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It’s all about the music

PushWarning: Long rambling post ahead.

I was asked last week “So how much a month do you spend on music then?” and I have to admit that it stumped me for a moment because since going off CD’s and totally onto downloads last year it occured to me that I wouldn’t know how to keep track.

Then I thought about it for a moment longer, and realised that being the email hoarder that I am (Have kept every single email I’ve sent since 1995, and have some dating back to 1992) I’ve also kept all the music store receipts that Apple kindly send out to you every time you buy something from them.

So I looked in that folder and was browsing through it, and what actually occured to me was the suprising number of times that there were single 79p transactions that I’d made where I’d bought just the one track. I’d always thought that I’d waited until I’d got a few tunes together that I wanted, and bought a few quids worth at a time, but no – more often than I’d realised, I’d bought just the one song, in a typically passionate Geoff ‘must have now!‘ kind of moment.

I sometimes think that music to me is a habit that I won’t be able to break out of – almost like a drug.

It can make me high, it can make me sad, it can make me experience a setting in a totally different way to how I might of otherwise experienced it. It can chill me out, it can wind me up, it can make me cry, it can give me goose pimples down my arms, it has a wide and varying range of effects on me that bring out various emotions.

And often – too often I think – when I get into a song, I get into that particular song, and have to play it to death to get it out of my system. Or should that be into my system?

A classic example is the last week and a bit. Eleven days in America involved a fair bit of driving about, which meant that I got to play my iPod – a lot. My ‘tour guide’ also kindly let me take over the car audio system and allowed me to play ‘DJ’ for almost every trip we went on, and in an effort to find interesting things to play it meant that I really dug through my collection and unearthed some gems that I’d forgotten that I had buried away on there.

Confessions on a dancefloorBut it wasn’t all just about the old stuff – it was also a chance to play new stuff, including the Madonna album which I’d got before Christmas, but hadn’t really got round to playing it.

My usual rules applied for a new album then – you stick it on in the background, and don’t actively listen to it but have a conversation and you’ll find that your brain subconsciously picks up on the track or tracks that it likes most.

This worked a treat as I suspected it would, and sure enough – when the eleventh track ‘Push‘ came up, my attention was captured as my brain seemed to say “Pay attention now Geoff! You’re going to like this song!”, and indeed … a few seconds later of concentrating on it properly, I found myself saying “Ooh, I like this one”, and when it ended, I hit ‘back’ and went and played it all over again. (Incidentally, I thought that ‘Push’ was going to be the new single from Madonna – but it’s not, it’s going to be the track “Sorry” from the album instead).

And so it got played a few more times whilst I was out there, and then I came home and I played it on the plane, and I played it whilst in baggage reclaim, and I played it when I got home, and I played it to fall asleep to on Sunday night, and it eventually all culminated when I played it on Monday night when driving home from work and I played it nine times in a continuous loop.

I decided at about that moment that I perhaps ought to have a new iBlog feature: “Geoff’s Choon of the Week” (or something) to reflect what was my current “play it to death” track – as I tend to do this a lot to new songs that I discover, and it’d just be interesting for me to see when I look back later on the year.

But … but … but then. How fickle am I? And what happened to for me to feel the need to spout on about this today? This happened – I changed my mind. I ditched Madonna, and in the space of under three minutes this morning I decided that I had a brand new ‘play it to death’ track.

The tune in question I’d heard on Radio 1 when I got back on Sunday. Then I heard it again on Monday morning and that’s when I first thought “Oh that’s quite catchy in an irritating sort of way”, and so by the time that I heard it for only the third time again this morning on Moyle’s breakfast show, it was a case of “Dammit … I have to go and download this .. NOW! And so I did.

Hi TackSo right now, I’m humming the bit of the song from the Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney classic “Say say say”. It’s been lifted and sampled, and worked into a frenetic 140 bpm choooon by an artist calling themself ‘Hi_Tack’ (note the underscore which is how iTunes think its spelt when searching for it) called “Say say say (Waiting 4U)” – and it’s not even anything special.

Say say sayIt’s just a routine dance style track that makes me wishes I was 15 years younger again – but I’m currently very addicted to it. Even typing/talking about it now just makes me want to go and play it NOW, but I can’t because I’ve left my iPod in my car. Dammit.

But having said all THAT, and banged on about it for the last few paragraphs, I just KNOW that by this time time week, I’ll be raving about something else instead.

That’s how fickle I can be with music sometimes. Even I don’t understand how I work. Typing all this was supposed to help, but I’m not sure that is has. Anyway, in summary:

iTunes of the week

Last week: Madonna – Push

This week: Hi Tack – Say say say (Waiting 4U)

Next week: Probably something cheesey & soppy like the new Will Young single ‘All time love’ knowing me …

54 responses to “It’s all about the music”

  1. Fimb says:

    Over Christmas I was even getting Pirate stations interupting radio 2.. youth of today *L*

    Thing is, I want to listen to radio on way to work, and Ipod on way home.. not sure I can be bothered with unscrewing aerial each time.

    Think I’ll invest in tape doo dah!!

  2. 49 & 50: In your new American vernancular, the correct phrases are: “Brush my teeth,” and car “antenna.” As well as “windshield” not windscreen…(since when is something made of glass a ‘screen?’)

    What other ‘doo-dahs’ did you give to the Tour Guide? Sorry couldn’t resist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please post the Prisonor of Cell Block Tower’s address when you have the blog up and running

  3. Peter says:

    iTrips are illegal over here apparently. Well, maybe just illegal to sell, maybe not to use – not sure. I’m sure they’re not going to chuck you in the cells for the night for using one, mind. My brother just bought one off eBay in YankLand (TM) and it was declared as a mobile phone case for customs purposes. Potentially dodgy, as if I was in customs the first thing I’d be thinking is “why the f*** would someone spend $7 posting a mobile phone case to the UK from the States?”….

  4. Andrew(TM) says:

    52 “since when is something made of glass a ’screen?’” – Do the yanks have television ‘screens’???

    53 The operation of all transmitters (however low power) is covered by the ‘Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1949’, which makes it
    “an offence to install or use wireless telegraphy apparatus… without a licence; or outside the terms of a licence, or outside the terms of an exemption from a licence.” Unlike in the USA, in the UK short-range low power broadcast-band transmitters such as iTrips are NOT exempt from licensing (and you probably couldn’t get a license for such things even if you wanted one).
    Wireless Bluetooth headsets, most cordless headphones, and modern 2.4GHz videosenders are “type-approved” license-exempt ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    The original WT Act does allow for imprisonment for violations, although apparently in Parliament is discussing fixed-penalty ฃ100 fines for this kind of of minor offence

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