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1… 2… 3…

Mini HurdleHurdle, Mini Hurdlehurdle, Mini Hurdlehurdle … and I jumped them all.

Welcome to possibly my best week here so far. Actually, it was just Thursday that appeared to be a spectacularly good day. Here’s why:

NirlepDollars1) I got paid some money. Thanks to the guys at WideSpreadAccess and Charleston Tech Support for providing me with my first pukka work and earnt dosh. And trust me – when I’ve clearly had more money going out of my bank account than I’ve had coming in recently, that’s an incredibly good feeling.

To Let2) I got someone to rent my flat. Almost. Subject to references, someone wants it, has made an offer which I’ve accepted, so will not now be haemorraging away money on my mortgage each month. (Hopefully).

Ribena Logo3) I found a place that sells Ribena. Yay! We’d gone out to one of only two Indian Restaurants to celebrate points 1 and 2 above, and noticed that they sold spices and such on a shelf in the corner along with other specalised Indian food.

And on the shelf along with it .. were bottles of Ribena! I have no idea why ‘Nirlep’ chooses to stock it, but who cares? It’s priced at six bucks (3) for a small bottle, with their own customed crossing out of the ‘1.99’ printed on the label, but at least I now know where I can get some from!

And then just to make you smile, I was nosing about downtown also on Thursday (At the junction of King and Calhoun) with my wireless laptop scanning the airwaves, when I saw the most amusing named SSID that I’ve come across. Bad lack Dave … whoever you are. I wonder if he’s circumcised or not? (On no, let’s not start that one again!)

Dave has a tiny Penis

Oh, and I just need to mention that the new Feeling album ‘Twelve Stops and Home’ is pretty damn fine. It even mentions the Piccadilly Line, and we all know that a tube referenced song is no bad thing. So if you want the perfect soundtrack to a bright, sunny, happy summertime – I thoroughly recommend it!

My WeightI’ve gone up again! Albeit a tiny amount, but it’s still ‘up’ and that’s what counts.

Up!Saturday 24th June : 154 pounds / 69.9 Kilograms. (Up from 152.5 / 69.2 two weeks ago).

I wonder if it the curry during the week helped? More beer pints with a nice Chicken Bhuna methinks again at somepoint soon. Sorted.

21 responses to “1… 2… 3…”

  1. Chris says:

    Gosh – has it taken this long to rent out your nice flat. I’m amazed!

  2. geofftech says:

    Yes. It has taken this long! I’ve had to pay two months worth of mortgage myself that I was expecting not to. Money that I didn’t want to have to spend! It’s a sore point…

  3. Rhys says:

    Shouldn’t “Waterloo” by ABBA be on that list of tube songs, I know I sing it each and every time I pass through there.

    This of course reminds me that I should confess to a slight obsession with songs that deal with underground stations. This obsession springs no doubt from the fact that I delight in horrifying my father and/or brother by singing each and every time we pass through one of the stations. As a result they’ve taken to refusing to travel through certain stations with me leading to a significant amount of rerouting.

    And here is the part where I even admit to making my own mix CD of underground songs. (and now that I go searching itunes for it I see there are several you’re missing though I admit some of mine were a bit of a stretch.)

    Notting Hill Gate – Light Sweet Crude
    Caledonia – Robin Trower
    Victoria – John Mayer
    Heathrow – SLIM!
    Greenwich Village Love Song – rbmeyer
    Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty
    Piccadilly Circus – Morrissey
    Sweet Leicester Square – Virgil Fab
    Angel – Sarah Mclaughlin
    Kensington Line – Big Head Todd and the Monsters
    Arsenal – Kirsten Williams

    More importantly as you like the underground/subway so much and now that you’re in the USA, I think it’s important that you find yourself a copy of the song MTA by the Kingston Trio. It’s an old 60’s song about the subway fare increase in Boston. Trust me, you’ll love it.

  4. That reminds me! I need your help securing my wireless network…. it is called “Kris has a nice…” Oh never mind. Help! Folks might be moving in soon next door and I need to authorize only two computers to access the network. Whenever I try to install a password, it shuts all of us out. Help.

  5. Alan Perks says:

    See, I told you a while back that the Beer and Curry diet is the best.
    Now you have the proof!

  6. Tower Block Tina says:

    Hurrah 11 stone at last, what’s an SSID please to us non techies?

  7. ian (is in germany) says:

    you fat bastard!

  8. Allan says:


    Another mention of a tube line occurs in Marillion’s Fugazi :-
    ” Drowning in the liquid seize on the Piccadilly line, rat race
    Scuttling through the damp electric labyrinth
    Caress Ophelia’s hand with breathstroke ambition ”
    Is that clear everyone ?

    Allan Williams No515

  9. Allan says:


    and “Belsize Park” in the lyrics to Kayleigh !

    Allan Williams No515

  10. geofftech says:

    #8/#9 – Spooky coincidences (Part 73). I’d just been reading this excellent article here on Signal 15’s blog, where he mentions that he was in Milwaukee. And I asked Leigh “Where’s Milwaukee?” (It’s in Wisconsin), followed by the thought that the song “Sugar Mice” by Marillion has the lyrics “On a Sunday in Milwaukee in the rain”.

    So Geoff-being-Geoff means that I have to then go and play that song, so I come to my PC, fire up Marillion in iChoons, and then go to my blog to read the comments only to find a Marillion reference and I just thought “Oooh… that’s weird”. So there you go.

    Allan – want to send me some Marillion MP3’s? 🙂

  11. geofftech says:

    Oh, and SSID = ‘Service Set Identifier’. It’s tech-speak for “The name of your wireless network”. Just as URL is just unnecessary tech-speak for “Web Address”.

    Lots of geek-teck acronynms explained here.

  12. Tower Block Tina says:

    Thanks Geoff, I’ve just wasted half an hour looking at acronyms, and then a further 15 minutes
    looking at ‘Emoticons’! Supposed to be doing the laundry.

  13. going underground says:

    Beer and Curry eh, I find I lose weight on that diet due to a touch of “delhi belly” the morning following a “ring stinging” vindaloo…..

    Vindaloo, Vindaloo yes we all like Vindaloo……

  14. Jared says:

    That most definitely is the most amusing unsecured wireless network I’m aware of downtown…lol. There are some real gems out there…


  15. Chris says:

    Oh dear..

    It was all going so well, and you HAD to mention The Feeling, didn’t you…?


  16. Andi says:

    Off topic, apologies in advance:

    Just thought you would like to know, that Healys are still crusading with TfLs case. They got my line taken down, via my ISP, in turn taking my site offline. They never even tried to contact me directly, which was a bit cowardly.

    I wonder when they will inform their employers that they (TfL) are paying for a war they cannot win (especailly by chucking money at it), and thus save the wasted funds? I see on Google that the maps are still out there, and don’t look like they are going anywhere, any time soon.

    If only TfL had been more personal with you in the first place, then this whole thing could have been controlled and probably averted. To think if they called off there attack, and asked you nicely to contact the various mirrors, then this could be cleaned up in a few days… Oh well! Guess EQ doesn’t run high at TfL, and money seems to drive Healys quite well 🙂

    Anyway hope your discussions with them are still on going and a resolution is reached. I’m not holding my breath though.


  17. geofftech says:


    TFL are well out of touch in terms of this sort of stuff, and all the people that are out their on the ‘net. I agree – they will never ever ever get all the mirrors taken down. But they will spend a lot of money in attempting to do so.

    Yeah – they could of got back in touch with me, asked me to put mine back up in a ‘controlled’ way, and i could have got in touch with all the mirrors and asked them to take them down – nice clean resolution, but that would be too sensible…

    as it is .. loads of copies out there now and forever more! and they don’t seem to realise that.

    Don’t hold your breath though, no! 🙂


  18. Jeff says:


    oi thats not nice

  19. mr skin says:

    I heard Robin Williams’ new flick Man of the Year, isn’t doing so well at the box office. In any case, I am definately going to see this movie. I’ve loved Robin ever since I first saw him on Mork and Mindy.

  20. Pete (Traill) says:

    Now go find some Branston Pickle.

    Hope your enjoying it out there. Party on Dude!

  21. bob says:

    If you find Branston pickle in Milwaukee, please let me know, I miss it so much lol

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