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Nine by nine

NineIt is the hottest it has ever been today.

Today, I have been in America for three months.

I still miss not having my keyboard to play.

Some of my old friends have not contacted me.

The BBC are now doing video news podcasts. Fantastic!

It’s my birthday this month. I’ll be thirty four.

The new football season is just two weeks away.

I now appear to be designing websites for money.

Every sentence here has just nine words in it.

9 responses to “Nine by nine”

  1. Mikey says:

    I was looking at getting a website for myself

    Which hosts would geoff recommend for me to use?

    I am running out of things to say now

    Why are we all writing our sentences in nines?

  2. Good blog idea, let me steal it, may I?

    Hope your friends back home call or email soon.

  3. I’m looking forward.
    To you doing.
    Three by three.

  4. Ben French says:

    I saw Tottenham versus Inter Milan at the lane
    It was a friendly but still a great game
    Tainio scored two goals and is destined for fame
    I’m writing in rhyme, am I a bit lame?

  5. Chris says:


    (though, to be fair, I already know…)

  6. geofftech says:

    But that’s not got nine words in it Chris!,
    At least play along with everyone else’s nine lists,
    It’s quite easy to do, as you can see,
    And is a lot easier than doing just three.

    (Post will be locked when it reaches nine comments)

  7. Paul says:

    How much time do you have? Too much obviously!

  8. pixeldiva says:

    You have an August birthday too?* How very cool.

    We should form some sort of August birthday club.

    Or maybe not. That might just be very sad.

    Nine lines times nine words would go too far,

    Perhaps? Or maybe I’m stuck in x by y.

    Where x is one number and y is another.

    Oh good god, I can’t stop myself. Help me!

    Being home for two weeks makes one slightly mad.

    *yes, so I know that already, question fitted better.

  9. Moley says:

    But Pixeldiva, you missed out on being comment nine!

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