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The Apple of my i

So my iPod broke last week. Well – when you’ve got as many of them as I have, one of them is bound to fail eventually, isn’t it?

Now before you get confused, this isn’t the 3rd generation one that I once cyber-begged for, it’s not my current 5th generation ‘main’ Video iPod that I own, but it’s the one inbetween those two – the iPod Photo which contributor Kristina brought over for me when she came to visit me last year. She bought it at US prices, costing me about 170 in total, and gave it to me when she got here.

Well last week it died on me out of the blue. I got in my car one day (where I use it with the iTrip) and it just failed to start up. Nothing worked, not even doing a hard reset, or trying to enter the diagnostics mode. Leaving it to charge up overnight on the mains adaptor did not work. It was a dead iPod. It had ceased to exist.

So I pitched up at the Apple Store in Regent Street last night, and headed for the ‘Genius Bar‘ they have upstairs – a place for technical questions, help and support about any Apple product you have – but from what I saw, mainly iPods! I had to register my name and wait for a bit – but that was no problem, I just fired up my non-Apple laptop instead and hopped onto their free wireless connection! Oh yes .. a Windows user amongst a shop full of Macs. Wooh! Rebel me.

Genuis BarWhen I got called up, to this nice chap called Rob, I wasn’t sure if I should ‘fess up that it was bought in US and not the UK, but of course all he had to do was type in the serial number, and the details flashed up on his screen. “Er.. was it you that bought this iPod?”. “Uuuh, no – it was bought for me, by a friend in America – a woman, and she brought it over for me”. “Ah! That makes sense then” – as on his screen he had Kris’s name and address details! I think he might of thought for a moment that it wasn’t mine, but he believed me when somehow I managed to confirm her address (!)

And the best bit? Well there was me thinking that it might have to be sent away, or take an hour, or I would have to pay – but no! He just said “Right i’ll just get you a new one then”, swivelled round to the cupboard behind him, and got out a plain cardboard ‘OEM style’ box out with a same-style iPod photo, and handed it over to me. “There you go then” he says, “And if i can just take your details, and get you to sign this…” and it was a done deed in less than five minutes. Excellent.

So I was really impressed. He was helpful, courteous, he even mentioned that I could (for 29.99) take out Apple Care plan which would extend the warranty beyond the 12 month period – but he didn’t push it at all, unlike some places that I think of that I know would have done.

Old and new iPod photosI asked him how much discount he got as an Apple employee (me as a BBC one for some reason gets 6% off), but he wouldn’t tell me. “Why can’t you tell me?” I asked “We’re not allowed to!” he chirped back. “Is this the only reason you got this job was that there’s a really good discount – 20% or something?” I joked. “Maybe!” he said, with a look actually suggested that they do get 20% discount!

But it was good service – great service. I was impressed with them. And I have a shiny new unscratched iPod Photo again. Albeit without my ‘’ inscription on the back which I obviously lost.

And now I can continue to pump out repetitive choons in my car. I’m getting slightly bored of the Hi_Tack song now, but I’m sure something else will come along shortly for me to get obsessed about.

Whale StoryOh, and in case you haven’t seen it, there’s an excellent BBC News spoof story about the ‘London Whale’ currently doing the rounds, so I’m glad it’s not just me that thought “It died because it got taken out of the water…”

21 responses to “The Apple of my i”

  1. could you not have asked for the shell of the old one, and put the new innards into it, thus saving your inscription.

    Or is that not how these modern iPod things work?

  2. geofftech says:

    never seen an ipod taken apart – but i gather it can be done. i guess they’re just happy swapping them out like for like.

    i suppose i should actually take this opportunity to plug my ipod hints & tips page which i’ve got on my site too.

  3. Mikey says:

    Maybe you should update that page…it has a nice pic of iTunes4…bit beyond that me thinks.

    Am very impressed about the ipod thing, i take it you just had the 1 year warranty?

  4. geofftech says:

    It was bought in May of last year, so was less than 12 months old. Good they they replaced it, but bad that it should break so soon, surely?

  5. Does that mean I could “break” my third-gen iPod, bring it in, and they might replace it with a brand new fifth-gen one? 🙂

  6. Paul Webb says:

    I think good customer service is the best benchmark for any company. In my experience, a good company selling good produce will also have good customer service. If Apple were really selling shoddy goods then they would be leaving their cutomers high and dry.

    Although, I have never owned an iPod Nano…

  7. Anthony says:

    iPod owners fascinate me. There is much conversation on iPodlounge regarding a certain 30 model of Sony ear-canal headphones, and the users are constantly raving about them despite having to replace them regularly (as much as once a month!) because they keep breaking!

  8. geofftech says:

    #5 – WE, no! becuase it’s over 12 months old, right? all iPods come with a one year standard warranty – and even then they only replace it with a model that is the same as the one you’ve broken.

  9. I didn’t think I had registered the iPod because you were to be the owner, but I must have because their system brought up my mailing address, not my street address! it was a good thing I did register it, in case a situation just such as this happened. (They could have told you at the Apple Store to get lost, how did they know you didn’t steal it from the “Registered Owner!!”) Glad it all worked out and you got a new one in its place. BTW, how is the original ipOd working, the one that brought us all together by virtue of us each parting with 50p?

  10. geofftech says:

    Well I always intended to hang it up and frame it on my wall along with a list of the 500, but I still haven’t got round to doing it! But i still have it .. i can see it across my desk right now just looking back at me.

    I still update the firmware – everytime apple bring out a new updater, I make sure I keep it up to date just for the hell of it!

  11. Fimb says:

    You must have got them on a good day or something. I even have pro care (free in goody from opening day), and when i took mine in as ITunes couldn’t see it anymore, they told me that they had stopped supporting IPod and I had to send it, via courier, at my own expense, to their head office. I was not impressed.
    Considering it was the first IPod bought in their Regent Street store, I was extra pissed off.

    Nor am I impressed that about 3 weeks after my one year was up, the battery life became about 30 god damned minutes.

    They open their Brent Cross store on Saturday by the way. First 1000 get a tshirt seems to be only thing they’re doing though. The Husband is aiming to get there about an hour before opening.

    Anthony – *laughing* yes, those stupid Sony ear phones. I got through 3 pairs in 3 months before giving up and buying almost identical Creative Labs ones that seem to be lasting great.

  12. […] A Londoner’s iPod died and he tells about his Regent Street experience of getting it exchanged. He even has a photo of the Genius! [permalink to this item] [all stories] […]

  13. Fimb says:

    How strange.. The Husband and I were talking about the guy that runs ifoapplestore as I clicked on the comments link!!

  14. Pachey says:

    Hello. Thanks for posting my BBC spoof! Similar funny stuff is on my blog and I wrote up the whole BBC thing on my other blog. Enjoy.

  15. Max Mini says:

    Not to be a jerk… but the ‘official’ name for the fifth gen iPod is ‘iPod with Video.’ NOT Video iPod. Thought I would enlighten.

  16. tami says:

    Ok, I finally decided to invest in this IPOD world when my Rio MP3 broke while I was weight training on this cruise hsip I am still living on and I had a friend who sold me one extra that his son had and I am still tring to figure out how it all works!!! It is white, with a wheel, 60GB and plays plenty of songs that I can download. I even got a $50 itunes card, a podfolio, and it cost me $350.00. Now I need to fly over to the IPOD store to figure out how to use it!! LOL

  17. Larger Handy says:

    Geoff, what makes you think the whale died because it was taken out of the water? Do you know much about whales?

  18. Pachey says:

    People keep telling me about this.

    Apparently, whales can theoretically breathe out of the water because they are mammals, but in reality, they die because of the weight.

    I know fuck all about whales though, so you don’t want to listen to me.

  19. Fimb says:

    Whales drown if they can’t come up to the surface as they don’t have gills, and they’re not fish. Technically they can breathe out of water. But, as Pachey says, they suffocate out of water due to their body weight no longer being supported, and their lungs being crushed.

  20. Anon says:

    I use to work for Apple – employees get a 27% discount on all Apple products and 18% for friends and family.

    There you go!

  21. anonymous says:

    I currently work for apple.
    That figure has changed.

    “Just so you know”

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