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TestIf you recieved a one-word email from someone you knew that just said “test” – how would you respond?

Go on … give me instant answer!

Don’t think about it too much, just imagine that an email drops into your inbox, you open it up, and it just says “test”. And it’s from someone that you know. What would your response be?

43 responses to “Test”

  1. Alan Perks says:

    You know the answer from me!

  2. N.o.rthener says:

    Copy a bounce back email and send it back.

  3. stroppycow says:

    just press reply to start another random thread because i’m too lazy to press new message and then click your address of course.

  4. Yorkie says:

    Is it one of those cool jokes that does something special if you forward it on to 34 other people?

  5. Alan says:

    I’d delete it and pretend it never worked.

  6. Ross says:

    yep….. 😉

  7. Johnny Alpha says:

    The geese fly South for the winter.
    I repeat.
    The geese fly South for the winter.

  8. Senji says:

    Reply with “failed”, of course.

  9. Anthony says:

    I ought to have replied with “failed”, but instead I replied with “worked”. Oops.

  10. Chris says:

    Type ‘reply,’ followed by the e-mail I was going to send anyway.

  11. The Divine Mrs M says:

    I’d delete it. If the sender wanted a response then they should have said so. Who has time to waste on that kind of thing?? Honestly, how people have the time to write, let alone read, all those blog things is beyond me….

  12. Julia says:

    Ignore it and hope it goes away

  13. scottb says:

    get bent

  14. Oddly enough this very thing happened to me just last week. I seem to remember I replied, very briefly.

  15. Bob Hannent says:

    Depends on who it was I suppose. If it was someone I was currently in contact with it would be “huh?”, someone I hadn’t spoken to in ages it would be “Yup, still alive!” and if it was one of my students it would be “Wednesday.”

  16. Miles says:

    I just deleted it – was that wrong?

  17. Rob(Geoff's brother-in-law) says:

    I’d assume, quite correctly, that you had F**k All better to do with your time than to waste the time of your friends(& family)!

  18. CD says:

    I’m still confused…

    Was the whole point of that email just because you were bored and wanted a) something to do, b) a blog topic?!?

    Clearly you’re not being given enough work to do!

  19. kate says:

    i reply with smileys and then spend ages pondering why everything’s gone a bit arial!

  20. Smudger says:

    which, incidentally was on a driving instructors car I saw driving around Guildford the other day!

  21. My answer would be “eh?’ and I’m not even Canadian.

  22. scottb says:

    Kris, I should have thought of that given my nationality, eh?

  23. Chz says:

    If they didn’t specifically ask for a reply, I’d bin it. If it was me, I’d either say “Test – please ignore.” or “Test – please reply.”

  24. Emma says:

    Well … I responded with “received loud and clear” .. did I fail ..?!

  25. going underground says:

    check one two, check one two, testing, testing, check one two

  26. zuzula says:

    i’d say yes, it’s working – and when are you going to buy me a beer 🙂

    PS am green with envy about your last post. I would give anything for carte blance to eat more! but hey – you knew i’d say that, right?

  27. philippa says:

    ah i see.. knew i should have checked on here before replying!

  28. E says:

    no four letter words for my pristine inbox please

  29. geofftech says:

    Well. That’s quite a response for such an innocuous question, but it was only after I’d sent out an email the other day just saying “test” to most (but not all) people in my address book, that I thought “Ooh, this is quite a good blog topic”, as it was interesting gauging everyones repsonses.

    I wanted to test a mass Dlist I’d made to test for any duff addresses. There were 46 recipients in it, two bounced back – which was the whole point for me – weedle out the duff addresses, but I was amused when six people all emailed back within a few minutes saying “icles?”.

    So Shaz (#8) if there was a prize, you’d win it!

    Zu (#31) – err, sometime soon before I leave these shores I guess!

  30. Andrew P says:

    Did i pass?

  31. Yorkie says:

    I didn’t get one of these emails. Should I be glad that my junk filter is working?

  32. Jono says:

    Oh, the shame.

    And I thought I was being so original, as well.

  33. Life is so unfair, I didn’t get an email either!

  34. geofftech says:

    Oh dear. “How to offend people” in one swift step.

    Those that didn’t get a ‘test’ email from me can sleep soundly in their beds tonight knowing that it’s because I am sure of your email address that I didn’t need to send a test to it to check it.

    Of course, now I’ve just offended all the people who DID get one off of me who’ll say “Why weren’t you sure of my email address?”. Grrr, I can’t win. 🙁

  35. geofftech says:

    Oh, and congratulations to my friend Mark, who wins a 5 prize for sending me a text message just now that just said … “test” !

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