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Weird, weird, weird.

I still feel like I’m five hours behind. And am still dividing by 1.7 when coming to paying for things to work out how much it really costs, and so I guess until I stop doing that then I won’t feel like I’m truly ‘here’ yet.

Still, it’s only been six days, and no – it hasn’t sunk in yet. Still feels like I’m on holiday. I think. Sort of. But one where I get to unpack my stuff and place it around my new home. Weird.

And so the population of Charleston has increased by one to 115,541 people. A small enough number for someone who I emailed (to get on their blogroll here) for them to look at my site, see the photo from the weekend and say “Hey you live on Rutledge Avenue!”. ie. They identified where I lived straight away – slightly spooky, but also friendly enough to get invited to a Charleston blogger meet next week.

I discovered that Moe’s Crosstown Tavern does indeed show Premiership Soccer Football matches, but not now the season’s ended. Still there’s always West Ham losing in the FA Cup Final and Ars*nal losing the Champions League final to look forward to. And then the world cup starts, and one of my two new brother-in-laws to be has already mailed me the schedule of what games are on what channels so England v Paraguay on the 6th of June will be on ABC at 9am in the morning for me here. Again, weird.

I went out to a party on Friday night, in order to celebrate Cinco De Mayo – a Mexican celebration. The largest immigrant population in South Carolina are Mexicans. And staying in the mood, I found myself at an excellent Mexican restaurant last night La Hacienda, having a marvelously fat and filling meal for a ridiculously cheap price.

It rained on the way home – hell, it had been raining most of the afternoon actually, but get this – the rain is warm. So you get out of your nice air-conditioned tank-mobile, step outside to find that yes – it’s wet, but actually warmer than it was inside the car. Also weird.

And as it’s Monday, it’s time to introduce you to a brand new feature here on the iBlog. It’s “Candy Bar of the Week”, and yes I’ve gone all localised and am calling it ‘candy’ already. It’s just easier.

So each week I’ll be picking up eating and relating something brand new that I’ve not had before and you can’t buy back home.

Candy BarCandy Bar of the Week

3 MusketeersThe first offering to start us of is a 3 Musketeers bar. “Whipped up, fluffy chocolate-on-chocolate taste” it describes itself as, along with “Big on chocolate – not on fat!” as it has “45% less fat than avarage leading chocolate bars”.

Well that’s never going to help me gain weight, is it? But I ate it all the same. Yum.

UK chocolate bar it reminded me most of : Milky Way
Would I eat one again? : Most definitely
5 bar rating :

My Weight

My WeightAlso, I should have done this on Saturday (but I forgot), but the weekend will be “My Weight” day, as I’m totally intruiged to see if I am going to turn into a big fat American or not. So a weekly update on my weight with an ‘up’ or ‘down’ progress-o-meter will be here. Or maybe a chart or a graph now and then.

Saturday 6th May : 154 pounds / 69.9 Kilograms. That’s already UP from 152 pounds / 68.9 Kg that I was the last time I weighed myself when back in the UK.

So, weightly updates on Saturday. Candy on Monday, and a couple of other ideas up my sleeve still to come for other days of the week …

38 responses to “Weird, weird, weird.”

  1. Moe’s tavern? Does it look anything like this?

    I wouldn’t trust your brother in law. The world cup doesn’t start until the 9th. Would you like to see my ticket?

    I suspect your weight is affected by being closer to the equator.

  2. But what’s your weight in stone?

    I know we could work it out, but nobody over here in the UK understands just-pounds, let alone kilograms, so how are we ever going to know when you finally reach ‘waddlingly obese’?

  3. Roland says:


    Now your in USA you’ll be rolly polly in weeks, remember 3/4 of population are over weight in the USA

  4. geofftech says:

    OMG… you know what i did, don’t you?

    my schedule has England v Paraguay down as ‘6/10’ – so as I speed read it, i took the ‘6’ to mean ‘6th June’, because i knew in my mind that it was in june.

    But it is – of course – the 10th of June! 6/10 = 10/6. Genuine error! Godammned Americans and their crazy calendar system…

    And I’m about 11 stone. But I should be around 12. 14 pounds = 1 stone, DG!

  5. Agricola says:

    Welcome to Charleston, Geoff. Some years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a few years living in London while in the US Navy. Your comments about looking the wrong way
    and driving on the wrong (right) side of the street bring back fond memories. I hope things go well for you here in Charleston.

  6. Rob(Geoff's brother-in-law) says:

    I was in a pub yesterday, & I had Arsenal fans come up & shake my hand(I was wearing a West Ham shirt at the time)! That was nice. I must confess I like Geoff more than I do Sp*rs.

  7. Does that explain why they make such a fuss of the 9th of November too?

  8. Ross says:

    Geoff, from my experience of moving to the UK, I converted everything back to $NZ for the first 3 months, until finally I got my first pay in GBP. Then suddenly converting did not seem necessary (which was good, cos at a rate of around 3.2 at the time, converting some things was quite a shock!).

  9. Paul says:

    Who ate all the pies?

  10. Rob(Geoff's brother-in-law) says:

    #9….Spurs did – & they were off!

  11. Anthony says:

    Oh, come on, Geoff. Chocolate is chocolate, even in America. “Candy” is far too nondescript! And don’t forget, “back home” is in Rutledge Avenue now…

    PS. off topic, but can you access my blog? I have a feeling it may, for reasons unknown to me, have been hacked (?!).

  12. Andrew(TM) says:

    Since the devaluation of the dollar, there’s $1.86 = 1 GBpound. Save yourself the hassle of 1.7 and just divide by two!

  13. anon says:

    Need to gain mass? check out this:

  14. Richard says:


    I’d think the associated stress of emigrating would lead to some weight loss – now you’re finally over there you’ll probably return to your normal weight.

  15. Anthony says:

    #13: Pimpmysnack is one of the funniest websites ever created, in my surreal opinion.

    The Oreo and Jammie Dodger are absolutely incredible. The love that goes into the production of some of these ridiculous snacks is quite astonishing!

  16. Milky Way is a U.S. candy bar.

  17. geofftech says:

    ’tis true. currently has 1 GBP = 1.85 USD. More bucks for my pound! (Whilst I still have pounds in my bank account, that is..)

    Anthony – your blog is fine as far as I can tell.

    And I actually subtley linked to pimpmysnack a few posts back – the image of the greenwrappered cadbury’s creme egg actually linked to this (indeed) legendary website.

    Kris – your Milky Ways are not the same as ours!

  18. Amy says:

    They are CHOCOLATE bars in Canada. And we have ‘pop’, not soda. I wonder how similar Canadians are to the British in comparison to Americans. Canadians more so I wonder?

  19. going underground says:

    West Ham to lose in the Cup Final, How dare you!!
    Come on Geoff get behind the London Teams, Upton Park is my favourite Tube Challenge
    By the way if you really want to become a true super size american you need to get
    into some US Sports…when the NFL starts on Sunday Sept 10th if you dont already
    follow a team then get behind the mighty Packers, your support is appreciated
    even though you are some way from Green Bay!!
    See link below…

  20. Has anyone at the BBC done any research into the likely effect of Tottenham’s European qualification on the viewing figures of Eastenders?

  21. Chz says:

    It takes a few months after you start getting paid in the local currency to stop converting.

    It takes *YEARS* to stop it altogther!

    And I’ve never met an American chocolate bar[1] that I didn’t dislike.

    [1] – Since Reese’s are cups, not a bar.

  22. Camilla says:

    #16 american milky ways are like a mars bar, they have caramwl, a three musketeers seems to be the closest one can get to an english milky way. try a midnight milky way though, they’re yummy. or a mounds bar!!

  23. Coco J. says:

    Geoff- You should try Reeses Pieces. Of course they might not be your fave if you’re not big on peanut butter. But they were good enough for ET and he was from a much stranger place than your England.

    Reeses Pieces are the bomb.

  24. Fimb says:

    I started making milky way (british milky way, NOT american milky way!) vodka today.. 🙂

  25. Andrew says:

    No, no Fimb, Skittles is what you want to be putting in vodka!

  26. geofftech says:

    Oh my word, you should SEE the amount of Skittles variations they have here!

    Skittles will be featuring in a forthcoming Monday ‘Candy’ slot at somepoint – no question.

  27. Camilla says:

    #24 how does one go about making milky way vodka? and what does it taste like…mmmmm chocolate and vodka sounds good

  28. Fimb says:

    #25 – we had discussed skittle vodka, but I can’t be bothered to seperate the colours. Fizzy cola bottle will be next attempt I think.

    #27 – Buy one bottle of fairly cheap vodka. Drink 1/4 of it *grins* Buy 3 milky bars and chop them into small small peices. Add to bottle of vodka and shake well. Store in a dark cupboard and shake well every day for 3 – 4 weeks. By this point the milky ways should have “melted” into the vodka. I’ve used 3, but maybe 4 would be best for a really chocolatey taste.

    Its bascially the same principle for any flavoured vodka.. but if using savoury things, its best to strain it once the 4 weeks are up.

    When using fizzy sweets allow more room.. we once made a terrible mess with overflowing refresher vodka.

    I’m making up a collection of flavoured half bottles for a friends party in July!

  29. tony gibson says:

    hi geoff, i take it you will now be an ardent supporter of the charleston batteries !

  30. The Divine Mrs M says:

    #23 – Oooh! You’re not kidding. If I send you some tea will you send me some Reeses Pieces please Geoff?

    #28 – Ewww! Refreshers Vodka? Are you sure? Are people really doing this kind of thing with eastern European spirits on a regular basis?! It’s a whole new world to me..

    Going back to the tea thing – maybe I’ll just send you a food parcel to make up for you not having your breast substitute speakers. Whaddya think?

  31. breast substitute speakers

  32. geofftech says:

    Ian – like these!


    Mrs M was going to post them to me, but it’s too expensive … so I might just buy some second hand ones off of eBay instead.

    But yes .. Mrs M, actually .. send me some Ribena and I will send you some Reeses!

  33. Ben says:

    Goddam Tramadol…… this your new career geoff? Peddling drugs?

  34. geofftech says:

    #33 spam removed! don’t often get it on the current post. just the old ones, hmm. and tramadol added to the spam filter!

  35. The Divine Mrs M says:

    #32 – you’re not catching up with this “heavy item = loadsamoney for international shipping” equation… :-/ Now if there was such a thing as powdered Ribena…

    Seriously though, I will send you some next week if you can hold out that long. Maybe lots of packages in small bottles – might work out cheaper.

    Reeses Pieces over the cups please 🙂

  36. The Divine Mrs M says:

    Oh yes – and a pretzel !

  37. Fimb says:

    #35 – My corner shop in Da Bush sells Reeses Pieces 🙂

  38. Anne Mosley says:

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