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Micro Pod

If Microsoft made iPods“That’s like Microsoft selling iPods isn’t it?” wrote Hywel in the previous comments.

Couldn’t resist digging this out again, which has down the rounds before I know, but still makes me smile …

This is of course stolen from the long running and excellent iPod site at which hosts a whole gallery of weird and wonderful iPod variations.

Whilst on their site this evening, I was reminded that they also were the first place to host a comprehensive guide of “Everything you wanted to know about iPods” under the name of iPod 101.

Imagine my suprise then yesterday when I discover that on the Apple site now, they’ve got a page called “The iPod 101” Master Your Music and More, for everything you wanted to know about iTunes and your iPod. I wonder where they got the name from …

4 responses to “Micro Pod”

  1. Chris says:

    I have this theory that Windows is deliberately designed to be crap.

    If the entire universe is running a dodgy unreliable operating system, then it’s quite likely that when Bill Gates pops it and ends up at the front of the queue to the gates of hell, there’ll be a scandisk error resulting in the admissions department’s computers to fail to accept any new entries.

    And the bugger will get off scott free!

  2. Chris I could not agree more. Love the list of features on the Micro-Pod. (I can’t believe Geoff bought a Windoze laptop. When will he see the light and come to Apple??) I wouldn’t take a new M$FT peecee of any kind if you gave me a free one. Who needs the headaches.

  3. ian says:

    I look forward to evaluating the operating system that Kris and Chris have nearly finished. I believe it will be called Christos.

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