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Rewind The …

Another day, another good deed, and another Netgear DG384 setup and put in place. Seriously – what is it with the popularity of these wireless routers all of a sudden? “Happy to help” Geoff has now found himself round at three seperate people’s houses in the last two weeks, setting up their wireless broadband for them and getting their PC’s hooked up, and it seems that everyone has bought the DG384. I’m just jealous I suppose as they’re all ‘g’ rated equipment, whereas I’m still on my crappy old ‘b’ model. I’ll upgrade soon. Probably.

RewindDriving 100+ miles round trip to do it though did give me the chance to obsess about my new tune-of-the-moment, the Stereophonics “Rewind”, which – deep deep down – is something that is troubling me inside, as I’ve really hated them since they released the terrible “Have a nice day” back in 2001 – a song for which I think iTunes should have a negative star rating system so that I could loathe it more easily – But for some reason, their latest album and most recent singles release are really growing on me. 29 on ye olde play count tally in just two days and it’s still going up …

Rewind Playcount 29

I feel the need to give a quick plug to the new Channel 4 programme tonight at 9pm – “The IT Crowd“, which takes the piss out of a bunch of techies working in an IT department. We’ve all been gearing ourselves up at work this week to draw comparisons and to wonder how ‘spot on’ or not they’ve got it.

The Fucking Manual“While their beautiful colleagues work in fantastic surroundings, Jen, Roy and Moss lurk below ground, scorned and mocked by their co-workers as geeky losers, doomed never to make it back into normal society.” – Is this was working as an IT techie is really like? I doubt it. But I’m still going to watch it. And record it on my Tivo. And then convert it to MPEG4. So that I can upload it to my Video iPod. Ooops, ok … i’ll shut up now.

And in case you don’t get the T-Shirt which you’ll see the main character wearing tonight (I saw it in the trailer yesterday) RTFM‘ stands for “Read The Fucking Manual“.

ThinkGeek sells the T-Shirt here.

IE7Oh, and whilst in ‘geek’ mode, you might like to know that the official Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 7 is now publically available to download on the Microsoft website here.

48 responses to “Rewind The …”

  1. Mikey says:

    I can’t believe you don’t like ‘Have a Nice Day’, i think its great, but as you said, it just goes to show how we all have different musical tastes.

    I’m not to sure about the IT crowd, the trailors haven’t really done much for me, but if i remember i might give it a try.

  2. geofftech says:

    May have been unfortunate timing Mikey. I think I was having a particlarly shit day when I heard it, and so I thought “the last thing that i need is a song telling me to have a nice day” !!! So yes .. i really don’t like that song.

    Totally respect the fact that you like it though! 🙂

  3. Three posts in three days! Welcome back.

  4. geofftech says:

    Eh? I was never ‘away’, was I? Oh, and thanks for the topical link:

  5. pixeldiva says:

    There’s a WGR614 router here at the moment and it’s been good so far.

    Will probably get another one once I’ve moved, but might have to revert to previous wired netgear router until the immediate financial cloud of doom passes.

  6. geofftech says:

    Yeah, i’ve still my old Netgear MR814 – which is ‘b’ rated, and now that I have 10mb/sec through NTL, I feel the need .. the need for speed!

    Come on everyone .. let’s all list what wireless routers we’ve got, ’cause that won’t be at all sad, will it? 😉

  7. Mikey says:

    BT Voyager 2100 back at home…

  8. N.o.rthener says:

    Got a Belkin thingy, does ‘g’ though which works for me!

    Incidentally, even the Stereophonics hate “Have a nice day”, so apparently nobody gets it.

  9. Chz says:

    I’ve got Linksys gear at home – too easy to grab the Cisco discount at work and order Linksys stuff. I like Netgear’s stuff, but not when it’s going to run me double.

    And by most people’s accounts, the first episode isn’t terribly good (Four put the first two up for downloading earlier in the week) but it picks up pretty well from there.

  10. Lynksys G “ROUT-er” over here.

  11. Mikey says:

    Agreed, first wasnt so good, the second made me laugh a couple of times…maybe the series will improve

  12. I hope you upgraded all those DG834s to the latest firmware.

    Given that your broadband is not any more than 8Mb, why would having any more than a 10Mb wireless router benefit you?

    I thoroughly enjoyed both episodes of the IT crowd.

  13. geofftech says:

    NTL claim to be given me 10mb/sec, but my wireless 802.11b’ only supports up to about 5Mb/sec (Real throughput currently maxing out at abuot 510Kb/sec), so I know that with a 802.11g router it would go faster – essential when you want do download a track from iTunes in six seconds flat, rather then having to wait a whole ten seconds, y’know? Just think what I could do with that extra four seconds of time…

  14. Fimb says:

    I laughed at the IT crowd, but didn’t feel it ran well. I really hated the female manager with a passion, but found alot of the jokes funny, but mainly ones that made me go “oh god, yes, thats happened to me”.

    My main problem with it though is that Channel 4 keep calling it the “It” crowd. The title only really works when reading it, not when spoken out loud.

  15. Anthony says:

    In the House of Steel we have a Thomson Speedtouch 580, which could do with a little more penetrating radiation power, but I don’t know if other routers allow for greater wall permeation or what.

    I personally use a cable anyway, and it has enough ports for most of the others to use cables as well, if they wanted to. But they don’t.

  16. Paul Webb says:

    My friend Patrick has a theory about some bands/artists. He usually cites Bob Dylan as an example, but it is equally true for Stereophonics. Basically, some bands are only any good when they have something to prove. Dylan shoves out a couple of bad albums; everybody says that he has lost it, then he pulls off a stormer.

    I’m not a fan of Stereophonics, but have seen them as festivals twice. The first time, they were the headliner and the audience were there to see them. When they came on they were lazy, and I left about half way into the set. Second time, most people were there to see Pixies (who were no. 2 from top) and Stereophonics were booed as they came on…and went on to perform a fantastic set.

    Try buying every third album by them to maintain some quality.

  17. Tower Block (not a) Prisoner says:

    Re: the ‘IT’ Crowd, first episode not bad, but bits of reminded me of that episode of Father Ted, when they were all in that tiny caravan with Graham Norton doing the Riverdance (same writer), the second episode was dire. Hated the bit about the woman who didn’t know much about computers but liked shoes, that’s stereotyping,and a bit old hat.

    Lots of women know LOTS about computers don’t we girls! Been doing it for 20 years.

  18. Tim says:

    Internet Explorer 7 hmm? A quick look at the website and it looks like it’s Microsoft Firefox! Tabbed browsing, toolbar search box, streamlined user interface…are we sensing plaigarism yet? 😉

  19. geofftech says:

    #19 – and you know what? it’s still fucked in not being able to handle CSS properly.

    take a look at my blogroll up there in Firefox/Netscape/Safari, and all the blogs that i link to are listed nicely.

    however – look at my site here in any version of internet explorer (including the new version 7) and for some bizarre reason that i can’t figure out, it puts a space between StroppyCow and Nota Benny. And i have no real idea why!

  20. Ian says:

    Hi, sorry to interrupt, but I need the help of you extremely creative, funny people. I’m getting my girlfriend an Ipod for Valentines Day, and I want to engrave a message on the back. I need the help of you guys to think of any funny but romantic quotes/messages which you have seen/heard that will make it the perfect gift.

    Cheers guys


  21. Mikey says:

    Roses are red,
    So is a poppy.
    When i’m near you,
    I’m never floppy.

  22. Peter says:

    I’ve got a Belkin 54kbps jobbie, 802.11g rings a bell. Obviously much quicker than the connection, but the potential’s there to use it to network different PCs at that speed, and share stuff, which could be handy for multimedia functionality. Didn’t watch the IT Crowd last night as I was out watching a fight break out at the comedy store (preceded by a quality show, including two brilliant but lesser heard-of names, and Marcus Brigstocke and Paul Zerdin, along with one shit comic that springs up wherever I go…)

  23. #20. Hey, I just noticed something…why do you have Stroppycow twice on your blogroll and Ian not at all?? Don’t ask me why I keep bringing that issue up. Who knows where random thoughts come from?

  24. The Rage says:

    I know what you mean about the ‘phonics. Ever since Britpop died and I have severely disliked all their ‘hits’ – watered down stuff made for car adverts.

  25. You’re gap is caused by this… <li><a href=’http://’></a></li> after Microfamous. Seems like Firefox chooses not to render it.

  26. geofftech says:

    Ian – but the sidebar/blogroll code is generated internally by WordPress, and (AFAIA) is not a manual .htm file or similar that i can edit – or if it is, wordpress will simpy overwrite it the next time i make a change to my blogroll.

  27. DS says:

    Hmph – been briefly noting your listening. Check out Freemasons – Watchin which is my TUNE of the moment. Glad you like Hi_Tack – Say Say Say. Have you also been enjoying Herd & Fitz – I just can’t get enough. Hehe – was dancing to that one a couple of weeks ago.

  28. geofftech says:

    DS, “just can’t get enough” as in a cover of the depeche mode classic? in which case you need to check out Nouvelle Vague who also do an excellent version of it …

  29. DS says:

    Nope, it isn’t a cover. It is ‘original’. Lovin it!

    Have you also heard Ferry Corsten – Fire? Samples Duran Duran and vocals by Simon LeBon. Get your ears around that too!

    Oh to be out dancing now……

  30. Chris says:

    Firefox does indeed choose not to render it – IE actually deals with it properly!

    Geoff, goto your ist of links in WordPress and you should find one which has no link or title – delete it!

  31. 28… have you considered RTFM? 😛

  32. Isaac Hunt says:

    I missed it, Geoff – could u bring the MPEG into work ?

    Thanks awfully … 🙂

  33. Rude Kid says:

    You want to get one of these t-shirts by the sounds of it:

    Failing that, just tell them to fuck off and sort their own computer out!

  34. jeff says:

    go on & do it mate :):p

  35. Anthony says:

    Kris! It’s a ROUTE-r, pronounced “rooter”!

    A ROUT-er (or “rauter”, as a German might spell it) could cause quite some damage if it was plugged in and placed near a computer. Please do not confuse the two in the future!

  36. “37: Anthony, you’re quite wrong. “Roto-Rooter” is a famous drain cleaning service here in the US. So Rooooter reminds anyone here of a clogged drain or loo. Futher, RR service near your computer could also cause some damage. Geoff has a magnet on his new washing machine to remind him properly how to say it.

    Geoff: Go on, You’re working on American English pronounications now..Tell them how you pronounce that word!!! And thank you for blog-rolling Ian. I think it caused an instant rise in quality on that blog.

  37. geofftech says:

    This is very true. i do have a Rota Rooter magnet on my washing machine. Would you like a photo of it?

    I’m not commmenting on pronounciation, or the differences between english english and american english. my tour guide won’t like me. 😉

    Ian’s infiltrated my blogroll now? Tsk.. an oversight on my part – i’ll remove it immediately…

  38. Lia says:

    US Robotics 8054 802.11g. Great little box except I have snapped one of the antenne off. A bit of judiciously applied superglue has melted the plastic to the metal screw but has done the job. The arm does look a little drunk though.

  39. Chz says:

    I’m usually nice enough to not argue language in a country that I wasn’t born in…
    However, given that the companies that make these things are either US-based or Taiwanese, and that they call them “rooters” there, I’d have to say that that’s what the darned things are called. I’ve given up trying to convert the people I work with, though.

    Cue the usual “porsh” vs. “por-shuh” argument.

  40. Wayne says:

    41. mine’s a porsh

  41. Anthony says:

    I wouldn’t drive one anyway!

    I won’t call it a “rauter” just like I won’t say “Paree” or “Newcassel”. Of course, there are always going to be regional accents; the pronunciation of words will always differ between regions, let alone between countries!

    This is all well and good. Just watch it, though, America. Don’t get Geoff to say “rauter”. You may have decimated our squirrels and our crayfish but you will never take our pronunciation!!!

  42. Anthony says:

    ^Well, alright, I say I wouldn’t DRIVE one. I mean, I wouldn’t BUY one…

  43. geofftech says:

    I have to confess that I have found myself saying things naturally without thinking about it. I sit on my couch now instead of sofa, I even caught myself saying “you do the math” the other day which was most odd!

    45 comments all about wirless routers? Even I wouldn’t have predicted that. It almost makes me not want to post my latest entry, because I’d of been interested to see where this one went if I’d of let the comments rumble on…!

  44. Tower Block Tina says:

    Someone at my work keeps singing ‘Your Grandma & my Grandma sitting by the fire,’
    all day and it’s driving me nuts, I think the tune is ‘Iko Iko’ from the 60’s,
    but has been sampled by P.Diddy more recently, does anybody out there know who
    recorded it and what year? Has anybody got the words, and if so what do they mean?
    Can’t find it at all in my ‘Hits’ directory that Geoff bought me to satisfy my
    60’s craving.

  45. That is indeed called Iko Iko, Mrs Parsnip, and it’s by the Belle Stars.

    Well, I think it is by them, anyway. Wikipedia says it’s an old New Orleans Mardi Gras song.

  46. Tower Block Tina says:

    Thank you Ian, according to my ‘Hits’ book, it reached number 35 in 1982,
    I was a bit puzzled at first, as I thought it was much earlier. Then I realised it
    was recorded originally by the ‘Dixie Cups’ in 1965. That’s more my time.
    The Belle Stars also did ‘The Clapping Song’ with really wierd words, but that was
    a cover of the Shirley Ellis version also 1965. Does anyone know what ‘Dixie Cups’
    are? Nothing rude I hope.

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