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My Christmas 2005

Right! I’m there – at last! This time next week it will be Christmas day, and I am at last in ‘Christmas mode’. I have bought presents, cards, wrapping paper, came back, played Christmas tunes, wrapped presents – and even hung up a wreath on my front door.

I’m not quite going as far as a Christmas tree, but I did linger about in the garden centre this afternoon for longer than I needed to, just to inhale that great Christmas tree pine smell that you get. Oh, and to look at all the pretty twinkly little lights too. And I had a Starbucks Eggnog Latte – in a red cup of course, natch.

So with a week to go, and what with me being in ‘Top 5’ mode (Have you voted yet?) I thought I’d just have a moment of self indulgence and bring you a list of my five favourite xmas choons ever.

Badly Drawn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy – Donna and Blitzen

Here is a lesson as to why you should never leave a cinema the moment a film has ended, but to stay and watch the credits and listen to the tune that they play out with. Such as it was back in 2002, when at the end of About A Boy.

I was transfixed by the song that they played out with. I knew it was by Badly Drawn Boy as he’d done the whole soundtrack for the film, and had quite liked ‘Something to talk about’, but it was this track that made me rush out and buy the soundtrack on CD.

Donna (Also spelt Donder) and Blitzen are the names of two of Santas nine reindeer. Yes everyone knows Rudolph, but the rest of them all have names too.

[ Mentions Christmas: Yes Has bells in it: Yes ]

Pogues & Kirsty MacColl

Pogues & Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York

What can I say? It’s a classic. But sadly, I have to confess that back in 1987 in my teenage years and the Pet Shop Boys ‘Always on my mind’ made christmas number one and stayed there for four weeks, I was a fan of that – and not this track which is now regarded as an all time crimbo classic.

‘Fairytale…’ was the song that missed out by only making the number two spot – and is the song which to this day people say was the ‘real’ christmas no.1 song and hit from that year.

Sadly missed since being killed back in 2000 in a diving accident (and justice has never been done according to this website), there are rumours that this song was being re-released again this year, but I still don’t know if that’s true or not.

I was also told just yesterday that one year Ronan Keating did a terrible cover version of this track, which I’ve never heard and I don’t think I ever want to either. You just can’t make this song any better than it already is.

[ Mentions Christmas: Yes Has bells in it: No ]


Pretenders – 2,000 miles

I think this is the oldest of the five songs here, originally being a hit back in 1983 and I can’t even remember how I first came to know of it, but it might have appeared on a “Now that’s what I call Christmas!” compilation album that my parents had on cassette tape. I don’t know. But it’s just a nice song.

Problem is, everytime I hear it at the moment I have to go and play it again . (You can do the math and work out why).

[ Mentions Christmas: Yes Has bells in it: No ]


Low – Just like Christmas

Manic depressives everywhere – this is the Christmas song for you!

Taken from the Low – Christmas EP back from 1999, I didn’t actually discover this delightfully melancholy track until a friend put it on a compilation CD that he’d made for me a year later, and even then he’d only found it because it was on an obscure XFM compilation CD of christmas tunes, called It’s a Cool, Cool, Christmas.

Low are a US band described as being ‘slowcore’. Either way, this is a delightfully sad christmas song which doesn’t go on for long enough.

[ Mentions Christmas: Yes Has bells in it: Yes ]

East 17

East 17 – Stay Another Day

Yes. I am putting East 17 here. Don’t laugh. Chavs-before-their-time as they are (well, were) I know, but when Brian Harvey wasn’t acting like a complete dickhead back, or even managing to run himself over more recently, you forget that actually he was quite a good song writer, and this – their only No.1 single is actually a completely brilliant song.

Christmas number one back in 1994, I can very clearly remember their performance on Top of the Pops, as they stood in white puffy jackets, one of them playing the piano, and fake snow flakes falling in the background. It’s just nice.

[ Mentions Christmas: No Has bells in it: Yes ]

Incidentally, for those that have asked, on this years Review of the Year that I’ve done (What do you mean you haven’t yet gone to download it?!), the version of “Have yourself … ” at the end is done by the band Small World Incident.

31 responses to “My Christmas 2005”

  1. greatkingrat says:

    I think the best has to be I Believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake then Fairytale of New York and the Noel Gallagher version of Merry Christmas Everybody.
    Just to be obscure I will also suggest Ring Out Solstice Bells by Jethro Tull.

    Oh, and the worst Christmas song ever is definitely Santa Baby.

  2. He Who Knows Everything says:

    Fairytale of New York is being re-released tomorrow.

  3. Anthony says:

    In Dulce Jubilo is the best Christmas song by far, despite not including any words.

  4. Yea we all know Geoff ain’t got a tree cos he won’t enter me competition … bah humbug!

  5. Richard says:

    Fairytale is probably my favourite too. For the obscure vote, I’d recommend “Bells and Ringing” by Mary Chapin Carpenter – which is a lovely tune. Mentions Christmas, is about bells but bizarrely doesn’t actually seem to feature any. Not tried the eggnog latte yet – might have to give that a go. Never really got into eggnog itself either, though have been inspired to try by the Madagascar Penguins do Christmas that is on the DVD of Madagascar and also showed before Harry Potter 4 in most cinemas.

  6. Fairytale:
    “And the BELLS are ringing out for christmas day”
    Has bells in it: YES!

  7. geofftech says:

    Tch! It /mentions/ the world bells. Doesn’t actually have the noise of church bells, sleigh bells, etc.. in it!

  8. Peter says:

    About a boy was a great film, but I found it ended really quickly.

  9. geofftech says:

    The film version also ends totally differently to the book. There is no kids-concert in the book, instead they end up on a train smashing in the window of a record shop which had a big cardboard cut out of Kirk Cobain in the window, didn’t they? Funny how you remember these things.

    Anyway. Enough chit-chat. SEND ME YOUR TOP 5’s !! (Please)

  10. Alan Perks says:

    2000 miles, but only 8 days

  11. Alan Perks says:

    AAaaaargh!! And Math is an American word, I believe we use the word ‘MATHS’!!

  12. geofftech says:

    Alan – Have you downloaded the tracks, or do you want me to send you a CD. You know I’ve lost your address again. (kidding, i’m sure i’ve got it somewhere…)

    8 days? The one thing the number ‘8’ would remind me of at the moment would be a certain football team only being EIGHTH in the table! He he heh …

  13. Ian says:

    I think yesterday was our Mark Clattenburg moment. Of course, even if they finished 8th, that would be higher than a certain other football team had finished in the last 10 years.

    Who’s Kirk cobain? Is he the captain of the USS Nevermind?

  14. geofftech says:

    Yes yes yes! “Kirk” “Kirt” whatever! it was late …

  15. Alan Perks says:

    I have downloaded the tracks, thank you, as you should have gathered from a previous comment about numbering them 01 02 etc!! Pay attention at the back please Marshall!!
    I was expecting a CD thru the post anyway but obviously not. Football, er, no thanks, not today!

  16. Another Mary CC fan (shock horror!) … and I thought no one in the UK had heard of her!

  17. geofftech says:

    Sorry sir! I’ve been er, /distracted/ of late.

    Actually, if anyone’s interested, I’ve now corrected my Jizlopi -> Nizlopi cock-up for December, by re-recording it and uploading it again, so there is an *all new* (well, slightly different anyway) version of December to download if you all want …

  18. samantha says:

    Stop the Cavalry by Jonah Lewie (sp?)!
    I heard it on the way home from a party last week and promptly remembered how good it is.
    It has a proper marching band thing going on too.

    I’ve done my top 5. You know where it is (

  19. Anthony says:


    Yes! Stop the Cavalry is the second best Christmas song (after In Dulce Jubilo).

    Gaudete (Steeleye Span) is good too.

  20. Chris says:

    Best christmas song of all time?

    Christmas is Cancelled- The Long Blondes.

  21. geofftech says:

    Actually, i’ve just remembered that Grandaddy did a version of “… winter wonderland” called ‘Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland’ ! I am alone in knowing that song, or does it ring any (sleigh) bells with anyone else?

  22. Alan Perks says:

    Alas not for much longer, but Gooners have for a long time been “Walking in a Bergkamp Wonderland!”

  23. Fans of fairytale will probably enjoy BBC3’s “the story of (fairytale of new york)” at various times over the next week.

  24. geofftech says:

    Ah … indeed. I know that both Kirsty & Shane recorded their parts seperately, it was produced by Kirtsy’s husband – she recorded her stuff at home! they never met before the record was released. (Kirsty & Shane, that is – not Kirsty & her husband – that would just be silly)

  25. Chris says:

    It may be silly, but it makes for a far more interesting story…

  26. Fimb says:

    I might be able to send you the terrible, awful Ronan version of Fairy Tale if you like.. it IS truly terrible though. But I might have deleted it off my memory stick due to it being so awful!

    I downloaded 5000 miles just last week from ITunes, and hadn’t even realised it was a christmas number 1!

    Oh, and spent the day getting high on paint fumes in East 17 today (and then wandering round completely lost trying to get to leytonstone!)

  27. Alan Perks says:

    Oh yes, I remember THAT Ronan Keating version of Fairytale. I think he did actually commit a crime in making it. Penalty for which should be capital punishment. It makes the Tweenies version of Merry Xmas Everybody sound like the real version. Keating………………NO!

  28. Apologies for going off topic, but I thought you might like to know your episode of The Tube is being repeated on Sky Travel again- at 0015!

    I hope you’re getting a repeat fee or something!

  29. Ian says:

    Fimb. You can take this collecting of cover versions too far, you know. If it comes anywhere near me, I will have you shot.

  30. Fimb says:

    Ian – no no.. this was NOT part of that I promise!! I copied a woman at works christmas CD into my memory stick to play it through in my office.. it was on there, but I was right, I immediately deleted it!

  31. ooh, this could be a good blogging point good songs (Ronan) versus (ie Kirsty and the Pogues) … did I just say that in the right order? 😉 Happy Christmas

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