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Hit Music

Review of the year 2005Have you voted yet?

What am I talking about? My Review of the Year 2005 CD of course! And in a way of prompting/reminding you to send me YOUR five favourite tunes of the year, I’m taking the seasonal break to delve deep into my musical mind, and present my five favourite choons – the hit music for me – from 2005.

And just to show that I’m not making it up, you can have little screen shots from my iTunes as well quite clearly showing the ratings I’ve given them and their playcounts!

Depeche Mode – Precious

195 plays in just three months? That averages out at me playing this at least twice a day, which is quite a lot when you think about it.

Depeche Mode playcount

It was a Sunday evening back in September when I nipped round my mates house for a catch up and a cup of tea, and caught the last ten minutes of Top of The Pops when this came on – and I can quite clearly remember saying “Ooh – I didn’t know Depeche Mode had a new single out”, followed shortly by “Uh.. this is really good”, even more quickly followed by a sense that I was completely transfixed into watching the performance on TV and knowing that I was about to get totally absorbed and obsessed by this song.

And I wasn’t wrong – Downloaded it the very next day, and have played it pretty much constantly ever since …

Coldplay – Talk

This is a strange one, because although there’s one overriding memory that I have of this song – it’s split over two different points of the year.

The Coldplay X&Y album came out back in June of 2005, and I remember reading an early review saying how they’d lifted a sample from the old Kraftwerk song ‘Computer Love’ and put it into this song. At first I thought it was a direct sample, and I couldn’t imagine how some plinky-plonky synth noise was going to work in a Coldplay song. So I specifically downloaded this track, ‘Speed of Sound’ (the current single at the time) and ‘Fix You’ (tipped to be the next single) and just played those three lots.

I soon realised that of course, they’d just worked the melody of Computer Love into this track, and I absolutely loved it to bits. I played it 10 ten times in a row when bombing up the A3 driving to work one evening for a nightshift. And I played it loud – very loud. So loud that I think I broke the speakers on my car sort of loud.

Coldplay playcount

And then they brought it out as a single in December meaning that it then got a lot of airplay during the last month of the year, the video kept appearing the TV, and thus it’s now linked to all the emotional fun I was having during the last month of this year – coupled in too with me playing it lots (and VERY loud) up and down the A3 again as I drove to and from work.

It’s the sort of song that just makes your heart beat fast, your whole body pumping in time to it, and one that I could never ever get bored of.

Thirteen Senses – Thru The Glass

This was only just a top 20 hit right back at the beginning of the year in January 2005, and I can’t actually remember how I first came round to hearing it, but I do know that it was the very first time that I bought an entire album online (through iTunes) rather than going and getting a copy of the physical CD.

Thirteen Senses playcount

A few months later, when I was still raving about how good Thirteen Senses are, one of my friends asked “Well – Can I borrow the CD then?”, and I actually had a moment where I went looking for the CD, and wondered why I couldn’t find it before I remembered that I didn’t actually own the physical album!

Audio Bullys – I’m in love

God bless the Audio Bullys. Oh, and see this blog entry. It’s still a great song – and lots of happy memories.

Audio Bullys playcount

I still like one of the comments that someone left me on the original post where someone had written:

Audio Bullys (sic) – what a dreadful tune. Awful sounding vocals. Simplistic lyrics. You have strange (aka poor) taste!

To which I replied:

And isn�t that the beauty of music? A song that does it for one person completely fails to �do it� for another – and vice versa. Anyway – who says lyrics have to mean something? Who says you have to like a song because of the lyrics?

My taste in music is not strange or poor – it�s just different to yours, and personal to me as is everybody�s own musical choice. If you can�t acknowledge that music is a personal preference, and it doesn�t hurt anyone else to like a particular song, then I think you have a problem my friend�!

Madonna – Hung up

Bizarrelly, just as I’ve been writing this up – this tune has just popped up on MTV Hits and I had to go and sit and watch it and nod my head along with the other people in the video.

Madonna playcount

It’s just one of the most foot-tappingly catchy songs I’ve heard all year, and it does make you want to get up and dance – even if you’re my dad who really can’t dance at all.

And did we ever decide if it was a Northern, Piccadilly or Jubilee line underground train that they used in the video?

And not a single mention of James Blunt. (Well, apart from that one!)

16 responses to “Hit Music”

  1. Shocked that “Fix You” is not on the list, since you obsessed briefly about that one. I like “Talk” but “What If” and “White Shadows” are better songs.

    Did you know “Precious” was written about DM’s lead singer’s (whose name escapes me) divorce? Read that in an interview with him.

  2. Chris says:

    It was a Jubilee line train which ran specially for the filming from Charing Cross to West Hampstead and back to Charing Cross again.

    *Removes geek hat*

  3. Ray says:

    I never knew Jubilee trains could still go to CX- nice!

  4. Chris says:

    Oh Yes.

    If you are ‘lucky’ they send you down there by mistake when you expect to goto Westminster!

  5. Peter says:

    Are the original lines still there then?

  6. geofftech says:

    Stick to the tunes people! Don’t descend into geek-banter!

  7. Agent Essex says:

    Yes, the original lines still exist and extend to about 90 yards from the Aldwych platform(s).

    I have a comment about James Blunt…
    “It’s bloody cold
    It’s bloody cold
    It’s bloody cold out here…”

  8. amy says:

    Thank you for at least MENTIONING James Blunt. 😉 Must confess he is the only one mentioned I have bought. (No slams please, I am a harmless and sweet Canadian).

  9. geofftech says:


    Well who’d of guessed? Ian – You win a ‘mystery’ prize of something psb-esque, winging its way in the post to you right now… I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to get it…

  10. Alan Perks says:

    Oh Hello!! You are with us then Geoff!!??

  11. geofftech says:

    #1 – DM’s lead singer is Dave Gahan, and indeed I found a quote somewhere that said: “Gore, the bands heart and soul, has been going through a messy divorce and the albums best (and possibly saddest) track Precious is a reflection of that, as the song is written to his children as an apology for the pain they are going through.”

    “Fix You” is good – but “Talk” is better. It gets my heart pumping very fast, and is a good way of releasing pent up emotion.

    I could have voted for that, and James Blunt, Natalie Imbruglia, Sterephonics, Oasis, and a few others – but you really are only allowed five – makes it tricky doesn’t it!!

    So keep sending ’em in people… thank you!

  12. Like you have time for vote tallying right now?

  13. Apparently Talk was originally built around the Kraftwerk sample, but that version was scrapped along with quite a few songs in favour of a less electronic more…well traditional coldplay m.o.r sound I guess

  14. Chris says:

    Yeah- there’s a very different version of Talk kicking around.

    Can’t decide which one I prefer, though..

  15. Simon says:

    The next thirteen senses album is currently on the way, incase you were wondering what has happened to them… found out my aunts husband’s cousin is the drummer.

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