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Thirteen weeks, and we’re down to the final epsiode again.

Whilst Tennant I think is a better actor at being the Doctor, I do think that the storylines generally for season two haven’t been as good as the ones we had in season one.

Cybermen AND Daleks in tonights big finale? I mean, come on … what are they then going to do for the big season finale in season three?

Still, very much looking forward to it even though I won’t get to see it until I ‘obtain’ my copy of it on Sunday.

Here’s a quick plot prediction though which no one else has though of: The Doctor turns into my grandmother, and Rose turns into my mother – and we go back to the days of black and white television. Look – here’s a screenshot to prove it and everything …

My mum outside a REAL Policebox, circa 1953

My WeightI have this ability to burn off weight in my sleep …

DownSaturday 9th July : 155.5 pounds / 70.5 . (Down from 157 / 71.2 last week).

All week I’ve been weighing myself in at 157 lbs still. At one point (Thursday I think), I got up to 158 lbs. Last night, before I went to bed – I weighed 157 lbs again.

So come Saturday morning out of the shower (the official weekly weigh-in moment), I’d like to know how the hell I lost 1.5 lbs whilst lying horizontal not going anywhere in my sleep – ARGH!

14 responses to “Cybermum”

  1. Bob Hannent says:

    “I have this ability to burn off weight in my sleep ” – You randy so and so.

  2. stroppycow says:

    care to share your dreams? I could do with losing weight in my sleep.

  3. Tower Block Tina says:

    Well a pint of water weighs just over a pound, so perhaps you sweated
    it off!

  4. zuzula says:

    Please please please figure it out and share your secret! I think I do the opposite 🙁

  5. Tower Block Tina says:

    Oh dear the lovely Rose has ‘Gone over the other side’, brilliant episode,
    can’t wait ’til Xmas!

  6. Tower Block Tina says:

    P.S. I might just be going to be the doctor’s new assistant, I don’t look
    very happy do I?

  7. Is that cute little blonde girl Tina?

  8. Tower Block Tina says:

    Yes it is! It was June 1953, and we had gone to to S.Coast to watch the
    Queen’s Coronation on T.V., as a relative had just boufht one.It was raining

  9. geofftech says:

    Yes, this is my mum and my grandmother – back in the day when Police Box’s were a reality!

    Kris – you’ve never seen “Doctor Who”, have you?

    My god, it was good!

    Catherine Tate anyone? “What?”, she almost said “Bovvered?”, didn’t she… ah well. How many days is it until Christmas again?

  10. Fimb says:

    Oh dear.. Caught up on Dr Who now (wa sout Saturday night). The husband is now banning me from watching Dr Who as I’m not allowed to watch things that make me cry *l* (I’m banned from watching Terminator 2 for similar reasons!)

  11. going underground says:

    Geoff if you haven’t seen it yet a great finale to what has been a fairly average series of Dr Who….How they are going to follow this in season 3?
    The season started ok but there were some very weak storylines just after half way through..
    However still by far the best programme on the Beeb…..

    Rose will be greatly missed; Billie Piper has made the role her own and has really surprised me with her acting skills….The final episode brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my trousers (as usual)… She has come a long way since the “Billie” days

    Catherine Tate, sorry not for me and I am “bovvered” but you nvber know she may surprise like Billie

  12. Tardis Tina says:

    Catherine Tate – it would be a good laugh if ‘swearing grandma’ was The Doctor’s new assistant, that would liven it up a bit, and the Daleks and Cybermen would probably run and hide under their sofas!

  13. Stuart says:

    I too lose weight over night, about 2 or 3 pounds sometimes. You do sweat and breathe out a fair amount of water over night

  14. Chui says:

    You’re obviously not doing something right here. Here are some suggestions:
    1. Stake out what an overweight person buys at the supermart. You’d notice a lot of processed foods, and lots of sugary drinks. Try to work out whether that’s meant to be consumed by 1 or more people, and how much you need to consume a week.
    2. I’d suggest you also try to live with an overweight family for a week. Observe the snacking regime. I believe that’s the main trick.

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