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I’ve run out of things to blog about. Goodbye world.

Ok, that’s a lie of course, but I have hit an apathetic wall which is preventing me from doing anything, which is why I haven’t blogged for the last six days. And every day that I haven’t put something on my blog, I feel the pressure build slightly more to put something on my blog, which in turns stops me from putting anything on my blog!

Oh dear.

But I have a few things on a list of “Things I must blog about one day” scribbled up on my whiteboard here. (Actually, it’s silver, but if I call it a ‘Silverboard’ you won’t know what I’m talking about, will you?)

So I’ve decided that you the faithful reader can get to choose which one I blabber on about next!

Your choices are: ‘Geocaching’, ‘Knuckles’, ‘V-Sign’, ‘Girls Names’, ‘Spaces’ and ‘Zip Codes’. They all lead to a subject which I’ve made a note of thinking “I must blog that one day”.

Drop your choice in the comments,and whichever one proves to me most popular (out of the 3 comments I’ll now get…), I’ll do.


29 responses to “Choice”

  1. Semi Colin says:

    I choose Girls Zips.

  2. stroppycow says:

    Girls names gets my vote.

  3. Allan Williams says:

    V-Sign please.

  4. Brent says:

    What’s V-Sign?

    I’d go with Zip Codes, just b/c I’m curious to exactly why you would think you must blog about them 🙂

  5. jaq says:

    Girls names please.

  6. Alan Perks says:

    Girls every time; are their names THAT important?

  7. John Spier says:

    As Motley Crew once sang ” Girls, Girls, Girls”.

  8. Paul Webb says:

    Zip Codes please – I used to have a professional interest.

  9. Skarlett says:

    am I the only wondering why he feels the desire to
    write about knuckles?

  10. Ben says:

    I know nothing about geocaching and feel that now is the time to expand my knowledge

  11. stewart says:

    V sign!

  12. Spaces, please.

    Even though it’s already obvious it won’t be.

  13. I vote Whiteboards. Oh wait, that wasn’t on the list. I actually just want to know if it is the same whiteboard you had in your office in Epsom. Or a new one you got at Target.

  14. Fimb says:

    Geocaching for sure 🙂

  15. Philippa says:

    girls names.

  16. dan says:

    Geoff: What you’re experiencing as a lack of creativity is known here in the tropics as “August.” That is to say: It is too fucking hot for higher level brain functions, so have another beer and turn on the TV. We start thinking again in the second week of November — which is why our elections take place in the FIRST week of November.

    Possible blog topics: Pandas. Barbecue. Gin and tonic vs. vodka and tonic. Australians.

  17. Mikey says:

    Knuckles is slightly odd. I’m sure i’ve heard of geocaching, will look up in a min.

    By the way Geoff, got a website and wordpress, it’s sorta coming together, though rather basic atm. Thanks for the help…i’m not liable for your charges am i? and if so, im not paying for those coffee breaks 😛

  18. Amy says:

    I want to hear what a transplanted Brit thinks about America. Not a simple request I know but… What do you miss? What do you love about your new country?

  19. Amy says:

    And failing my monumental query I do wonder your take on Girls’ names..

  20. Ciaran Byrne says:

    Geoff… it has to be v-signs.
    Perhaps the only insult that is unique to Britain. You don’t see enough of it any more. Its been superceeded by “the finger” which to my mind is not half as insulting as the two-fingered salute. Come on Geoff, why not start up a campaign to get the septics using this instead of the finger. They gave us crap like “Friends” “Sienfeld” and “happy days” why not give them the two fingers? Sounds very reasonable to me!!

  21. Mark Garth says:

    Slow news day, so give zip codes a bash.

  22. As Samuel Johnson would have said, “when a man is tired of blogging, he is tired of life”. I’d like to hear about that time a Girl Named Knuckles gave you the V-sign.

  23. Steve says:

    Zip Codes!

    I need a new one to fill in fake details for US only sites.

    Don’t they ever spot that the number of readers in 90210 is just a little high?

  24. Skarlett says:


  25. Ciaran Byrne says:

    Septic Tanks = Yanks.

  26. Fimb says:

    So I’m not the only one that uses 90210 as their US postcode?! *shocked*

  27. TowerBlock Tina says:

    Is that ‘knuckles’ as in old fashioned poor person’s meat joint? Or men fighting in baggy shorts down a back alley, with everyone egging them on and betting on the winner?

    Kris, I have Geoff’s silver ‘whiteboard’ in my kitchen so he must have bought another one. Make it knuckles please. Have anyone noticed how after a while if you stare at it the word ‘knuckles’ begins to look spelt wrong?

  28. Tina–I had a feeling that just like his electric kettle, his old whiteboard would not work in the US. Or maybe he needs a bigger one for everything he has to do between now and April.

    btw, he told me how when he was a school-aged lad, you and his dad would not let him have any electronics from Mon through Thursday. We’ve instituted that rule around here for my boys now that school has started. The boys are really miffed with Geoff for telling me that, but hopefully they’ll forgive him soon.

    Oh– and “spelt” looks like it might be spelled wrong to an American eye!

  29. TowerBlock Tina says:

    Kris – I’m not sure what you you mean by banning ‘electronics’, we had to stop Geoff from rushing
    in from school when he was 12yrs old, and switching on his new shiny ‘Texas ‘ computer when he had started to teach himself basic programming. He wouldn’t do his homework, so we put a cloth over it
    like you do to a bird in a cage at night, and it was duly unveiled at 4pm on a Friday evening.
    What cruel parents we were! Yes we say say spelt here (I think).

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