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A host of options

Register Again!This is not why I blog. This is not why I have a website. I don’t like getting caught up in tedious arguments that just exasperate me. My blog and my website is about fun, silly stuff – to entertain and amuse, and I want to get back to that – which is why above you’ll find a delightfully more ‘Geoff-esque‘ style post on some random event.

So TFL and their lawyers wore me down – and pissed me off, and there was a moment back there a few days ago where I almost hit ‘blog malaise’ and considered packing it all in.

Then I realised I had an email-folder-full of emails from wonderful people saying nice things – completely strangers that had found their way here (most likely through yet my latest mention on The Register!) and 99% of them were supportive.

I’ve also had a stack of nice people offering to host Geofftech elsewhere – and that’s what’ll be happening at somepoint over the next week or two. As I’m about to hot foot it off to the ‘states anyway, it seems like excellent timing to move everything – to a US based hosting company, which is what I’m now in the process of doing.

What also spurred this decision on was a rather amusing conversation with the Managaing Director – a nice chap by the name of Steve Rawlinson. He very kindly took time out of his busy day to call me up last week. At first I thought he was going to give me a hard time, but he actually ended up telling me how he thought that the world had gone a little crazy too, and that unfortunately they (ClaraNet) couldn’t defend me. His advice? To move to a US host!

“So let me get this right … “ I say. “You, the MD of a large, popular and successful ISP/hosting company are telling me that it will be in my own interests to take my custom elsewhere?”. “In this case – yes!” he said. We both laughed. So hats off to him – and ClaraNet for actually being quite nice about it all.

Even though on top of that, they had a serious SQL server problems yesterday which took the iBlog offline for a whole day! It was nothing TFL-nasty-related, but it did freak me (and many other nice people who again emailed me enquiring!) out for a short while!

So … back to chat about anything other than TFL, maps, and the tube. Just for a while, until I feel better.

Oh, but keep an eye out for next weeks Time Out which I’m in, plust also Private Eye picked up on the story – mainly taking the piss out of the waste of money from the TFL lawyers point of view – that’ll be in next weeks edition.

Leavin' on a jet plane...Someone pick up a copy and keep it for me? ’cause I’m gonna be overseas again … time to take another trip on an oversized plane …

11 responses to “A host of options”

  1. Andrew(TM) says:

    After weeks of cold, spring feels like it’s sprung today here in sunny Surrey.

    All the best for returning the blog to its fun/lighthearted/quirky -and operational- self!

  2. geofftech says:

    Yup.. the weather over the next few days is going to be 14/15 degrees – some spring warmth is here at last!

  3. Jono says:

    I get the Eye, mate. You can look at mine when we get together.

    It’s warmed up in Seattle today…

  4. Fimb says:

    Well, I think Mr has just gained himself some business as I was looking for hosting today 🙂

  5. Yorkie says:

    Are you still gonna be “” ?

  6. geofftech says:

    #5 A domain’s a domain a domain – doesn’t matter where it’s physically held. I’ll just transfer it over, yup. has already ben taken for years anyway by another chap called Geoff (stunningly enough!) down in Australia – even though he’s hardly using it for anything these days … 🙁

  7. Jono says:

    Readers of Geofftech should rest assured that if the site does move hosting, you won’t even notice the difference. Except it might get faster.

  8. Philip Ling says:

    Hey Geoff!! Haven’t talked to you in a while!

    If you are thinking of hosting in North America, take a look at Netfirms It’s a pretty good hosting service — I’ve been with them for around 2 years now and have had no down time. And, it’s cheap as well.
    I don’t know how much bandwidth you would use, but ie: 20 GB storage / 750 GB month transfer for under US$10.00/month.

    Gimme a shout sometime – you have my contact info! =)


  9. Camilla says:

    woo I though Geoff had died or been eaten by TFL,
    glad to know things are going good(ish)
    have fun in america!!

  10. […] Geoff has found a friend in Time Out magazine this week who published the following story about his legal hassles with Transport for London. If you’re not familiar with the story, see previously. The Register also posted a followup with the desperately spineless Claranet who were incapable of discerning barratry from genuine legal complaint in the simple case of linking to off-site content. John Oates reports that the CEO blames UK law and unbelievably, for the CEO of an internet hosting provider, recommends we host sites outside the UK. Well, we did that already. Geoff gives some updates here and here. The Metro printed a little piece about it, too. Excitingly, it may be that my email to Private Eye didn’t go astray, Geoff says the next issue should have something lambasting the costs of these legal efforts. When’s the next Eye out? […]

  11. CentralUser says:

    Did the Private Eye article appear- I’ve had a speed read of Friday’s edition and failed to spot it…?

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