a tube!

  12. Paul Webb says:

    Geoff – it’s easy. Just tie it as you would a normal tie, just very loose. And instead of doing the final tuck under the the loop you just leave it hanging free.

  13. Alan Perks says:

    A CRAVAT! Could be pushing the boundaries of JGE just a little too far methinks.

  14. Anthony says:

    Just Gentlemanly Enough? Methinks not!

    You cannot transcend the boundary of JGE with anything short of a top hat, tailcoat, waistcoat, dress shirt, cravat, cufflinks, pocket watch, parade-gloss polished (NOT patent leather, you make me sick) shoes and gentleman’s cane (with concealed sword).

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  16. kafcefadvag says:




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