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Original …

Oh for goodness sake. it’s happened again.

First it was Coldplay with “Talk”, and now the same has gone and happened with the new single release from U2 “Original of the species” – they’re both tracks that are released from albums as singles months after I’d got ‘into’ them from first hearing them as an album track.

“Original…” for me is by far the best track on the album “How to dismantle…” – even though I discovered the album quite late, and all because actually I discovered it off the back of this tune.

Original of the speciesBack in October of last year, Apple held a press conference at the BBC where they demo’d the new Video iPod. As you might famously recognise the ‘Bono Silhoutette’ – the track they used to demo the video capabilities of the new iPod was from a gig in Chicago last year. I heard this track several times throughout the demo – enough for me to think “Ooh, that’s quite good” and to go and download it when I got home that night. So much so in fact that I absolutely fell in love with it – and downloaded the video and the whole ‘How to dismantle..” and thus got the complete album version of ‘Original’ as well.

And I’ve pretty much played it ever since. Throughout cold December, waiting on a cold and lonely Wimbledon station platform late at night I can remember playing it, driving to work very early at six thirty in the morning on a Sunday I can remember playing it, and – quite quite specifically – when I was over in the USA recently, there was a particular moment when I heard it/played it that will be hard to forget.

It’s had a lot of plays – 149 to be precise at the moment, putting it at number 7 in my ‘most played’ list.


So I had mixed feelings when I see over the weekend when it pops up on one of the music channels, and sure enough – one google later and I discover that it is indeed being put out as a single (the fifth one) – from an album that’s over a year old now. Is this really necessary?

They seem to have remixed it slightly as well now – giving it a new edge to the rather swanky video, but … my main dilemma is that I just can’t decide if it’s going to spoil it for me or not now, because I don’t want this song to be associated with February 2006. I want it to be associated with the two months prior to that. Confusing times.

But you are the first one of your kind.

25 responses to “Original …”

  1. James says:


    What was the moment in the States?

  2. Fimb says:

    Vertigo will always have strong Apple memories for me.. Its what they were using as the music for the shock and awe of the regent street store opening! It was the first tune I downloaded from ITunes, and the first tune that went on my Ipod.

  3. geofftech says:

    #1 – No, no, no! I can’t just tell you! Half the fun of this is alluding to things and letting you work the rest out … Check out the lyrics if you want a clue.

    Anyway, I just played it a couple of times driving home again. Still love it! Still not bored of it! Just want to see the video again now on the telly …

  4. Paul Webb says:

    “They seem to have remixed it slightly as well now – giving it a new edge…” What was wrong with the old Edge? Has he gone off to buy a new hat?

  5. Anthony says:

    No, he was just disappointed that Thorpe Park didn’t call their new coaster “The Edge”, instead opting for “Stealth”, which it was called all along. So he left the band.

    #3 – Christ, Geoff! Such is the lewdness and debauchery on this blog!

  6. Tim says:

    I can’t stand U2! I’ve never understood why their so successful.

    However, this is rather amusing:

  7. Are you saying that U2 have committed original sin?

  8. Peter says:

    Pizza Hut called their big square pizza “The Edge”, didn’t they? Did the real Edge ever take them to court over that one?

  9. geofftech says:

    #4 – Groan! Groan! Groan! Why is he called the ‘Edge’. anyway – anyone?

  10. wasn’t it because he was always a bit of a billy nomates outcast (probably due to the obsessive hatwearing), and hung around on “the edge” of gangs?

  11. Miles says:

    Perhaps it’s a mis-spelt nod to his love of topiary?

  12. james says:

    Jesus Geoff, your music taste is so chronically staid and boring. I just don’t understand how someone can eulogise over a U2 or a Coldplay track.

  13. james, I have tried to educate him. I provided him with an exemplary selection of music from 2005 for his record of the year vote, complete with links, to no avail. He said it was bizarre; so i’m willing to bet he didn’t listen to them.

    I have since been devoting my energies to identifying which obscure album tracks by MOR artists he likes, and getting them released as singles to annoy him. 🙂

  14. geofftech says:

    James – haven’t we done this before? please don’t make me go all through it again!

    Oh, fuck it – let’s go through it all again. Maybe I should write a permament page to direct people to everytime we have this ‘discussion’.

    Just because what you think i like is ‘staid’ and ‘boring’ does not mean that it is. it’s my personal music choice – not yours, and it’s what that song does for me and means to me that is important and not what you think.

    Look at this way round – i don’t know what your music taste/choices are – but whatever that are, I would never be so rude to as suggest that they are staid and boring. i might not like it, but i would totally respect that fact that its your choice, and i would be thrilled that there are songs out their which get you going in a passionate emotional kind of way. geddit?

    Personally, i’m more worried about people who can’t get passionate about music at all. or maybe those pour souls who hate music because it all sounds the same to them.

    Ian – giving me a list of your fave tunes does not make me go off and download them and play them! So how am i supposed to listen to them? now of course, if you want to go to the time & effort of making ME a cd, and sending it to me .. then that’d be a different matter …

  15. Anthony says:

    Please note that James Blunt is exempt from protection under the above comment. Thank you.

  16. Well, I downloaded your “best of the year”, and listened to them!
    And you only seem to listen to stuff on your ipod. So surely it’s much more efficient for you to download them, rather than me to make a CD, and you to then turn that CD into something that you could have downloaded anyway.

  17. Laura says:

    I’ve been hanging round here, not leaving a comment for ages..but now I can! I have just been given an iPod nano…any tips? Anyhoo, loving the blog – cheers up my boring day!L

  18. geofftech says:

    #18 – Laura, yes! Look at my ipod pages here:

    But basically, you want to:
    Create playlists
    Create smart playlusts
    Rate your songs (1-5 stars)
    give them the correct genres
    add album artwork!
    add some photos!

    use it to its full potential…

  19. Chich says:

    Hey Geoff long time no comment from me you could say lol.

    Just passing by, will have to catch up sometime soon… jus read this post and checked the link to the OOTS video. Just to let you know they have officially released 3 vids for that vid. As you said the apple one from the “Live from Chicago Vertigo Tour DVD” and then the one you link is an optional video. The real one they have released for music channels to show (well in the US so far…) at the moment is one with computer generated faces of the band and some random face, butterflies and well you can see for yourself it’s surely the better one to release and has more of a powerful mood set for this great song. Anyway that’s my opinion and pretty much many people on the forums. Democracy works hehe, we’ve influenced some choices in the past.

    Most definitely a song i will still continue to sing my heart out to when walking through London


  20. geofftech says:

    Chich.. hello sir! Funny – when i posted this all about U2, i thought “i wonder if this will tempt you out to comment?”, and indeed it has!

    i’ve seen the computer generated one with the butterflies three times now here on “The Hits” music channel. MTV Hits and The Box have probably got it as well, surely?

    It’s up to 157 plays today. Still lovin’ it!

  21. James says:

    Please note that I am only the author of comment #1 not #13 (I don’t want someone else to burn bridges for me)
    Who are you #13 james?

  22. #15. so Ian got a CD of your 2005 and I never did? Nor did I ever receive a much-touted BBC/James Blunt interview on DVD? Or a package of the now-in-favor Yorkshire tea…. Or… what else am I forgetting that was promised? 😉

  23. geofftech says:

    No – Ian did not get a copy of my CD, he had to download it – as you have been completely able to do so at anypoint over the last 6 weeks…!

  24. Chris says:

    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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