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Scarf issues

NOT a Paul Smith scarfHere’s something from two weeks ago, which I’ve only just managed to get round to mentioning.

I’m in the toilets at the bar/club at work, and as I’m on way out I head for the toilet. I’ve already got my coat and scarf on with my bag slung over my shoulder. I’m standing at the urinals, obeying the “leave an equal amount of space between you and other people in there” rule, when I detect a guy come in to my right and stand at the urinal two down to my right.

I’m still minding my own business (literally) when I can feel his eys boring into the side of my head and he starts talking to me.

“Is that Paul Smith?” he says.

I’m not sure how to react to that. Did he just just ask if my name was Paul Smith? I turn to look at him.

“That!” he says nodding towards .. er .. me .. “Is that Paul Smith?”

I realise that he’s now motioning to the scarf around my neck. Oh. Is Paul Smith some terribly fashionable designer that I haven’t heard of? I’m going to have to assume that it is.

“I’m afraid I’m not that fashionable mate!” I say with a chuckle in my voice, but as I say this I realise that he’s sort of … looking … at me in more than just a friendly fashion. My goodnessis he trying to hit on me? Is this what wearing a Paul Smith scarf says about you?

“So where’s it from then?” he says, with him now detecting that I’m starting to fear him a little, he realises that he’s maybe making an idiot out of himself but somehow he’s got to keep the conversation going because neither of us have finished our ‘business’ yet.

Fortunately as I answer “Er.. I can’t remember actually” (which is a lie, because I don’t want to talk to him about it), I do finish my business, zip up, wash my hands and head for the exit.

Paul Smith StoreI walk out of the toilets and bump into a friend that I know and am still speaking to them 30 seconds later, when the guys comes out of the loo, and gives me another bit smile/approving grin about my scarf. I turn away from him – I don’t want to lead him on.

“Does this scarf make me look gay?” I asked my friend. They just smile.

And the next day – the very next day – I’m down at the airport. (This was the day I flew to New York a couple of weeks back), and as I walk in the departure lounge area shops .. first thing I see .. a Paul Smith shop! So obviously I have to go and have a little look at the scarves. Hmmm. I don’t buy one.

So. Paul Smith scarves. Gay? Or not gay? And I bet you can’t guess where I did get mine from.

52 responses to “Scarf issues”

  1. Perhaps spending all this time Stateside will result in Geoff aquiring better taste in men’s accessories? We can only be so hopeful.

  2. Empirical evidence would suggest that is highly unlikely. Unless a loud shirt, a paunch and a gun are good taste nowadays.

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