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That has to be one of the strangest days at work yet.

It was my own fault when back on the weekend when washing-day was due in Geoff’s house but I hadn’t been arsed to get round to it, I was left with scrappy t-shirts, the likes of which I would normally only wear on nightshifts.

Blogging This
So on Sunday I ended up wearing my ThinkGeek t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “I’m blogging this” – something which I’d bought at the time thinking it was terribly amusing, but realised later than it was well – a bit sad.

AVAt work, there’s a whole mini-department within interactive who deal with all the AudioVisual (AV) content on the webpages, mainly what you see in the News Player, but they also do all the interactive content for your digital TV, the bigs screens you see in railway stations, and other bits ‘n’ pieces. Anyway – whilst they almost certainly generate the most interesting problems to solve, they’re also probably the most complicated and time consuming to fix so we have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them.

So I’m wandering through the AV area on Sunday afternoon last weekend, and one of the women there – Cait – spots me, chats to be about something, and then spies my t-shirt.

“Have you got a blog then?” she asks. “Er… might do!”, I reply a little coyly, and then refuse to give her my website address. That’s right Geoff – you go to all the trouble of getting a presence on the internet, and then get all embarrassed when someone wants to see it. Logical. Not.

Skip forward to this morning, where I can’t name names, but one of the journos rings up this morning, – something is broken. The main application which takes raw video and converts it out into the formats we put on the web is broken. Again.

It’s a temperamental bit of software (but it’s getting better), but it does tend to flip out now and then. I investigate what the hell is wrong with it now, and a few minutes later in an attempt to placate the user (who sounded quite pissed off) and just to see it from their end, I pop out to see them – personal touch, always helps.

Geofftech in taskbarSo I’m at their desk and on their screen, and I ALT-TAB round to the app I want, and as I do notice an instance of IE down in the taskbar. Nothing unusual about that I guess, but .. woah! What’s that! The words ‘‘ pop out of the screen at my eyes. You what?

Yes.. they’ve been looking at my website. “Er.. have you been looking at my website?” I say, clicking away trying to work on their PC at the same time. “Oh, yes!”, they say “Cait told us about it, and since then we’ve all been looking at it”. “We? … Who’s ‘we’ ?” “The whole of AV” they reply.

Oh god. Paranoia overdrive time again, as the whole ‘Yes I put myself on the internet, but then get creeped out by it when I realise that people are looking at it’ feeling.

So before the day is out, I find myself having several conversations with people – most of whom I only know by face to recognise, and certainly can’t remember their names, but they all know now who I am!

“Hey I saw your website”, gets said to me several times by different people and find myself discussing tubes, iPods, and practically everything else that I’ve posted up over the years. And it’s just … weird!

Anyway, I’ll have been at my job here now for a whole year come the beginning of December, so I managed to make it a whole year (excluding my immediate colleagues) without being rumbled, but now they all know how strange I am. The only consolation was that I’m not alone, as I discovered that there were at least two other people in that area who have blogs themselves, one of which is here.

13 responses to “Rumbled”

  1. Isaac Hunt says:

    That’s what happens when you go global, baby ! 🙂

  2. Kathleen says:

    Intimate colleagues..wish my work was that fun!

  3. Matt says:

    Rumbled? for chee for chee… btw you’ve got the support baton tomorrow

  4. Something similar happend to me a few months ago, albeit in an infiniately more boring setting. (I worked in a shop). I hope you don’t find yourself defending comments you wrote months ago like I did!

    My parents finding my blog was weird too- they didn’t tell me they read it, they just started dropping subtle references to it in conversation and suddenly knew what I do in more depth than ever before. Now I daren’t post anything offensive!

  5. Gordon says:

    Oi, Geoff, sort your newsplayer links out 🙂

    <a href=”#” onClick=”
    false;”>OPEN console – BB Windows UKFS</a>

  6. I would have thought that given you’re very open about where you work and what you do, people would soon deduce that you had a blog.

    So I guess you don’t want me outing your blog in the staff newspaper the next time they ask me to recommend a blog then 😉

  7. stroppycow says:

    Typical they changed the dresscode at work before I got a chance to order this one

  8. geofftech says:

    Gordon, thanks er.. but that code breaks the page! I can see what it’s trying to do, but it’s not actually doing it…

    Hmm… /scratches chin/ …

  9. geofftech says:

    WE – That was my whole point. My immediate office colleagues all knew about it, but word had not spread beyond that. Considering it didn’t get out for almost a whole year though, I think that’s pretty good… Feel free to recommend mine at anytime, and i’ll scratch your back too 🙂

  10. anonymous journo says:

    Well, I feel quite famous.

    Although if you think it’s embarrassing/creepy to find your own website on someone else’s computer, imagine the feeling of wanting the ground to open up under you when someone discovers you’ve been looking at their website, seeing the look of shock/horror on their face, and realising that this could really make you look like some kind of disfunctional stalker-type psycho. When you had just been a bit curious.

    So I’m glad to see other people had clearly been taking an unhealthy interest too.

    I’ll get my coat now. Guess I just wanted to check there wasn’t a rant about psychotic colleagues tracking you on the internet.

    It’s all Cait’s fault.

  11. AndrewTM says:

    I hear my website (not blog) got rumbled by one of my more senior work-collegues today (it’s no secret to the guys my age or younger, but I don’t flaunt it to the older ppl). I’m asked if my boss knows about it [I doubt it]! Why would they think that matters? I’m worried. Panicky even. Do they reckon I have a conflict of interest? Secrets leaking? No – turns out they reckon the boss *ought* to see it … they reckon I’ve been under-estimated! 🙂

  12. tom says:

    Hi, another psychotic internet stalking colleague here, thanks for the keyboard. 🙂

  13. Sam says:

    Oh ho!
    Now you too will never be sure if someone in the ofice is looking at you with an odd expression because they’ve just read about your weekend exploits with jelly babies and jugs of Pimms, or because you’ve come out of the toilets with your skirt tucked in your pants again.
    Or is that just me?

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