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The weighting game

Bathroom ScalesYou know how the whole world is on a diet?

Everyone except me that is. In fact, it’s the reverse. I want to get fatter please – so if anyone has got any good tips of how I can increase my bulk – please let me know!

Over the last 6 months I’ve managed to lose 13 Kilograms – that’s just over a stone to you oldies, and my Body Mass Index has now dropped from the middle of the ‘healthy’ 19-25 range, to just under the bottom end of it. Technically I’m still healthy – but only just!

I think this is fairly unique isn’t it? Most people at some stage or another in their lives worry about their weight and want to lose a few Kg. I’ve had people say to me already “But you’re lucky… why would you want to put on weight?”. Well because it can be just as much a sensitive issue for someone who is underweight as for someone who is over. When someone called out to me at work the other week “Oi! Marshall – why don’t you eat something?”, it reeeally pissed me off for a while.

So I ended up at the doctors this week – just in case. Just to be checked, and the doctor reassured me that I wasn’t about to whither away and die – I just needed to eat more food! She also pointed out that I was likely to live longer because of my gaunt frame, and that “You may never fatten out – mr brother is 38 and just as thin as you are now”. Oh, thanks!

So I’ve switched back to full fat milk. (Tea tastes odd for the first couple of times, but then you get used to it again). I did not skimp on the butter on my bacon sarny this morning. But any other weight gaining tips like I say are most welcome.

Maybe I just need to hurry up and move, after all on the website this week is a story about how people get chunkier when they co-habit. But that’s not going to happen for a few weeks though – more weighting (sic). And a very very frustrating period too …

(Oh, and incidentally I currently weigh around 68 Kilograms, and I used to be 81!)

51 responses to “The weighting game”

  1. Tower Block Tina says:

    I have some fabulous photos of Geoff as a *fat baby* wish I knew how to put them on the blog.
    Perhaps I’ll save them for his leaving do.
    Seriously Geoff, being skinny is healthier than being fat, I agree with those peoppe who suggest working out and building muscles, you don’t want to end up with a huge American
    ar** do you? or a British Beer Belly?Too much sugar & fat gives you acne anyway.

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