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From dental to mental

Sore throatOk, I officially have the worst runny nose & sore throat that I have experienced for years, and normally these things clear themselves up for me after a few days – a week at the most – but this time it would seem not so.

This one just doesn’t seem to be going away and I am now desperate for some relief to my sore sore throat, as it’s driving me mental!

You know things are getting bad when I’m even starting to go off my tea, because it hurts to swallow.

So any “You can’t beat…” or “What always works for me is…” suggestions as to relieve my throat which feels like it’s on fire would be most, most welcome …

6th Gen Video iPodOh, and … check out this article.

Whispers of the NEXT iPod are already doing the rounds, with the rumour being that they will turn the screen sideways, make it as large at the footprint of the ‘pod itself, and the controls will now be built into the screen which will become touch-sensitive. And the rumoured date of release? April 1st … no, really!

19 responses to “From dental to mental”

  1. My work collegue would call this “Man Flu” … I have sympathy though!

    As for a cure … days off work and daytime televison will make you feel better! (Watching Trisha is damn addictive!)

  2. Alcohol kills germs and viruses.

    Trisha kills the brain, and thus leaves you unable to recognise that you have a sore throat.

  3. kate says:

    woudn’t having the ipod in your bag be a bit difficult if it kept getting bashed about a bit and the whole thing was touch-sensitive?

    HP do something fairly similar – the u10 iRiver. may be worth a look!

    flu / cold tips – 2 drops of olbas oil in a large bowl of just boiled water, then put your face over it and a towel over the back of your head to enclose it in and breathe the steam. Also lots of cold drinks, be it water or fruit juice and water, and lots of vitamins and stuff like echinacea which is meant to help revitalise the immune system. Anything pepperminty or cinnamony is good too.

  4. Mikey says:

    Heh, Man Flu, a common term at my work place, an illness that is much more serious that the common flu which affects the weaker sex 😉

    Extremely odd moment last night when one of my flatmates who was bored decided to search my name and home town on google, and discovered this website, and my 50p donation, which she then quizzed me about…you may have another reader now Geoff

  5. Andrew (TM) says:

    Yep, this sore throat/runny nose/dry tickly cough thing is doing the rounds in a big way at the mo. I’ve had it for the past 6 days, but at least the thumping headache only lasted the first 24 hours. Quite a few people at work are croaky. A few Lockets (honey and lemon, or the more potent mint n menthol), plus a bit more water than usual can’t do any harm… (but evidently it’s no quick fix)

  6. Kathleen says:

    for sore throats…hot lemonade(as in heated up in the microwave)…a minute then add extra A LOT.a good tablespoon full..another minute…then add lemon juice and stir. Drink while as hot as you can handle. If the sugar sounds like a bad idea use honey, I just adapted the recipe cos I’m not allowed to eat honey.

    to clear heads..same as kate’s suggestion(no 3) but use menthol crystals.

  7. stroppycow says:

    If it’s not clearing up on its own it could be worth getting it checked out.

    Lemon + honey if you are after the soft stuff.

    You favourite anti inflamatory/painkiller otherwise.

  8. James says:

    Sorry I don’t have any quick fix tips, so I’m taking notes. But I have had mine since early december and now know that you have to let it clear up completely before going back to work/school.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Paul Webb says:

    Maybe it’s bird ‘flu…try Paxo.

  10. pixeldiva says:

    Hot toddy: Whisky, lemon juice, honey (and ginger, if you fancy it) then add some hot water. Not too much though, or you’ll water down the whisky too much.

    Also: ice-cream. Soothes the throat (and makes you feel better).

    You have my sympathies – feel better soon.

  11. Fimb says:

    mix paprika and warm water and drink it.. it seriously does work (capsaicum is a well known pain killer). I swear my this. If you can’t swallow, even gargling will help.

  12. Tower Block Tina says:

    You can try gargling with soluble aspirin to kill throat pain, then drink the aspirin.

    Also I swear by hot Ribena sipped slowly. Main cure is lots of sleep and liquids, and no stress. Good Luck.

  13. scottb says:

    Hot Toddy II: Brandy, lemon juice, honey added to boiling water.
    I don’t care for the taste, but it seems to help.

    I prefer the hot chocolate with a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream.
    It doesn’t really ease the pain of a sore throat much, but it makes
    me feel better none the less.

  14. John says:

    I haven’t had a cold or sore throat for agers thank god, so that means I’ll get one very very soon! Oh and as for the 6th gen iPod, they can’t make it totally touch sensitive as I can’t see and would be an accessibility disaster. The last thing I heard there were plans to try and make the thing talk seen as it is the most popular player ever. Not trying to moan but I do fine with my 3rd gen with touch buttons I can control it fine, but a touch screen might send me looking for something new!

  15. My cure is a trip to the US … oh and Geoff has done it … genius!

  16. 12, Mum would know best.

    And if you really can’t swallow, get to the doctor, you might have strep!! Which needs meds. Hope you are feeling better by now.

  17. The Rage says:

    I get recurrent sore throats for whatever reason and I find that warm C-Vit is very good. Don’t have it as hot as tea, but still hot ish and drink regularly. Everyone laughs at me when I drink this stuff but it does seem to do the trick over a day or so.

  18. J-Ro says:

    I had tonsilitis as a nipper and the doctor told me to gargle with soluble aspirin. It’s the first thing I do when I get a bad throat and it gets rid within minutes

  19. RossP says:

    Surfing (in the ocean variety NOT the WWW variety) always gets rid of any nasty throat bugs for me. The bigger the waves the better – all that salt water forced into places it should not be certainly nukes any bugs… Then again the East coast of the US is probably not the best place in the world for surfing this time of year. Maybe you need to detour back via a visit to Kris in Hawaii.

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