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Coming home?

WorldcupOr… “How to do the World Cup when 4,000 miles from home”

MiniflagOne: Hang up a flag. Hey, if Americans can put a stars and stripes outside the front of their house all year round (like our neighbour does), then I see no reason why I can’t hang up the St. George’s cross for the duration that England are still in the cup. (About two weeks then!)

MiniflagTwo: Visit the quite fantastic BBC World Cup 2006 website, which has a full schedule, predictors, a printable wallchart, fixtures, results, virtual replays, maps, blogs and quizes about the whole tournament.

It’s *superb*. Not that I’m biased or anything.

WorldcupMiniflagThree: Make a playlist on your iTunes/iPod called ‘Eng-er-land’ and load it up with such classics as “World in motion”, “Three Lions” and this years footy choon by Embrace – “World at your feet”. Play on repeat for several hours. Sing along. Chant. Etc…

WorldcupMiniflagFour: Get your other half to wear your England shirt, whilst you wear your local club shirt.

No smutty comment about how good women look in soccer jerseys football shirts please.

MiniflagFive: Reminicse and make a list of all your favourite memories (Not necessarily football related) from the times of previous years tournaments.

e.g. In 2002 I locked myself in my kitchen when my door handle broke and had to break the door down and pick the lock so that I could get out in time to see England beat Argentina 1-0. .

MiniflagSix: Try to ignore US football commentators who say things like “What a great score!” (When they really mean “What a goal!”), and “Looks like the game is heading for a tie” (Heading for a draw, please!)

MiniflagSeven: Find some other ex-pats living in your local area, get invited round and end up drinking beer at 9am in the morning with some Dunkin’ Donuts on the side for a really nutritious breakfast.

Discover that they’re all wearing the latest England shirts, as bought from Llyods Soccer in Charleston.

Worldcup Worldcup

MiniflagEight: Check out out the results and a little history of all England matches for last twenty years on my own pages here:

MiniflagNine: Discover a pub that’s called The Three Lions that really does sound like a proper English bar (e.g. no stools at the bar) that you’re going to go to to watch the rest of the games.

MiniflagTen: Hope that maybe this time we might actually do quite well … and then we don’t. (But that’s the same no matter where I am in the world…)

My WeightI’ve gone up again! I’ve gone up again! I’ve gone up again! Gosh. How exciting.

Up!Saturday 10th June : 152 and a half pounds / 69.2 Kilograms. (Up from 151 / 68.5 last week).

Breaking into the seventy-something kilogram range is now my target for next week …

20 responses to “Coming home?”

  1. Peter Miller says:

    great stuff yesterday! Glad you’ve got some football buddies out there! Pub called the 3 lions…? thats got to be a good omen!

  2. Smudger says:

    But that was a terrible film…..

    All I can say is the 31st August.

  3. Andrew from Aus says:

    Soon as Oz gets booted out, GO en-GER-land!!

  4. Johnny Alpha says:

    “end up drinking beer at 9am in the morning with some Dunkin Donuts on the side”

    As your consultant dietician, I think this could be helping with the weight gain!

  5. Bumble says:

    Highlight of that was the Paraguay goalie injuring himself on his own hehe

  6. Richard says:

    In all fairness, he did get a rather nasty grass burn and had no choice but to be substituted.

  7. Mikey says:

    I was at work (argos) and had to keep dashing out and checking the tvs on display

  8. Alan Perks says:

    I’m saying nothing Geoff, for fear of making everyone else jealous!!

  9. Ciaran Byrne says:

    That Spurs kit has just reminded me that I’ve run out of toilet paper and need to buy some dusters too.

  10. Neil says:

    American football commentaries of our time:

    “Great stop from the offense blocker there” (What a good save)

    “There are four men in the lateral defense line as England prepare for a direct attack play” (four men in the wall for this England free kick)

    “And now it’s Hurst making a forward outside wing attack and he’s got … uh oh, it would appear, Mike, as though a portion of the spectators have crossed the touchline area just down below our commentary position; they think this baby’s done and dusted and put to bed – it is now!”

  11. Oh c’mon, if we can’t admire women in soccer shirts (just about the only good thing about soccer shirts), what can we admire?

  12. Rudi says:

    If you want to watch the games with some passion, watch the Spanish language broadcast on Univision or Telefutura. They totally get it, and even if you don’t understand a lick of Spanish, it’s not tough to understand what’s going on.

    It’s much better than the subdued library attendants who do commentary on ABC/ESPN, who seemed to be much more interested in talking about Iranian politics than the Mexico-Iran match.

  13. geofftech says:

    Er, one thing I admitted from this post is that actually we DID end up watching the spanish channel!

    1) The ABC feed was of poor quality and the camera angles not very good and 2) The commentary, er.. wasn’t very good!

    much more fun watching the spanish, because although you can’t make out what they’re saying, it’s quite fun when you get something like:

    Si al pedro mango nirifu pa dah Gary Neville del paso el fooda.

    (or whatever, and no, I obviously can’t speak spanish!)

  14. geofftech says:

    #9 – Indeed. How was it? (You bastard)

    #12 – Oi! You oggling my bird, innit? 😉

  15. Oh, superb! I too am English and a footy fan, and will be in Charleston the weekend after next with my good lady from Athens, GA. I have let her know that watching England in the second round is not negotiable. A recommendation for where to watch it is just what I was hoping for; the best we’d been able to find so far is but The Three Lions sounds like the absolute pup’s parts.

    Cheeky question. You don’t know us, but that web site suggests that The Three Lions pub is open to “Three Lions Club members and their guests”. Are you and your other half members? If so, might we be your guests for that England game? There may be a pint in it for you. (Alternatively, I could import you some Yorkshire Tea or something else immigration-legal that you’re missing – and, coming from Middlesbrough, I can get the full Yorkshire Tea range.)

  16. Allan Williams says:


    The excellent World Cup Podcasts from David Badiel & Frank Skinner may help you feel more in touch with the World Cup. Get it at times online or iTunes.

    Allan Williams

  17. Tower Block Tina says:

    That Tommy Condon’s looks a great place, will have to pay a visit when I’m over in Charleston,having Irish
    connections like! Check it out for me please.

  18. geofftech says:

    #17 – Ooh! Nice tip Allan, thanks… will go subscribe now!

  19. jello says:

    Hi Geoff,

    I’m a recent lurking reader, but if there’s one thing that’ll get me to de-lurk, it’s got to be the football…

    Re #3: My ex-pat husband made a similar CD/playlist. It’s been on both our mp3 players and in my car for almost a month now. What else did you put on yours?

    and re comment#17: The B&S podcasts are indeed excellent, I second that recommendation!


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