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More Mashing

The RegisterGod bless The Register. Apparantly I’m “A tube spotting geek” to them – goes with the territory I suppose. But at least everything else they’ve written is sympathetic.

You have to admire the blatant lie in the TFL statement that they make (a verbatim copy of what they gave to Radio 5 the other night, what – do they just hand out photocopies or something to anyone that asks?), in which they say:

“We are not just talking about one or two alternative maps being produced each year but literally hundreds and we cannot allow alternative versions to be produced unhindered without some regulation.”

Really TFL – really? Let’s see. My sillymaps pages had 19 mashed up variations of maps, not hundreds. Where are all these other versions then which you think are produced unregulated each year? (and can I have copies of them? ~chuckle~) As I certainly haven’t seen them – there were just a humble nineteen of them, on one site – mine.

Except make that more than one site now, because a quick count up yesterday told me that there are now 34 other sites out there hosting copies of these maps all because of this incident. So you’ve now got at least thirty four other people/sites to go and chase.

I can’t link to any of them (but like I say, Google and the world “Sillymaps” springs to mind) because after just speaking to my host (Claranet) just now, it would seem that even linking CAN can get me in trouble, as a ‘warning’ has already been issued to me. i.e. Clara told me that – yes – there are probably lots of their customers webpages that merely link to other sights with which people might have a problem with, but until a complaint is received about them, they don’t have to do anything about it. As a complaint has been recieved about mine, I am now “under review”, although they wouldn’t say for how long.

Bizarrely I found out yesterday that I’d also made it into Sunday’s edition (just gone) of The South African Tribune. Someone I know in Durban spotted it, scanned it in and sent it on to me. It won’t be the last of a few press mentions that will happen this week to help highlight my cause.

More as it happens …

21 responses to “More Mashing”

  1. Smudger says:

    Worldwide fame is on the horizon.

  2. Smudger says:

    … also, is 186 comments from a couple of days ago a record? Or do you not keep track of these things enymore.

    Hang on, this is Geoff, of course you keep track of these things!..

  3. geofftech says:

    Well I am keeping track of the number of comments I get from my smart-arsed friends!


    Which in TFL’s eyes is “Hundreds”, don’t forget …

  4. Gerald Higgins says:

    A little – not very well.

    “Paddington” says
    You all know Geofftech’s tube pages.
    On his page he has a collection of links to miscellaneous mad tube maps.
    He is now being ordered by Tfl to close these pages.
    What is your opinion ?
    [not sure about the next bit – possibly – I think there’s a solicitor with no work to do].

    “Bakerstreet” replies
    I find it somehow sad.
    [not sure about the rest]

    “Beary” replies
    That is simply unbelievable !

  5. John Val... says:

    TfL should really be defending against fake maps that could be used by real people in real situations, or those that might be inaccurate or poorly-maintained as the network changes, i.e. ones that could reduce the effectiveness of their service, or advocate an unplanned change of usage patterns on the network. Another reason is ‘brand protection’ of a company fiercely sensitive to misrepresentation of its image.
    One solution would be a requirement to state in large letters that the map is not real, but I think I’m reading into the situation too much.

    Yours (or those you link to) are obvously a bit of fun, and I don’t think anyone would set out in the morning with just the Anagrammap for reference :o)

  6. Say it as you see it, I say. You is a geek. 😉

  7. Always knew you were a bit of a Geek . . Geoff

  8. N.o.rthener says:

    Worryingly i did once send a friend out with one of the maps, he was off house hunting and wanted to know where / when his mobile would work so instead of the regular map we gave him the “underground” underground map.

    Tfl are a bunch of muppets though.

  9. Andrew says:

    I just spotted another musically-flavoured mock tube-map in the March 4/5 weekend FT Magazine (pg 13). This was “illustrating” a story about classical music on the tube to cut crime. Will see if I can scan it later. Wonder if the FT paid off TFL? It doesn’t resemble any shape of real tube maps though, only the style.

  10. Camilla says:

    I have actually used the geographical map for reference, and sent a friend out with the no-names one as a joke, he was not impressed!

  11. geofftech says:

    Quick! Inform Healys! Get them to take the FT the court …

    And Camilla – that’s 150 plus VAT that you owe TFL. Better write out a cheque today, or i’ll grass on you.

  12. Camilla says:

    ah! but I am too young to be sued, and since i printed it out on my school ystem which allowed me access to this site, surely it is they (in loco parentis) who are to blame

  13. NiC says:

    Hah… the spiel at the Healys’ site makes interesting reading indeed. I’m sure they’ll be updating it soon to more accurately reflect the way they’ve handled this.

  14. Mystery Banana Sender says:

    I think it would be funny if we all sent bananas to Healys in protest. Geoff tells me that OHP pens etch banana skins nicely, so feel free to tell them what you think of their actions.
    Healys’ address is:

    Healys Solicitors
    3 Waterhouse Square
    142 Holborn
    EC1N 2SW
    United Kingdom

  15. Anthony says:

    Holborn? Ha ha! I could go round and drop one off.
    No, perhaps that WOULDN’T be such a good idea… postage is definitely in order….

    Also, I came up with a word today, which may be relevant in this situation.
    PROCRASTURBATOR: timewasting wanker.

  16. Mikey says:

    Haha…love that, Procrasturbator…must find someone to tell that to

  17. Anthony says:

    I would too, but I’m too busy procrasturbating.

  18. Bananas are copyrighted you know. Chiquita. I wouldn’t eat one or send one without expression written permission first.

  19. Wayne says:

    >Can anyone translate German for me?
    the German stuff is (funnily enough) just saying what you guys have been saying, in short that some lawyer had too much time on his hands, that everyone who likes them would have already downloaded them, and distributed them so they’ll never really be off the net, and that even after reading the story they can’t understand tfl’s motivation (except that it’s most likely to do with making money).

    My opinion is that it’s all been engineered by Jeff so he can lose the tube stuff with some pride intact, before he jets off to Charleston forever… 🙂

  20. Peter says:

    Procrasturbator – Brilliant!

    Posting Bananas – Brilliant!

    I say someone should anonymously setup a website where people can pledge bananas to Healy’s solicitors – i.e. mention on the site that they’ve sent one, so that an online “Banana Count” could be made.

    I mean, 170,000 or so hits/day? Even if 0.1% of them each posted a banana to them, that’s not far off 200 bananas. Bwahahahahahahaha….

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