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Things you can get

World MarketI’m going to have to revise my list of ‘Things that I can’t get here’, because slowly one by one – they’re all being found, and I’m starting to realise that if I look hard enough (and am prepared to pay enough), then you can get your hands on most things.

Things you can get:

Ribena: Check, Yorkshire tea bags: Check, My favourite Nivea for men skin cleaning stuff: Check. All found in the USA.

Things you still can’t get:

The Sun (I miss trashy UK tabloids), My favourite hair gunk, and Fox’s Biscuits.

Or so I thought!

Geoff with Fox'sStep forward World Market – in West Ashley, Charleston which isn’t a grocery store specifically – it sells a variety of things imported from all around the world, and just happens to include a food section. And what did I find? A mini-size pack of Fox’s Favourites – oh yes!

It was on a shelf along with a whole bunch of other british treats: Aero’s, Lion Bars, Flakes, Yorkie Bars, Twirls, Double Deckers, Tofee Crisp, Crunchie, Dariy Milk, Bounty and even Curly Wurly’s!

Blimey … I can’t even remember when I last a curly wurly back home, and here they are in Charleston.

I bought some Fox’s, whacked them in the fridge to chill and put the kettle on.

11 responses to “Things you can get”

  1. I know you’re spelling things that badly to wind me up. I shan’t fall for it.

  2. But what about the hair gunk?

  3. Paul says:

    Is it Cadburys made here in in Boiling Bloody Hot Birmingha or imported crap? Bournville is the only Cadburys for me not of the crap stuff made elsewhere in the world!

  4. geofftech says:

    #1 – I thought some random apostrophe’s wood be fun, yes. You reely have two much time on you’re hands Ian.

    #3 – It’s all imported Pail. A bar of ‘bubbly’ cost $1.99, i.e. double what it would would cost back home.

  5. David says:

    Look geoff, if you want to put on weight, just do what my american friend does, goto to dairy queen, or wendys even day and eat a burger.!

  6. David says:

    sorry ever day, not even day

  7. Mikey says:

    after you post last week about macs, i think now is an important time to mention that my iBook screen packed up last night, and i’m quite upset 🙁

  8. geofftech says:

    #8 – {Stifled laughter!} Go on Mikey – tell all. Why did it break? You turned it on and it just died all by itself?

  9. Mikey says:

    well about a month ago, i dropped it, but apart from being a little warped, it was fine.
    so im sitting there last night, i open msn, click log on, and then darkness, screen goes. under a good light, u can faintly see the screen, making out icons, and occasionally the mouse.

  10. Amy says:

    There is a British Sweet Shoppe in the BC town I live in. Not only do they have the sweets but a grocery area full of British grocery and toiletry items. (If you get really desperate I will go and have a look for you, ok?) In addition they boast a tea area where you can be served many English delicacies, and TEA of course! And finally, the owners have put on display a VERY enviable British Museum. Very impressive actually with old cars, war memorbilia, toys, etc. Lovely.

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