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Ten things I learnt today

10 thingsFor the same price that it costs to park for ‘Between one and two hours’ in the arrivals car park at Gatwick, you could buy 23 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs from my local shop.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are NOT public holidays in the USA.

I visited the house today that I used to live in between the ages of 16-18. (It was around here if you really want to be nosey). It used to be at the end of a cul-de-sac, but now the road has been extended, and there are a whole load of new houses there.

The average price of a three bedroomed house in Cobham is 390,000.

BBC Breakfast ran a feature on broadband this morning which suggested that your broadband enabled PC could be hacked into, even when it was turned off at the wall. Does anyone out there not have broadband now anyway? I can’t think of anyone I know who is still on dialup. (And the whole of Iceland is completely wired up, it would seem)

SpinriteDespite being the best piece of software in the world that no self-respecting techie can be without, my copy of Spinrite has now encountered a hard disk which it still couldn’t fix depsite being left for two weeks.

Having said that, it fixed another friends of mine bust disk in less than an hour. Life’s a lottery like that sometimes.

Making lists can really help organise your life sometimes and make the most complex thing much easier to get your head around. is therefore my favourite website at the moment.

Doctor WhoDoctor Who actor David Tennant is more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker, and when he does drink tea, prefers “Regular builders tea, rather than all that fancy stuff”.

And do I need to remind you that the new series starts this Saturday, BBC1 at 7.15pm? No, I didn’t think I needed to.

Penalty points on your license are ‘active’ for just three years, but have to remain on for four before you can apply and pay to have them removed.

And finally … it’s really annoying when doing a ‘ten things’ lists, and you can only think of nine things. Does anyone else know something that I’ve learnt today that I could have put here?

21 responses to “Ten things I learnt today”

  1. Long time watcher, first time caller!

    Noticed your site post watching you and Neil on “The Tube”. I enjoy the style of your site and the variety of issues you touch on.

    Amazed that new series of Dr Who has taken hold – should have kept the faith.

  2. Bob Hannent says:

    Geoff, I’ve heard some very dubious things about Spinrite these days. I remember on old drives on my 386 it was good, but apparently it does little to modern disks.
    Could be just a flame between two people but this guy makes sense:

    I’ve never trusted “journos” and never will, so it doesn’t supprise me about the Breakfast report.

    As for Gatwick, thats what the train is for, even if you just park one stop up the line and buy a 2.50(?) train ticket. Right into the heart of the airport. Personally I go the whole way by train/tube but then I don’t have a card.

    Shame I don’t have a TV anymore, I’m sure I’ll watch Dr Who ‘somehow’.

  3. Anthony says:

    “Penalty points on your license …”

    Don’t think for a second that I can’t spot your stealth Americanisms! “Licence” for the noun, please, you’ve not moved there yet!

  4. I witnessed the broadband thing, and felt so worried* that I emailed the BBC to ask about it. You can read their response here

    *at the level of common sense required to be a tv presenter nowadays.

  5. Bob Hannent says:

    Following Ian’s line and having seen the response Ian got I couldn’t resist sending a NewsWatch submittion. Luckly I remember that the BBC are committed to getting the facts right and they are also committed to responding to my concerns.

    I put a nice little ending on my sternly corrective email:
    “Please, next time you think about writing a story like that, go and see the nice guys upstairs in News IT support. They work long hours and (currently) don’t work for SBS. FYI, I don’t work at the BBC anymore.”

  6. I hope this won’t spoil my fun Bob! I’ve just thought of… “Dear BBC. If my PC can be hacked while it is switched off, can I reduce my electricity bills by surfing the internet while it’s off?”

  7. While you’re driving to or from Gatwick you should stop by you-know-where and show you-know-who that rather impressive house.

  8. 8. Oh and a stray thought to ya’all…get a Mac and you rarely experience a hack.

  9. Yorkie says:

    Get a mac and you won’t be regretting a trip to England in April.

  10. The Divine Mrs M says:

    Thing number 10….um….your fiancee just arrived??!


  11. The Divine Mrs M says:

    Oh look. I’m comment #10…!


  12. Anthony says:

    Hurrah! It’s like one big happy family.

  13. Mikey says:

    I hate/loath/despise Doctor Who, always have, and could never see what the fuss was about. Then they brought out the new Doctor Who that has Billie Piper(who i hate more than Doctor Who) and that annoying guy from 28 days later. So to much suprise i actually watched the episode on tonight, and besides the annoyance of billie piper and that new doctor, it was ok(just)..though i still cant see what all the fuss was about, and probably will never watch again

  14. You’ll need to get familiar with the American reality shows now… Survivor, Apprentice, Skating with the Stars, America’s Next Top Model, Average Joe, The Bachelor and Bachelorette and American Idol.

    The first two are the only ones worth watching.

  15. stroppycow says:

    Mikey, you should try the episode from the last series with “are you my mummy” that’s quite a good one IMO. Might change your opinion on it.

  16. Anthony says:

    Kris: We have almost all of those over here anyway. None of ours include “British” in the title, though, unlike half of yours with “American” … !

  17. I’m very disappointed to finally get to America and then discover that you’re not here. I thought you were always here.

  18. Rudi says:

    Yeah, the public holidays over here in the States are weird. It makes the bank holidays in the UK make a lot more sense.

    The Good Friday and Easter Monday ones tend to be of the “separation of church and state” cloth. However, as most shops are open on Sundays, there are some states where Easter Sunday closes more things than others.

    We also don’t get Boxing Day.

    Then again, the “very American” Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, which is inconvenient if you can’t get “Black Friday” off as well.

    Presidents Day has completely replaced the separate celebrations of the birthdays of George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

    Martin Luther King Day was only recently recognized in all 50 states (Arizona being a holdout, and Utah refusing to name the day after MLK until a few years ago), and it’s seldom treated as a day off, save for government employees and schools.

    Columbus Day is seldom a day off for anybody, and is more often an excuse for sales at retail shops. Also, Columbus isn’t held in as high esteem as he once was, given the way he and his party treated the natives.

  19. geofftech says:

    My Tivo cocked up and didn’t record Dr. Who! Arse & wank.

  20. Tower Block Tina says:

    Who is this ‘Arsenvank’ a German football manager perhaps?
    I was in Auckland over Easter, and hardly any shops were open either G.Friday or
    E.Sunday, it was just like ‘the old days’ in Britain when people stockpiled about 3
    months of food, ‘cos the shops were going to be closed for 2 whole days.
    Those that did open, mostly small shops and cafes have the right apparently to charge you 5%
    more, as they have to pay their staff extra pay on those days.

  21. Antipodean says:

    Of course hardly any shops were open in NZ (Auckland) over Easter, New Zealander’s have some sense of loyalty that these days are public holidays, and retail workers are members of the public too! This past easter was my first easter in the UK and I was shocked that all the shops were open.

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