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Go West (Part 2)

Well it seems like my ‘tour guide’ missed out on showing me some of the sights. So I’m heading west again for a week, taking my germs with me. A pressurised cabin for nine hours should do my throat the world of good.

Go West 2

Expect a post or two therefore from iBlog USA over the next few days …

(NB – Aeroplane not to scale)

43 responses to “Go West (Part 2)”

  1. So that’s why you went to the dentist!

  2. Mikey says:

    What is it with u and going to the usa…i havent even been once yet

  3. Tower Block Tina says:

    Hmm…I wonder what the attraction can be? Another iPod
    maybe? Have a good time Geoff, and leave those Germs behind.

  4. Laura says:

    Dress warm and expect to see some snow. Have a safe trip.

  5. So, thats where my TV License money goes! … funding trips for our “leader” to go back and forth to the US like hoping on the tube!

  6. Tim says:

    It’s a shame the plane’s not to scale – imagine how much quicker it’d be getting there!

  7. amy says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Geoff. I had visions of you flying over in a JUMBO jet 😉 Quite the world traveller you are becoming!

  8. Hmmm—is the travel-trail to scale? It looks like Boston this time. 😉 You can’t fool us–we know it’s all about getting more Krispy Kremes.

  9. Regular Lurker says:

    So this is going to be the JeffBlog for the next week 🙂

  10. Chris says:

    Aren’t brothels legal in certain parts of America?

    Not that I’m insinuating anything, of course…

  11. Andrew (TM) says:

    For how long has Geoff’s page said “Bog roll” rather than “Blog roll”?

  12. Since mine reappeared in it, I suspect.

  13. Chris says:

    You’re not in NY are you? If so – rumour has it there is some snow around.

  14. tami says:

    It looks like you are trying to catch up with me flying across the pond… You have much to go to catch up with my 95 times. I’ll be there in March while you are probably flying my way!

  15. Tower Block Tina says:

    Hi Tami, Good news you coming over, hope we can all meet up in March.

  16. geofftech says:

    So little time .. so many comments!

    #12/#13 – Wondered if you’d noticed Ian! And yes, i updated it to the side-splittingly-humerous ‘bog’ title at the same time.

    I’m not in New York. Yet. If you really want to know, then I’m going to be in New York in three weeks time, when hopefully there won’t be 2 foot of snow!

    #10 – – now there’s an idea… my american alter-ego!

    The picture of the plane is the same as last time .. it’s not pointing to the right place. But then I’ve got to the same place as last time. Well – I flew into Raleigh in North Carolina, but now find myself in Charelston again down in S.C. And it’s just as nice as it was a few weeks ago … even better in fact. I like it here.

    Anyway. Alive & well ‘n’ all that.

    Carry on, as you were…

  17. #13…PLEASE note, Ian…you have me to thank for this. Doesn’t he Geoff?

  18. Is New York in 3 weeks time part of this trip, or part of another one?

  19. Chris says:

    #19 – I believe it’s part of another trip, but I could be wrong!

  20. geofftech says:

    #19 – A seperate trip. I’m trying to break a new world record for “Quickest time that an individual can fill up their passport”

    Oh, and my cold is better – I’m just down to a snotty nose now. My tour guide is complaining that they’ve got a sore throat and cough though…

  21. Chris says:

    That’s what I said! :p

    Glad your cold is better! I’m surprised that your tour guide is complaining – surely that’s all par for the course of being a tour guide??? (oh and the large umbrella!)

  22. T Raveller says:

    Is this the same tour guide again?

  23. T Raveller says:

    He’s keeping coy everyone!

  24. I wanna know her name … and see what she looks like!

  25. Chris says:

    Why do you want to know the name of the tour guide? 🙂

  26. Anthony says:

    I still can’t remember an instance in which he’s specified that it’s a “she”!!!

  27. ‘Cos I am nosey … good spot Anthony!

  28. geofftech says:

    Indeed – why are you all assuming that my tour guide is female?

  29. Right. For all we know, Geoff and his tour guide could be having beans and coffee, watching the sun rise on “Brokeback Mountain.”

  30. Mark Garth says:

    Now there is an image that I didn’t want!! 🙂

  31. geofftech says:

    Funnily enough, I am going out to see Brokeback tomorrow night with my tour guide.

  32. jeff says:

    Have a good luck for going to the west USA.

  33. CV says:

    Honestly, Geoff, you are leading your comments-forum buddies along in a merry dance aren’t you? The temptation to reveal the answers to so many of their questions is proving very hard to resist! I could even furnish photographs if I were so inclined… Perhaps something to keep my mind off it would be a good idea? Maybe a certain wedding DVD you were promising to make for me might keep my mind off thoughts of giving the game away?

  34. Tower Block Tina says:

    Geoff, we need update, urgently, spill NOW please.

  35. Me likes CV and his black mail … don’t make the DVD Geoff I want CV to spill (his guts -Ed)

  36. geofftech says:

    Yeah .. i keep meaning to post. Honest. I have something lined up. I’ve just been … busy. You know, busy touring round …

  37. Leanne says:

    Funnily enough, I know some secrets as well. I’m quite tempted to put a listing on Trademe to auction off my valuable information. Wonder how much I could raise. What do you reckon Geoff !

    Oh and when are you in New York? I’m likely to be there from the 15th onwards. If I don’t catch you then, can I bags the couch early April back in London. Or are you off somewhere then as well ????

  38. Leanne says:

    Oh,…Trademe here in NZ is similar to Ebay (though of course much smaller). I guess really I should use Ebay for you folks in other parts of the world.

  39. geofftech says:

    Leanne – Tena Koe!

    I’m in New York on (i’ll just tell the whole world my travel plans, shall I? rather than send you an email…) between March 3rd and the 7th – so will miss you by a week.

    Email me and let me know what dates you’re in the UK in April!

  40. Twilton Scarpet says:

    Reading between the lines (that’s reading as in ‘to read’ as opposed to the place in Berkshire (that’s Berkshire in the UK as opposed to Berkshire County, MA)), it’s very easy to paint a picture of what’s going on here. Clearly Geoff’s ‘Tour Guide’ is neither male, nor female, otherwise he would have used the gender-specific pronoun instead of leaving this ambiguous. So we begin our disassembly of the story by realising that Geoff’s tour guide is clearly a hermaphrodite.

    ‘Touring’ on the other hand, would lead us to believe that Geoff is on the move, however a search of Wikipedia reveals that ‘Touring was an Italian automobile design and coachbuilding firm in the 1950s. Touring was especially known for its “super-light” Superleggera (or tube-frame) bodies.’

    So we now have a hermaphrodite with a tube-frame body.

    Getting the picture yet? Next we need to consider the location of aforementioned ‘touring’, that being ‘Carolina’, which as we all know was a rather dodgy song by ‘Shaggy’ (not the cartoon character from Scooby Doo, but the singer whose real name is Orville Richard Burell). Orville, the green fuzzy duck who ‘belongs’ to ventriloquist Keith Harris, can’t fly. Geoff on the other hand clearly can.

    Am I making sense? Got it yet? I’ll post the final analysis at a later date but for now just think and eventually you will realise who his supposed ‘tour guide’ really is…

  41. I’m just wondering if he is taking the Concorde back to England? I mean if the size of that JUMBO JET in his graphic is any hint, he is traversing the Pond in style.

    I think we should make all of Geoff’s email public–that way there will be no secrets lurking!!

  42. Anthony says:

    If Geoff tried to take the Concorde, he would be going nowhere!

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