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Making a meal of it

Choose MealUnder impressed by the new series of Little Britain last week (but give it time, it’ll pick up as the series goes on, I’m sure), probably the one thing which did make me smile was the ‘Computer says no’ woman that’s now moved to a travel agents instead. I thought of this last night as I found myself online booking a flight when it got to the clickable choice of ‘Smoking or non-smoking‘, ‘Window or aisle‘ and ‘Meal type‘ .

Meal type? Well either ‘regular‘ or ‘vegetarian‘ will be the only two options, right? Oh no … ! Not anymore … just look at all the choices of meals that you can have now – is this normal? I haven’t even heard of half of these before anyway.

A bit of me wanted to select ‘Non-lactose‘ just to see what the hell I’d get, or perhaps ‘Fruit platter‘ because it would just be more interesting than the crappy bit of meat heated up which you then have to eat with ice cold cutlery, or perhaps any of these options because at least then it means that you have a good chance of being served first ahead of all the regular plebs.

And what do you get for ‘Bland‘ ? A piece of dry crusty bread and a glass of water perhaps? I’m intruiged … but ultimately not sufficiently intruiged as to push the boat and and actually take a different option just for the hell of it, and so somewhat predictably I didn’t choose anything and left it on the default setting of ‘none’ instead. Sigh.


In a quick geek-out/iPod related thing (and also a ‘get it quick before someone stamps down on it for being wildly illegal) if you’ve ever run iTunes in a large networked environment (e.g at work) then you’ll have no doubt discovered the joy of sharing out your library, and also being able to see others library’s over the network – and playing their tunes – but that was all. You could only play them and not actually nick copies of the tracks – until now.

OurTunesStep forward a bit of java (and thus multi-platform) written software – OurTunes which does the rather naughty thing of letting you steal copies of other peoples tracks out of their music libraries.

It’s fantastic … it scans your network and sniffs out shared installation of iTunes in the normal way, but then lets you select the tracks you want to copy, hit ‘Download‘ and merrily copies the tracks over to your local machine for you to add to your own library! It doesn’t get you round DRM protected tracks of course, but it does let, you ~ahem~ grab copies of others peoples music in a rather easy – and all too illegal kind of way!

14 responses to “Making a meal of it”

  1. zuzula says:

    I always select the low calorie option – it’s nicer than the standard lardy gloop and you get served first because they make the request meals before they do anything else!

    Oh, and I think I know where you’re flying to….. 🙂

  2. Bod says:

    Here at Oxford Uni, the uni servers will catch you if you use any peer-to-peer software, disconnect you and you will have to go crawling to the IT department begging to be allowed access to the network again. But becase sharing between iTunes collections is allowed, the wonders of OurTunes are well known and extremely appreciated!

    Except for the fact that no-one uses OurTunes, becasue it’s shit. The opposition, MyTunes ( is fantastic, and comes highly reccommended. Especially on a student budget … even 79p eats a little into the overdraft!

  3. geofftech says:


    go to the minimal verbosity page in IE though, and you get a message “Firefox is required to download this”, and sure enough – run up Firefox and ONLY then do you see the download link! Huh? Isn’t that a bit stupid? Anyone else out there on other browsers care to tell us what they see?

    As long as I can ~cough~ get the tunes, I don’t really care what bit of software I use, but i’ll download it anyway just to check it out I suppose…

  4. geofftech says:

    Oh, also…

    1) 🙂


    3) Yup! 🙂

  5. Bod says:

    Hmmm, interesting. I use Firefox anyway, but when I originally downloaded MyTunes I was using IE, so this must be an innovation, presumably part of the ‘help spread Firefox’ thing. I agree, it is a bit naff.

    PS when I said ‘fantastic’ for Mytunes, I think I was exaggerating a bit. What I meant was ‘better than Ourtunes’. It’s not exactly all-singing, all dancing itself. I think that having been awake for 30 hours is not helping me judge what I write.

  6. Anthony says:

    That is absurd, especially if it discriminates against Opera too.

  7. geofftech says:

    Bod –

    well more amusingly, is that if you follow the link now to ‘MyTunes’ you get the message:

    “myTunes is no longer available. Stay tuned :-)”

    so, back to OurTunes everyone!

  8. Anthony says:

    Looking at those meal choices, is it any wonder Gate Gourmet went on strike?!

    BLAND?! This is clearly the choice it defaults to if you don’t choose a different one!!

    “I would like a kosher non-lactose Muslim raw vegetarian bland meal, please”. Not as easy as taking a meal and putting it in a microwave NOW, is it?! You actually have to CHOOSE which one they’ve asked for! That’ll teach you to understand English if nothing else will!!

  9. Bod says:

    MyTunes: ‘no longer available’ – that is pathetic, isn’t it.

    I hereby withdraw any endorsement of or association with MyTunes that might have been indicated by previous posts, and apologise for a misleading diversion!

    (I still have the installer if someone wants a copy for interest’s sake)

  10. Ian says:

    What are you doing using IE anyway, geoff? Don’t you know it doesn’t render CSS2 correctly, etc… 🙂

  11. Kathleen says:

    Geoff mytunes redux has been around forever. The joys of living in a 1st year hall with zillions of people! 😀

  12. Mikey says:

    *Opens ourtunes*
    23,000 songs available
    *Big Grin*

    Thanks for that

    …and yet another thank you for the caramel waffer, that was the best post ever!

  13. geofftech says:

    11 – Ian, we have IE at work – as i’ve told you many times before 😀

    12 – Kathleen, it’s tough for us 3x somethings to keep up with you 2x somethings! Give this old man a break…

    13 – Mikey, no problem. Tunnocks rule, natch.

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