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Windows vs Mac, ‘n’ all that

I have no idea whether the UK is showing the same adverts as I’m seeing here in the US at the moment, but knowing Apple, they’re probably world wide.

Windows vs MacGeeky guy representing a Windows PC. Cool dude representing an Apple Mac. And yesterday I found myself on the Apple website looking at some of them ‘coz they’re funny.

Funny, but … inaccurate. Because in my two months here so far, my trusty Sony Viao PC has not crashed once. At all! So “Ha!” I think “I’m going to blog about this”, and take this screen shot, especially as Leighs G4 Powerbook has crashed twice since I’ve been here, and in the last 30 days my Windows machine has been absolutely fine thank you very much.

So here I am, all smug in Windows land – lauding it up about how Windows XP is actually nice and stable … when for the first time EVER today, I get a blue screen of death! Arrrgh! You couldn’t make it up!

But what do we all think? Is Windows XP as reliable, stable or less/moreso than a Mac these days? Are Apple shooting themselves in the foot a bit, continually playing on the “Mac is so much better than Windows” – when the difference is not so great as it used to be. ’cause I reckon they’re now just as good as each other.

Oh, and I’d love to know who the actor is that plays the geeky Windows guy!

22 responses to “Windows vs Mac, ‘n’ all that”

  1. zuzula says:

    Macs rule! but not where i work 🙁

  2. Paul Webb says:

    I have used some REALLY old Macs in the past and never had one crash. But really old PCs are a pain. However new shiney Vaios running Windows do seem quite nice.

  3. My Windows PC crashes constantly! Do Macs really not crash at all?

  4. Skarlett says:

    I’ve had my iBook for about 6 weeks now, and have already
    returned it once for a replacement, and am still having issues
    with it being shut down, but not knowing its been shut down properly.

    This is the firct Mac I’ve had-
    while it does some things simply,
    I’m not convinced doing some things simply is worth it if it
    dosen’t do simple things (like recongnizing it was shut down properly) well.

  5. Fimb says:

    Had a play with Vista at my brothers the day after he could download it.. It appears to have various “look and feel” modes, and one is *very* OSX like. Brother is running 32Bit version and 64bit version and really quite liking it. Had some major problems at first (like not being able to install anything else *l* He says it seems remarkably stable so far.

  6. Mikey says:

    You might like this post I made the other day.

    And if you look in the archives, there is a review I made about Vista when i tried it out

  7. Bob Hannent says:

    I’m more and more tempted to get a mac laptop next time just because of the consistant build and the fact that they can be ruddy fast. I’d probably multi-boot it, but I am more and more liking the idea of OSX.

    This Toshiba of mine is getting more loaded and needs a refresh of its install. I had to fix the fan today because its been annoying everyone in my office. A replacement fan is 45 but we’ll see if the cunning abuse I gave it in the workshops today helped. So far so good.

    I think I could find one mouse button limiting, but I hear that Apple are considering adding more in future. I think the difference between Windows machines and Macs is mostly the users. Typically Mac machines didn’t let you do too much, but the average Windows user buggers about with their machine in endless combinations. You’re basic well looked after domestic machine which hasn’t had the user getting adventurous doesn’t crash easily. On the otherhand, those of us that play so much with their toys tend to break them after a while. “Pushing the envelope.”

  8. Another Chris says:

    It is entirely possible to ditch the one button mouse and use any USB 2 button jobbie. I loathe the one button mouse that comes with Macs.

    And what’s with the iMacs? If your screen goes bust then don’t you have to toss the whole lot?

  9. Chz says:

    #7 – Yes, but the consistent quality is rubbish (okay, overstated – but still). MacOS X is a very nice system, and a great change from previous MacOS systems that I could hang on a whim. However, in the process of creating an operating system worth a damn they’ve let their hardware slip. Of a dozen people I know who’ve owned Apple laptops, only one of them has not had to hand it back to Apple for serious work to be done on it. See their current issues with overheating notebooks these days, when other manufacturers don’t seem to have the problem.

    That said, I’d use a Mac but for three reasons:
    – I’m cheap
    – I play games on my home computer and it’s really limiting to run MacOS for that purpose
    – I do UNIX for a living, so I don’t want to see it at home even if it is hidden under an “Oooh! Shiny!” interface

    You’re dead right about the users, though. Mac users seem less prone to cluttering their systems up with crapware. There’s nothing inherent in either MacOS or Windows that makes them more or less prone to being destroyed by crapware, it’s just the sheer volume of it that exists for Windows means people tend to end up installing things they shouldn’t.

  10. Raf says:

    Bob: the single-button mouse is a thing of the past. All Mac’s come with a 2-button ‘Apple Mighty Mouse’ these days (, and it has always been possible to connect any USB multi-button mouse to a Mac.

  11. J-Ro says:

    I HATE XP, I HATE XP, I HATE XP, I HATE XP, I HATE XP, need I go on?

  12. geofftech says:

    I think any WinXP machine, new.. in the last couple of years are now as solid and reliable as Mac’s. Having said that, there ARE issues with the new MacBooks! Here:

    Janet: Umm… no comment!

    I’ve also got a Mac Mighty Mouse running on my XP desktop, and I love it! It’s just got a nice feel to do, and the little “nipple” is fun to play with at all times…

  13. JC says:

    You might like these spoofs of the the mac adverts that VH1 made 🙂

  14. Johnny Alpha says:

    That’s just a pile of bollocks. I just rebooted my old W2K machine at home, and it had been up for around 6 months. Would have taken a screen grab if I’d read this thread first.

    I set up a brand new G5 at work once. The very first time I ran up the DVD authoring program (no doubt called iDVD … how cutesy wutesy poppity pie putting “i” in front of everything huh?) it crashed and bombed out.

    First time. Nothing else installed. Never, ever, run. Before that. And. It. Crashed.

    Mac … “Crash Different”

  15. Kirk says:

    My Windows XP Pro machine has only just started to go doo-lally after 2 years of abuse by me, which I consider to be fairly good.

    It only took Windows 98 18 months to need reinstalling, so things are definately improving.

  16. Ciaran Byrne says:

    The thing you have to remember about Apple is that the vast majority of people who use them have in fact got the personality of an apple.


  17. Dan Crocker says:

    Neither. Linux is better, although less user friendly. If it lost a lot of the exclusive geekiness and acronyms, Microsoft would be up the swannee without a paddle.

    Having said that, I’m running Windows XP, and haven’t had a BSoD or needed a reinstall for about two years now. Absence of crapware is definitely the way to go. Although The Child running Microsoft software (IE, MSN) has infected the computer with a small shedload of viruses and malware. Grrr.

  18. Peter says:

    Well I’ve got a shitey old PC – Pentium 3 450MHz with mildly upgraded RAM (it’s got 320MB, did have 128MB), and I tend to keep it constantly on, and it’s been on for weeks now without crashing. Funnily enough though, when I’ve had service pack 2 installed it used to crash now and again (blue screen o’death) telling me about some sort of memory parity error (I’ve since reinstalled, which I do after I need to first turn it off after 30 days after installing it, as it’s marginally less than legit, and I haven’t got around to buying a proper copy….). I used to think it was something to do with the fact that I used cheap RAM off ebay, which might not be properly matched to the existing stuff, and conflicting in some way, but as it’s been absolutely fine on SP1, I’d put it down to SP2 being shite.

    But it seems fine other than that, and I just put up with the popups that SP1 doesn’t get rid of.

  19. Roland says:

    Nope the Ads are not showing hee in the UK, becaue they make direct comments about other products and we know it is a no no in the UK.

    I know your loving your mac experiences and i know yuor going to see the light soon Geoff

    All those I’ve told you mac is best

  20. Paul says:

    My home computer (PVR/web/mail/ssh) crashed today, well, it turned off at 12:47. Strangely my laptop battery went from “charged” to “discharging” for 45 minutes, starting at 12:47. When I got home my clocks were all flashing too.

    That’s the only crash I’ve had. It’s a PC, as I can’t afford an equivelant mac (a mac mini would probably be fast enough with a USB DVB tuner though).

    Both my laptop and my PVR run debian though. Laptop is having backlight problems though, and it ‘s a couple of years old. I might look at a mac for my next purchase.

  21. presidentbaltar says:

    PS the PC’s name is John Hodgman. He’s now a contributor to the Daily Show and has written a very funny book called The Areas of My Expertise

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