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Red Letter Day

BBC TickerCalm down … don’t get too excited, but the ticker is back!

Which ticker? This one of course (Scroll down to the 5th May) which sits along the top edge of Studio 1, glowing its message out to all the southbound drivers and pedestrians of Wood Lane.

It cost about �25,000 of your license fee and yet after three days back in May when it was used at the time of the election, Hammersmith & Fulham Council told us (the BBC) that we hadn’t got proper planning permission, and that it might cause an accident as it was a distraction to people who would look at it instead of the road in front of them.

Well today – they were back! Yes … about four representatives from the council stood in our office looking out of the window across making yet more decisions as to whether we could switch it back on again – as BBC Breakfast want to use it over the next couple of days.

LightsOpinions were mooted, mumbled discussions were had, chins were scratched, and eventually? They came to the conclusion, that “If only it wasn’t red in colour it would be ok. Red signfies a traffic light or an emergency. Could the lettering not be another colour, perhaps blue or green instead?”.

So me and my colleague are heading over there this afternoon with a giant step ladder, and 20,000 packs of Woolworths bargain christmas lights to change all the bulbs …

22 responses to “Red Letter Day”

  1. Anthony says:

    Are you serious?! That is such a quality job!

  2. Fimb says:

    I shall make sure I drive down Wood Lane (which I do anyway, but normally only as far as South Africa Road) when I return next Tuesday!

    I did drive past this morning at stupid o’clock as I had to go to the post office to collect a parcel!

  3. Chris says:

    Y’know what- I’m not entirely sure whether to belive that or not.

    But it wouldn’t surprise me either way..

  4. Paul Webb says:

    As I’m probably not turning on my computer over the Xmas break, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!

    As I cannot buy a present for everybody who reads this, I’ll give 10:00 to the first charity that somebody nominates on this blog (registered charities only, thank you).

  5. I nominate something small and local to you, that gets very little publicity.

    Two posts in one day. You spoil us, ambassador.

  6. Paul Webb says:

    Ian – how about something small and local to you? This is my gift to you, remember…

  7. Alan Perks says:

    Well Mr Webb, if you’re feeling generous you could give your tenner to my local charity, which is a (Registered) Charitable Pre School for which I did a charity Tube thing last March. And I’m doing another one this March. Geoff blogged the original one, I think.

  8. Paul Webb says:

    OK, Mr Perks. Have a look at my web page and you’ll see my e-mail address. Drop me a line with the details, and consider it done.

  9. geofftech says:

    The season of good will is obviously here! Nice call, Paul.

    Two posts in a day Ian. Yes .. and you can expect one every day for the next four days, after which I will go mysteriously quiet.

    Another “Vote for your top 5” plug, the “Bling bling merrily on high 2005” page and “Christmas @ the beeb” on the 25th will all almost certainly be posted.

  10. Alan Perks says:

    Oh god, I don’t even want to think about what state you’re going to be in on the fifth day after today!!

  11. Martinh says:

    Sirely ’tis the day before Christmas Even, not April 1st?

  12. Are you sure those chin-scratching council officials aren’t visiting from the Big Island of Hawaii? It sounds like the same sort of irrational traffic-related decisions that are made here on a regular basis.

    I thought one of the more entertaining views out your office window was of the ticker. It certainly can help keep you guys up during nightshifts…?? And I am positive it was “on” when you showed me the office on May 6???

  13. I hope we’re going to get the results of the top 5 before you go mysteriously quiet.

  14. Ian we are not. He is going to wait for my votes first, and it might take me awhile. He was supposed to have mailed me the CD, but it appears that he [*cough/cough*] has never got around to it, and therefore the whole thing is going to be delayed. Sorry.

  15. geofftech says:

    the *results* of the top 5? are you kidding. hardly any of yo lazy bastard have bothered to tell me your votes yet. i’m still holding out for, ooh… about 80 people yet who i know have downloaded it/got CD’s, but are yet to get back to me.

    so PLEASE EMAIL ME people!! i thank you …

    i predict the results will up on the site in mid-January. that’s when it usually happens.

  16. Results now! The more people who vote, the more likely it is that undesirables will top the chart. 🙂

  17. geofftech says:

    I’m going to fix it so that Coldplay win just to spite you Ian.

    with James Blunt in second place, natch.

  18. I suspected as much. I know that the Brits do it for the same reason. On the bright side, the lesser of two evils will win!

  19. Chris says:

    Ian- I’ve found a site that I think you would love.

    I’ve decided I want my own radio show, and this is exactly the sort of attitude I would take as a DJ..

  20. Why Chris, how did you know! That is genius!

    “goat-throated testicle-squasher, James Blunt”

  21. Chris says:

    It was just a bit of a whim, really…

  22. Fimb says:

    For some reason, I had it in my head it was on the bridge, so we were quite dissapointed not to see it tonight (and I ended up having to go right round the green which I hate in order to see it!).. means another trip will need to be taken tomorrow!

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