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ROY2005 : Results

ROY2005 ResultsThe results are up!

If you voted (or if you didn’t), you’ll probably want to go and have a look.

People that wish to complain about the presence of James Blunt & Coldplay, and the absence of U2 or anyone else that you like that didn’t make the final ten, may flame away (us usual) in the comments … !

Oh, and as a complete aside, this really made me laugh.

37 responses to “ROY2005 : Results”

  1. Smudger says:

    Nothing that I voted for made it into the top 10….

  2. geofftech says:

    That’s because you never sent me your votes mate!

  3. geofftech says:

    Ian voted for five quite obscure artists, with Rilo Kiley being the only one I’d even heard of!

  4. Paul Webb says:

    Anybody who puts “Pizzicato 5” as one of their all time favourite artists (as Ian does) should have be declared to be a benign dictator and have all his choices included.

  5. Chris says:

    Gorillaz are dire.

    Arctic Monkeys are utter wank.

    Franz Ferdinand are good, but Do You Want To is utter tripe.

    Green Day STILL make me feel physically sick whenever I hear them.

    Athlete- actually, a very good track. Particularly so when done live.

    The Killers piss me off.

    Kaiser Chiefs are getting annoying. And I Predict A Riot shouldnt count, as it was originally released in 2004.

    James Blunt can rot in hell.

    Madonna. ‘Nuff said.

    Coldplay. Very good, but killed by excessive radio play.

    Anybody whose musical taste I’ve insulted, please feel free to e-mail me at the address above and hurl abuse at me.


  6. Fimb says:

    Surely you got the order the wrong way round?! Coldplay number 1, Madonna number 2?!

    I’m almost embarrassed to have voted *L*

    Some facts and factettes from the votes would be fun though *L* Like a list of every song voted for and number of votes they received!

  7. geofftech says:


    Chris, you well know what I would direct towards your mailbox if I had the inclination to reply! But I still like the fact that you have your own opinion. Albeit different to a lot of other peoples.


    “Fix you” – 29 votes.
    “Hung up” – 24 votes.
    “You’re beautiful” – 21 votes
    “I predict a riot” – 19 votes
    “Somebody told me” – 16 votes
    “Wires” – 12 votes
    “Wake me up…” – 11 votes
    “Do you want to” – 9 votes
    “Bet you look good…” – 7 votes
    “Dare” – 6 votes

    74 people in total voted. So yes, 39% people went for Coldplay!

  8. neil365 says:

    Love a good list, and glad to see someone is still doing “best of’s” in late Jan (thought I was the only one still making them).

    For what its worth my Top 100 of 2005 (with 93 tracks) is up with downloads too (limited time). I’m afraid its a bit more obscure/cutting edge/less poppy/pretentious (delete as you see appropriate) than your list Geoff.

    Loved the end of year review AAC’s by the way…must have taken ages to put together.

  9. Thanks, Paul. I’m glad someone recognises my exquisite good taste.

    I’ll have you know that one of my choices was a bona fide top 20 hit. In the proper charts. And another one made the BBC’s pick of future stars for 2006. And I sent you links as well. It’s not my fault you took the aerial off your car!

    I think that the full breakdown should be revealed. I will accept anonymizing of the votes to protect the guilty.

    Arctic Monkeys? Does anyone else think they’re just a reheated, reconstituted Earl Brutus, or is it just me? From the statistics above, I am prepared to accept the latter as a possibility.

  10. geofftech says:

    On the CD/download of January, there is a tiny piece of audio smallprint which waives you the option for me to give you the XLS of the complete voting breakdown. By playing that track you’ve automatically accepted this condition.

    Don’t worry though – your statuatory rights are not affected.

  11. Charlotte says:

    Well i was glad to see both coldplay and james blunt up there. I thought the JCB song was missing though! Oh well. 🙂

  12. mavis says:

    Geoff, you told me that “Rilo Kiley” were the only band in my Top5 that you HADN’T heard of!… I’m glad to see that someone else voted for RK, top stuff and Jenny Lewis’s album is out tomorrow.

  13. Fimb says:

    Nizlopi are playing the Sheps Bush Empire tonight (talking of the JCB song)

    But Geoff, thats not a full list.. I want to know all the poor songs that only got one vote (I’m suspecting one of my votes was the only vote that song got, but I don’t care, its a beautiful song without being bland!)

    Just to give you extra work and all!

  14. Mavis; JL is playing at the spitz on Feb 9.

    I think Geoff means that because someone else voted for Rilo Kiley, then they can’t be completely obscure.

  15. Chris says:

    Sod bleedin’ Nizlopi- The Strokes are playing Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Tuesday night. Sold out in a minute, that did.

    Also, Ray Davies (oh come on! He sang with The Kinks, for god’s sake!) is playing there next month.

    I have tickets for both. Whoopie!!

  16. Peter says:

    I reckon The Killers’ “All these things that I’ve done” or whatever it was called should have definitely been at or very near the top spot. Absolutely cracking tune, that. But I’m not going to complain, as I was too lazy to vote.

  17. Chris says:

    Again, All These Things That I’ve Done was out first in 2004.

    You’ll be pleased to know that the crazed money making machine that are The Killers will be releasing their second album this year, much to the delight of record industry big wigs as they continue to exploit fans by releasing it nearly as many times as they released the first one (there are five different versions to date).

    And to think they’re not even that good!

  18. Chris says:


    So I’ve just spent 5 minutes typing out my results as I had a spare five minutes and you’ve already put the results up. *calls you bad names*


  19. geofftech says:

    13 – except that Ian voted first, and you voted last so it was only when I went back and looked at Ian’s bizarre list that that name then sprung out at me as being familiar, as it had been UNfamiliar to me when i looked at your list! Make sense? Yes, i know it’s illogical, but you know, like .. whatever /shrugs/

  20. geofftech says:

    19 – er.. well you HAVE had about 4 weeks to vote now mate! plenty of time ‘n’ all that.

    17 – “all the things that i’ve done” was indeed a corker of a tune in 2004, but i didn’t discover it until 2005! Virgin Radio played it this evening as I drove home and i blasted out as i cruised passed Tooting Broadway tube station in my Fiesta. yes i am that cool. :-p

  21. 6. Chris, I think it would be a shorter list if you made one up of the artists you DID like!

    20. Ian’s musical taste, is well…just beyond discussion.

    21. I never got to vote. 🙁

  22. Chris says:

    Oh god- don’t get me started on those I do like.

    We’d be here for hours!

  23. Tim says:

    Hurrah! It’s good to see Franz Ferdinand in there, albeit not as high as I’d have liked. I guess in future, I should bloody well vote!

    Shame about Madonna and Coldplay though… 😛

  24. Chris says:

    I should emphasise that Franz Ferdinand are bloody good!

    But Do You Want To is just utterly awful, and the only track of theirs I genuinely despise.

    Hard to believe it’s on the same album as Eleanor, Put Your Boots On.

    Which is a genuine corker of a track!

  25. J-Ro says:

    I HATE coldplay

    …just thought I’d share that with you 🙂

  26. Fimb says:

    Chris – problem with living just round the corner from t’empire, is I never think to check who is playing, and then walk past and go “d’oh” *L* Sold Out sign isn’t up for the strokes yet though. Ray Davies is definately very very tempting.. As long as he plays some Kinks stuff!

  27. Chris says:

    Believe me- Ray Davies WILL play a load of Kinks stuff. He’s only got one solo album to pick material from!

    When he played the Albert Hall last year, I think he did something in the region of a 3 hour set.

    Go on.. You know you want to..

  28. Anthony says:

    One thing I want to see at the Albert Hall is the War of the Worlds live. Jeff Wayne conducting the Black Smoke Band and ULLAdubULLA Strings. Richard Burton “in sight and sound”. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    I don’t have tickets.

    I do, however, have a new Underground Masker song to promote:

  29. mavis says:

    Two more comments… #25, I too am dumbstruck at the number of people who rate the Madonna track as one of the best songs of the year, just goes to show there’s no accounting for taste (mine, obviously). The second comment is that assuming all 74 people provided 5 votes each, that’s a total of 370 votes cast, the Top 10 only accounts for 154 of those votes, so the remaining 216 votes must have been shared by songs polling 5 or less votes. In other words there are at least 43 named songs voted as best of the year that didn’t make the Top10… I’m not entirely sure what point I’m trying to make anymore.

  30. zuzula says:

    Geoff did you include any subliminal voting messages in that CD of yours? Because coincidentally I seem to remember you saying that ‘Fix You’ was your very own favourite! hmmmm…. Fix, more like 😉

  31. Peter says:

    I like Coldplay, but I’ve not been a big fan of most of their big singles. In fact, from the two albums I’ve got of theirs (the first two), there’s precisely two songs off each one I could say I *really* like, and none of them have been successful singles. I think.

    For anyone who cares, the songs I like are tracks 2 and 10 off the first album (Shiver and Everything’s Not Lost) and 1 and 10 off the second (Politik, and A Rush of Blood to the Head).

    Never let it be said that Coldplay don’t write a good track 10.

    I also reckon that “Talk” is absolutely brilliant, and goes against my theory of not particularly liking their singles.

    Also, how about a poll of stuff that iBlog ‘regulars’ are currently listening to that’s *not* from the last year.

    Oh, and I got reminded just how good that Killers song was when I saw a programme about Live8 and watched a recording of their live performance – truly stunning, and one of the best one-song live sets I’ve ever seen.

  32. Shiver was indeed a single. My have even been their first, in fact!

    Pretty sure it came before Trouble..

  33. geofftech says:

    isn’t track 10 on “rush of blood” Amsterdam? Amsterdam is actually the best Coldplay song ever. Come to think of it – I think it’s track 12. So they do good track 12’s too…

  34. Charlotte says:

    When i saw coldplay live last year it confirmed that my 2 favourate coldplay tracks are swallowed in the sea during the performance they projected the lyrics across the stage that scrolled up so it looked like the words were floating… and fix you which was the finale with all the fireworks and everything. It was amazing, and an amazing night in general.

    One of the better moments of 2005!! 😀

  35. Carina says:

    Coldplay on number 1?????? They are a bunch of whiney, whingeing moody bastards who can only squeal and whine!!!! James Blunt? Ditto.

    Dare should have been number 1…. EASILY!!!!! Coldplay is a pile of overrated cack…. all of their stuff…..

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