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Review of the Year 2005 : Your votes please!

Review of the Year 2005So here we go then boys and girls, it’s done, it’s here, and it’s available to download.

Actually, some lucky (!) people will be getting CD’s in the post from me – the equivalent of a christmas card from me this year, but if you’re not one of those, or you simply can’t be bothered to wait, then go here to download the thirteen tracks that make up Geoff’s annual Top 5 vote in the Review of the Year 2005.

Review of the Year CDIncidentaly, no one is allowed to vote for Is this the way to Santa’s Grotto?, which rather disturbingly is a cover of “… Amarillo” and has just come up on TV whilst I’ve been typing this.

It IS shockingly bad. Disturbingly so.

In fact, I’ve just got to go and change channels, ‘scuse me …

So … go and do the Top 5 thing then. There’s now a prize of a banana in the post to the 50th person to send me in their votes, plus a brucey-bonus if you can spot the deliberate (!) mistake in December, where I say the wrong word more than once. I’ve only just noticed this after burning up 60 CD’s. Shit!

17th December 2005

Hmm. July seems to be invoking quite personal emotions. Just had a friend text me to say that they were on the tube listening to the whole thing on their iPod when the seventh month popped up and they found it “incredibly moving”. In a horrible way, it will be the most memorable thing of 2005 really, won’t it?

51 responses to “Review of the Year 2005 : Your votes please!”

  1. Geoff's Mum says:

    My hands were trembling with excitement as I opened the envelope, yes! my CD had arrived.
    Played it on the way to work this morning, during my 40 min boring drive.
    Will play the rest tonight, some good stuff there Geoff. Has anybody noticed how he sounds a bit
    breathy like Gary Crowley?

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