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I remember when Chris Moyles & Co. made such a big deal when BBC Radio 1 first got onto Sirius just over a year ago. As I lay in bed at home listening to the breakfast show as they banged on about how great it was to now be broadcasting on Sirius Satellite Radio in the USA, it never occured to me that one day that’s how I’d end up tuning in myself.

“Call in now! Email us! Let us know if you’re our first American listener!”. And on that first day, I don’t think anyone did.

Siruis RecieverRoll forward a year, and I end up getting myself a unit (bought at Sam’s at an unbelievably bargain price), a neat little XACT unit. You plug it in the DC/cigarette outlet in your car, hook up the reciever (which sits on top of the car), and then it contains a small FM transmitter so you tune your radio into an unused channel – and away you go. And it’s brilliant. Shitloads of channels (Including an ‘All Elvis’ channel .. all Elvis .. all the time), but the main reason for me getting it (for me) is of course Radio 1.

And here’s the clever thing – the damn clever thing. It’s time delayed. I don’t know how it knows, or how it works, but it does. And I assume that if I were to drive across the states into a different time zone it would detect where I was and update itself.

For when I tune in at 8am in the morning, I don’t get what’s on air in realtime at 1pm in the afternoon – I get what was on five hours ago at 8am in the morning. The breakfast show really is at my breakfast time, that’s damn clever – and it’s surreal – listening to weather reports from the UK and UK news and yet being 4,000 miles away in seemingly different world.

Sirius LogoSirius is not the only satellite broadcaster here though – there’s XM Radio as well. Sirius claims to be generally better than it’s rival XM. Whereas XM claims to have more channels and more subscribers. The difference for me though is the BBC – which also includes getting a feed of the World Service roo. And that ability to stay in touch with the news, gossip and cool new tunes from back home – marvellous.

Latest Sirius channel lineup available in PDF format here.

Does anyone know if Sirius and XM just work in the ‘states though? What about Canada? What about anywhere else in the world? How big is the coverage of the satellite? Just wondered.

Anyway, I’m off to hum the breakfast show jingles which are now stuck in my head all day. Excellent!

My WeightYesterday I ate breakfast, a decent sized lunch, munched on some bits in the afternooon, and had a reasonable sized snack for dinner in the evening because it’s all I felt I could manage.

Down!Saturday 27th May : 149 pounds / 67.6 kilograms / 10 stone, 9 pounds. (Down from 154 / 69.3 last week)

So it’s quite disheartening therefore to discover this morning that somewhere in the week I managed to lose FIVE pounds, to take me down to … well, the least I have ever weighed since I started weighing myself on a regular basis. Fan-fucking-tastic. (Not)

24 responses to “Siriusly”

  1. James (510) says:

    Maybe you’re mildly ill. That’s how I manage to lose weight without doing anything.

  2. Anthony says:

    Boo! Radio 2 >> Radio 1.

  3. Hope you’re okay out there in the American wilderness, Mr. Marshall, though it seems you are surround by creature comforts, Radio 1 and the like…

  4. Laura says:

    I also have Sirius and love it. I’ve heard it works in Canada and I think in other
    countries too but I’ve yet to try it. How great that would be if it does…. btw, I’m
    not bored with your differences theme 🙂

  5. I wish more people would get sirius, as I own plenty of their stock, and it hasn’t done anything but stay low for as long as I’ve owned it!

  6. Chz says:

    Well, it certainly works in southern Canada. Don’t know if you’d get good reception on a trip to the Yukon though.

    Ah, and you’d asked for a reason to dislike Walmart? In the case of Sam’s Club, it’s because the competition is run so much better –

    Not that they’re perfect either, of course. And not everyone lives where there’s one of each.

  7. S says:

    So how does that work? If you were to phone in (or similar) could you leave yourself messages not to take certain roads because the traffic’s awful.. 😉

  8. Confused?!? says:

    How did you manage to lose pounds but gain kilograms?

  9. Rob(Geoff's brother-in-law) says:

    ….Only 8 comments so far(9 with this one!)? Have “the kids” stopped listening? As happens with bands that “go to America”, they lose their relevance. The King is dead…..long live The King!

  10. geofftech says:

    #8 – Whoops! Typo! Now corrected.

  11. Gerard says:

    Completely o/t and self-indulgent, apologies!

    Geoff hope you’re well and that all is good state side. No idea what your views on Gnarls Barkley are, I’m bound to meet someone’s disapproval but anyhow, he jsut did a great set on TOTP, bit slower and more vocal/instrumental, I want a copy of the VT, any ideas (ex)BBC bod!

    Cheers, Gerard

  12. geofftech says:

    #11 – Gez, hello sir!

    Eight weeks at Number 1, isn’t it? The longest stay at the top for a single in the UK charts, since er.. well, a long time anyway.

    Anyway, I think you might find what you’re looking for here:

    God bless YouTube!

  13. David says:

    Hi geoff. I have been reading your blog for about a month now. It is really good. It is nice to get an englishman’s persective on US life. I actually discovered radio 1 about a year ago when I was in DC. I was in a radioshack and was messing around with a Sirius radio and was what like, what radio in the US!!! I am an englishman who lives in the UK, I was visiting friends in the states. I thought that the idea of time shifting it was great, but not if you want to contact the show.

  14. David says:

    Oh yes, and I am going to try and do the underground in a day sometime this summer. Tiring but interesting. By the way your message board field seem to go off my screen, and I can’t see what I am typing. I have a 1400×1050 screen. Please could you fix this! Thanks, dave

  15. Gerard says:

    You’re a star! Why didn’t I think of, that site crops up all the time.

    9 weeks now btw. Still checking in to see how you’re doing and find out how many of the things you miss would appear on my list! Got to say that I agree with most, anything to do with tea will always get my agreement! Ok, this should probably be an email conversation now but anyway, I’m off to Moscow on Tuesday and I have a carrier bag full of ‘English Tea’ as it’s been requested by many, Yorkshire and Tetley mainly.

    Second technical (and probably pathetically easy) question, can I save that video clip or just the link?


  16. David says:

    Haha, fox news, fair and balanced! What bull! Sorry I am posting so much tonight. I have had a few drinks. 1.50 pint at the student bar you see. Well having said that you can probably get a $2 pint, or $10 all you can drink were you are!

  17. David says:

    Just one more post. I was just wondering geoff, how many British you have met while in SC. I know that my Aunt’s friend live in Charlotte. By the way did you know that Cadbury’s lower the pressure in the eggs that you get in US. They are made in England and then transported over. The reason being for the pressure, is being because they are transport by air, and if they were at the pressure as if they were in England, they would explode midflight! Messy!

  18. Gerard says:

    I’ll join in with the ‘replying to self’ theme then!

    If anyone wants to be really helpful and save the clip as an mpeg or something, please email it to

    Gawd bless you!

    ps – David, the screen width thing is happening on mine also.

  19. Lisa says:

    #16 – $10 all you can drink? Where? Or did you mean that Geoff can only drink that much before
    he reaches his limit?

    To anyone in Charleston – That reminds me, does Cumberlands stil have their $1 Mystery Beer?
    (Sorry, I don’t get out as much as I use too….)

  20. geofftech says:

    Er.. David/Gerard, etc.. that’s a lot to take in!

    ok, Internet Explorer does weird things with my comment box with wordpress’s templates. be sensibly and use Firefox like you’re meant to… 😉

    Got no idea how to capture down stuff from YouTube, just the link.

    I’ve met no other British bods in Charleston yet, but I’ve been told I’m not alone! I know OF them, just haven’t met them yet. I suspect when the world cup starts and I wear my England shirt down the pub bar, then that might lead me to some…

  21. geofftech says:

    #19 – Lisa, according to this, Cumberlands is still doing it, yes!

  22. Lisa says:

    Thanks! I’m embarrassed to say that the last time I had one of those was in the early 90’s when Edwin McCain still played there on a regular basis (pre-fame).

  23. Bob Hannent says:

    As for satellite radio coverage, Sirius uses three lower orbit satellites each spending 16 hours transmitting to CONUS (Continental United States). Exact coverage will vary but should be maintained over the whole continent, so I can’t really get a map easily.

    Additional information:

    As for XM Radio:

  24. David says:

    I went to a bar in new york that did $10 all you can drink on tap, I might add. Well you probably will meet someone at some point. For some reason the message field is working now, sort of. Thanks Geoff. Sorry student bar again. I have finish my exams and am bored.

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