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Lent Service (Sundays not included)

(Although I was toying with the idea of also calling todays post “Give a toss!”)

PancakesYou don’t need me to tell you that it’s pancake day, today – do you, right?Surely you know that already.

But I admit that I forgot, until someone told me on the phone last night and invited me round to theirs tonight – making me feel slightly stupid, as I’m the one with the page that acts and serves as a reminder as to when it is and how it’s linked to easter and lent in the first place!

So go via the shops tonight people for your milk, flour and eggs. And fillings …

Chocolate sauce? Lemon? Just a bit of ‘plain’ sugar?

Personally I’m going for the ‘trying-to-get-fat‘ option of vanilla ice-cream sprinkled with broken oreo bits, but what’s your favourite?

28 responses to “Lent Service (Sundays not included)”

  1. stroppycow says:

    With an egg, or ham and cheese, or apple jelly or slightly melted nutella and vanilla ice cream.

  2. Peter says:


    Shit, no, I’m not the first. Ah well.

    For me, nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat good old lemon juice + brown sugar.

  3. geofftech says:

    The cure of “posting at the same time!”. Almost.

    Why is my pancake image broken? Feck. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 on Sunday night, and I haven’t quite got my head around the slightly new changed interface yet.

    Strops … Apple Jelly? you’re weird!

  4. Andrew says:

    “Don’t forget the pancakes on Jif Lemon day!”

    Lemon and sugar does it for me 🙂 mmm…. Honey or golden syrup is not bad either.

  5. DS says:

    Why are you going for that particular option then?

    Are you good at flipping?

  6. Neil says:

    I have to say that Geoff is one of the best tossers around 🙂

  7. Fimb says:

    lemon and sugar for me. The husband will more than likely get adventurous with his toppings though. For the first time since I left home, someone else (The Husband!) is making the pancakes which I am very happy about 🙂

  8. geofftech says:

    Because I could do with putting on a few lbs/KG! Unless maple syrup is more fattening?

    I can flip, toss, spin, turn, AND do the ‘Lambada’ all whilst cooking pancakes. yup!

  9. Emma says:

    Stroppycow: Melted Nutella – woman after my own heart … either that or Hershey’s chocolate sauce and Movenpick Vanilla Ice Creeam … mmmm!!

    Unfortunatley i shan’t be getting any pancakes this year .. far too busy (poor excuse I know!)

    PS .. Congrats Geoff!!

  10. Mikey says:

    Just had 7 pancakes topped with Golden Syrup…now in a squeezy bottle format!!

  11. geofftech says:

    Is it so wrong that sometimes I get the urge to mix sweet and savoury, e.g I’m thinking of putting squeezy bottle BBQ sauce on a pancake …

  12. pixeldiva says:

    That is just *so* wrong.

    BBQ sauce is evil.

    Just say no.

    Interestingly enough, I totally forgot about it, but have a pack of pancakes in my bag that I bought last night.

    Not big ones though, just scotch pancakes. About to be eaten with butter. Yum.

  13. Sam says:

    BBQ sauce on pancakes, oh god, no!

    I don’t see how anyone can put anything on top of pancakes! I just stick to sugar, although I forgot it was pancake day!

    No one here to make any for me, and no i’m not making them myself!!

  14. Chris says:

    Maple Syrup is clearly the way forward.

    Lemon and sugar has its advantages.

    Hmm… tinned blackcurrants are not too bad either…

  15. Camilla says:

    lemon and sugar or my dads favorite, malted chocolate and cushed hazelnuts. on the savory side my grandma makes a mean chicken pancake (for those who think a savory pancake is a sin, what do you think a fajita is??)

  16. Alan P says:

    lemon and sugar is the only way to go.

    BTW has anybody copped out and bought Aunt Bessies frozen pancakes this year?. Would be interesting to know if they are up to the standard of her roast pot’s and chips.

  17. Camilla says:

    our school bought them last year, no where near as good as home made, but passable, especially with ice cream

  18. I stocked up on lots of lovely Jif lemon in the supermarket over the weekend, but I forgot to buy anything to make pancakes with. Bugger.

  19. scottb says:

    Chris (#14) has got it right. Maple syrup is first choice, with lemon and sugar coming in second.
    I also recommend mashed blueberrys or blackberrys.

  20. Richard says:

    We have a creperie here in St Albans, so you can go out for pancakes any night of the year (apart from Christmas!). The bizarrest one I ever had was on Burns Night – haggis-filled pancake with a wee tot of whisky to pour over the top.

    Ice cream good with fruit too – on that note, a passing plug for the new Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt – delicious but not too guilt inducing.

  21. Gary says:

    I went for a varied choice – chocolate spread on one, and lemon and sugar on the other. Worthy of praise indeed.

  22. Fimb says:

    I was given them with.. *still shaking from the horror* Tinned peaches.. tinned &I^$%^* peaches!! Plus a huge strop was thrown in the kitchen by the cook, by lovely, expensive, copper cottomed frying pan has a huge dent in the side (“it just fell off the hob, I wasn’t even anywhere near it, it just leapt off”)..

    Next year I’m making them again! (I think his cunning plan worked!)

  23. philippa says:

    Richard – i LOVE the st albans creperie! nothing beats the takeaway italian when the market day comes though…yummy. im a honey&lemon girl, but i do stretch to chocolate with bananas or berry compot if its there…

  24. Tower Block Tina says:

    Glad you keeping up with the family tradition Geoff, I’ve now made pancakes for 37 years (not continously you understand). Does anybody out there actually give up anything for Lent?
    As a child we all went to Sunday School, and were encouraged to give up sweets, but it only lasted about 4 days, before weakening. No moral fibre!

  25. geofftech says:

    One of my friends is giving up watching TV for the 40/47 days (argue about how long lent actually is some other time), but it’s ok for them to watch films/DVD’s!

  26. I’ve given up being nice to people.

  27. geofftech says:

    #26 – Ian, you were once nice to someone?

  28. Meany! Just because I’ve given it up, doesn’t mean that you can!

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