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The price is so not right

DuckRight! Let’s play a game then.

It’s called “Guess how much I had to pay an emergency plumber to come and fix my leaking shower this afternoon”.

I discovered it yesterday where there was a pool of water on my bathroom floor, and found that the whole of the back of the wall behind the shower outlet was very damp and smelly. Eugh!

A quick call round plumbers listed on yell discovered that most were tied up, and would take a few days to get to me. Er.. I haven’t GOT a few days – I leave in a few days, and so I had to plump for one that could come sooner (i.e. today), only it cost me more bucks- oops, I mean pounds, sorry.

So off you go – to the nearest pound please, how much was my total bill today, including labour (charged by the half hour), parts, and then VAT on top of that. He spent two hours replacing the inside of the main shower control knob which had indeed worn away and was leaking quite badly.

I’ll give you a hand – it was more than �100, but less than �500.

My bathroom duck (which I haven’t packed yet) goes to the winner. I’ll also try and do my best BruceyHigher‘ and ‘Lower‘ bit in the comments …

68 responses to “The price is so not right”

  1. geofftech says:

    Now… the BEST part is this:

    I go to work last night (nightshifts), come back home this morning to find … Water dripping through the light fitting in my ceiling and onto my wooden (thank god) lounge floor.

    Conclusion? There is quite a lot of moisture built up damp in the wall behing the shower, and now that the shower part has been fixed, it can’t escape through that anymore, so it’s going down, through the wall, and through the floor and through the ceiling.

    And I paid 335 for the proviledge of having an old mixing bowl catching drips this morning. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    Guess I just have to leave it and let all the water drip through? Unless anyone else has any better ideas…

  2. Alan Perks says:

    Heating on, windows open, will speed the drying process.

  3. Camilla says:

    i am intruged why the rubber duck pictured is a vibrating one…

  4. Alan Perks says:

    Also, turn your power off, (main switch) and then unscrew the rose (ceiling, white cover over the wiring) to let air in and water out. Don’t do it with power on or you’ll end up doing a special dance!!

  5. Alan Perks says:

    And switch power back on afterwards to keep heating on!

  6. geofftech says:

    Heating on: Check! Windows open: Check! Electric heater in cupboard behind shower to help dry it out even more: Check!

    Turn my power OFF!? How will I survive without the internet for 10 minutes??

    Hey I’m a groovy dancer, me … 🙂

  7. Alan Perks says:

    Alright, pull the fuse for lights then!

  8. The Divine Mrs M says:

    Bah. Was out food shopping and missed all the fun… 🙁

    Worked on that show too y’know. Ole Brucie – he’s a larf…. 😛

    Sorry about the plumbing probs – are you sure the erosion in the shower wasn’t caused by my daughter attacking it with Oreos??

  9. Would you care to elaborate on that, Mrs M?

  10. Skarlett says:

    Is it silly to wonder if you should go and check on whoever lives upstairs and make sure they’ve not drowned and left the water running in a tub?

    Maybe the water is leaking from the apt above you?

    Or is that just an LA type thought process?
    (Yes expierence of just such a thing happening to a friends apt a few weeks ago is why that thought pops to mind)

    Or maybe no one lives above you.

    I’d also like to know why your ducky vibrates-

  11. Andrew(TM) says:

    One day I was hastily called out of bed by my housemate as there was water gushing out of the wall of the house and flooding the inside of the conservatory. Turned out that when they built the conservatory they simply cut off the end of the toilet-cistern overflow (it was evidently in the way of where the conservatory-roof met the house-wall)… When the float-valve failed in the cistern (plastic fatigue) the water ran into the cavity-wall and out of all the air-vents it could find. Fixed the cistern myself, and fortunately the conservatory has a hard floor so cleanup was relatively painless.

    Keep door to cupboard behind shower open (else the air will saturate and not remove any more water)

  12. geofftech says:

    No one lives above me! I am (literally) on top. There is an old lady below me though. Once my washing machine broke, flooded and it all went through her ceiling into her spare bedroom below. That didn’t put me on good terms with her for quite a bit.

    Mrs M’s daughter got NAKED in my bathroom the other week!

    Oh – I should probably stress though that she is only 4 years old, and was attempting to run herself a bath. It was cute. The smeared oreo stains up my walls where she’d decided to crumble them into her hands and then out her hands anywhere except her mouth was slightly less cute though. (Don’t worry Mrs. M, I’m not having a dig…)

    No comment on the vibrating duck … 😉

  13. Since cute little blonde/blue eyed tots are no doubt in your immediate future, it is best to adjust now to stains and crumbs and bathroom puddles.

  14. geofftech says:

    Leigh was telling me that the blonde population is apparantly diminishing! There are less and less of them.

    Brown hair is winning the way. I thought that red-heads though were the minority though?

  15. Paul says:

    Totally off topic, just wondered what night pattern you do? 12 hours? 8 hours? 7 days in a row? 4 week cycle? 6 week? etc?

  16. Skarlett says:

    Supposedly we make up 5% of the population-
    That said, I usually darken my red, and my friend Saryn (another natural red) colors her hair every color of the spectrum but natural.

  17. geofftech says:

    I do (did?) a 10 week pattern at work, during which you’d get to 12 night shifts during that time. It averaged out at being around 5 nightshifts per months I think. They’re 10 hours long each, 9pm to 7am.

  18. The Divine Mrs M says:

    #59 – I used to research and buy all the prizes on lots of game shows. Yup – someone actually does that job for a living…:-o Brucie was alright actually. Pretty on the ball. Price Is Right was the most fun. We used to have these pricing games that involved supermarket groceries. One of them featured Fromage Frais. He’d never heard of it and thought that the great unwashed wouldn’t have either. Went into quite a rant as I remember. Nice old duffer really so no major goss there.

    # 62 – none taken. You’ve seen the “mural” on our sitting room wall now so you must realise that you got off pretty lightly 😛

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