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Euro Boy

(Couldn’t resist the PSB song title, sorry)

This is brilliant – a woman on a radio phone-in on BBC Radio 5 Live last week has said that she won 1.5 million on the lottery here about three years ago, and yet has never told her husband about it. Like absolutely everyone, I’ve often wondered that if I won a huge sum of money – what people would I tell, and how would I spend it?

Euro MillionsI think it was because of this that I found myself being suckered into the EuroMillions Superdraw tonight – tickets are 1.50 a shot, but there is now 100 million Euros up for grabs. No one has won it for the past few weeks so it’s kept rolling over, and has now ‘maxed out’ at 100 million – meaning that the money will now be spread down this week to those that only get a fewer numbers. so I felt it was worth getting a ticket.

I always figured that if I won a sizable amount of money on the lottery (and by sizable I mean – where I felt I could give loads of it away to my friends and family, and still be loaded myself), then I wouldn’t just go to my friends and give them a wedge, but instead I’d go to all the people that I’d like to give some cash to but say to them: “Have a think about something that I could spend a lot of money for you on .. something that would enhance, make a difference, improve your lives for you & your family, then come back and tell me what it is and I’ll do that for you”. Rather than just give all my mates a lump of cash for them to squander – I’d like to know that it was going on somethinig worthwhile and something that would make a difference.

So … if you won the big one – the several-millions-pounds jackpot, (1) Would you tell people, and (2) How generous would you be in dishing some of it out to your family and friends?

Insightful, constructive comments get 1,000 each if I scoop the ‘big one’ tonight by the way!

(I’m kidding, obviously – I don’t need your comments that badly…)

22 responses to “Euro Boy”

  1. Richard says:

    I’d tell people that I’d won on the lottery (you have to come up with some reason for quitting work and buying a nicer flat), but not that I’d won the top prize. That would just cause far too much press / media hassle.

    I’d share some of it out, but working out who qualifies for what would be a tricky process. Good job most of my family don’t live in the UK…

  2. Paul Webb says:

    Hmm: tricky one. I have a general policy about anything I am involved in: (1) tell everybody, or (2) tell nobody. It’d be pretty obvious if I did win (the Aston Martin parked outside might be a clue) so answer to part 1 is Tell Everyone.

    Re: part 2, myself & Mrs Webb have agreed that we’d find out who amongst friends and family had the biggest debt (mortage included) and this ammount would form the benchmark for all gifts. Everybody would get the same to do as they want. Fair’s fair…

  3. I think I’d buy Freddie Ljungberg.

  4. It hasn’t maxed out. It’s rolled over again to next week.

  5. geofftech says:

    No one won it, so it’s now gone up to 125 million for next week!

    The winning numbers tonight were: 9, 15, 21, 40, 49, with 1 and 4 as the lucky stars.

  6. James says:

    It would take a lot of effort, but I don’t think I’d tell a soul. I’m sure paying off the debts of people I know can be explained with “I’ve been doing double shifts for the last 6 months” or similar.

  7. Fimb says:

    I already have my plan. My friends don’t get given money per se, but I hire them to do stupid jobs for me, at stupidly high rates of pay *L* (Like you Geoff will be my personal IPod advisor *lol* I have another friend who is going to be my person star gazer *g*)

  8. Fimb says:

    James – you must work for London Underground if 6 months of double shifts would pay off a few poeples mortgages 😉

  9. I think I’d buy me a date with James Blunt.

    Oh, and regarding your blog roll. Please answer (a) Which ones of those are friends, and which foes…(b) and would I get to the top if my name were longer, as in:


  10. kate says:

    i think i’d probably keep it a closely guarded secret, but still i’d get some important things and just say that i’d won a thousand pounds or something. And then write a will, and keep it very well updated, so that when I died, there would be a nice suprise for a lot of people.

    I don’t know…but money seems to mean a lot to different people and it can change people…so i’d rather still be the same person to the people I know, and not really tell them about it!

  11. geofftech says:

    9 – Longest names appear at the top, yes! But I mix them up and around from time to time anyway. You should be honoured that i’ve never taken you down Kris.

  12. Kirk says:

    Indeed – it’s only Lotto that maxes out.

  13. 11. Does that mean I am a friend? I’ve never taken you down either, Geoff.

  14. James says:

    8 – It would probably be able to pay off one person’s debt (or most of it) so I would just not tell the people I give money to that I had given some to other people too!

  15. Can anyone read the future? If anyone can tell me the winning numbers next week, I promise to give you at least a fiver … maybe a tenner, it depends what loose change I have! Any takers?

  16. Mikey says:

    woo…i won 7.40…not the big prize, but its still the first time i’ve ever won, so am pleased

  17. geofftech says:

    How many numbers did you match to win 7.40 Mikey?

  18. Paul Webb says:

    2 numbers and one star – I got 7:40 too. Which will pay for 4 tickets for next week!

  19. Anthony says:

    Damn it.

    I entered the 80m one – 1 number and 1 star. So close. Forgot / couldn’t be bothered with this one.

    Never mind.

  20. Mikey says:

    My dad buys 4 lines whenever there is a big rollover on the euro, and he always seems to gets 2 numbers and a star every time, which covers his playing…a bit unfair, as i have paid a good 30, and only won once; but hopefully this week!!

  21. Johnny Alpha says:

    I did two lines and didn’t get a single number matching anywhere. Not one. There should be a prize for doing so badly!

  22. Peter says:

    I was 16 once. I went into the shop and got a lucky dip (it was a Wednesday) and decided to use those numbers ever since.

    I played them twice a week, just the one line, and I think I might have one a tenner once, maybe twice. Then one day I forgot to buy a ticket, checked my numbers and wouldn’t have won. Tried this approach again – still wouldn’t have won. So I carried on with my non-playing of the Lottery, and it worked out much better. These days I hardly bother to keep an eye on the numbers, but now and again, I look out for 7, 12, 17, 29, 38 and 45. Every time I’ve ever checked it I’ve been a pound better off.

    Now someone’s gonna tell me those numbers came up at some point. And to be honest I won’t really care, ‘cos I stopped playing it ages ago – it won’t be like I just forgot to buy a ticket just the once, or anything like that.

    But I must say I’m tempted with this Euro Millions palava (isn’t it funny how that almost looks like ‘pavlova’?)

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