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I don’t like being tagged, but …

I don’t do these things. Never. Ever. They’re too many going around, they’re pointless, silly time wasting things, and they don’t really interest me. Ever. When I get tagged (Meme’d?) I ignore it… usually.

(Blame Zu for tagging me.)

I AM: Adjusting.

I WANT: Someone to rent my flat. Or I’m really screwed financially.

I WISH: I could sleep through the night, everynight.

I HATE: Unkindness.

I MISS: Heh, do you want a list?

I FEAR: Not adjusting.

Never went to churchI HEAR: The new streets single “Never went to church”. Where did my liking of Mike Skinner so much suddenly appear from? I have no idea.

I WONDER: If I will always be like this.

I REGRET: Not a lot actually. You only live once.

I AM NOT: Currently as confident as I know I can be.

I DANCE: With my own particular style!

I CRY: More often than you’d think.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: As smart as I like to think I am.

I WRITE: My blog!

I CONFUSE: So many things, as there are just so many things in life to get your head around.

I NEED: A cup of tea!

I SHOULD: Not be wasting time filling in this meme!

I START: By clicking on that green button in the bottom left of my screen

I FINISH: By clicking the same green button … 🙂 That’s Microsoft logic for you …

I TAG: Stroppycow & Wonderful Electric

5 responses to “I don’t like being tagged, but …”

  1. James (510) says:

    You haven’t moved since “Race around the Underground”!

    I thought that kitchen looked familiar.

  2. geofftech says:

    Well technically, i have moved… to America! but that’s still my place that I own yes.

    Go on.. a bargain at 825/month. Anyone?

  3. Chris says:

    Still not gone – ouch!

    Just remember – 700 per month for 12 months would be better than nothing at all.

  4. Shell says:

    As a kid I always wanted to live in Eastcote House because I thought that weird looking white bit out front was the height of modernity….and it was near the swimming pool. Every kid’s dream. Unfortunately, I never got to live there and now I have a place of my own so I can’t help you out. I will put the word out in the Epsom ‘hood that you have a vacancy though!

  5. geofftech says:

    Ah! the “hanging out weird white bit” – described by my letting agent as a ‘Mazzaneine’ (sp?) area! it’s just where i put my dining room table.

    they still haven’t put the updated photos of of it empty, even though they’ve had 3 weeks to do it. slackers.

    i.e. my crap is no longer in it anymore. it’s empty.

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