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Four part musical

All FourYou can have everything. Just because I can’t decide what to and what not to write about.

Part One [Tune: The new Snow Patrol single – “Chasing Cars”. Well I say it’s new – it’s actually about a month old already but it’s only just found its way onto my iTunes and is now one of four songs that I’m playing repeatedly.]

Work. I got from having no prospect of any work shortly before going away on holiday (vacation) last week, to coming back to multiple offers, and now being in the spoilt position of perhaps having to choose and decide which one to go for. Of course, it’s not as simple and as cut and dried as they because invariably one isn’t as good as it sounded when it was first described to you, one doesn’t pay as much money as you’d hoped, one falls through, one is temporary – not permanent, all that sort of thing. But I have the best feeling yet, that something – something – very good is just around the corner.

Part Two [Tune: Keane – “Crystal Ball”. Lost in the mess that is the Iron Sea album, as a single by itself it holds up really well, and have been playing it A LOT today VERY LOUDLY – apologies to my upstairs neigbour Maggie who can probably hear it too]

Birthday fall out. It was my best birthday ever in terms of recent ones. I almost pissed off an old friend (but didn’t) with a comment I made on my last post. I got a giant 3 foot high card made for me by six children. Leigh made me an excellent birthday cheesecake. I got buried in the sand and had ’34’ written on me. I swam in the sea. I sat in a jacuzzi reading my favourite computer magazine and having my favourite drink. I got loads of other presents, and a shit load of birthday cards from people who I thought had forgotten about me. Thank you. I was very touched.

Part Three [Tune: Feeling – “Never be lonely”. That’s the irritatingly catchy one B-b-b-b-baby!]

Mood. I’m probably the happiest right now that I’ve been here in my 113 days of being here. On one hand I know exactly why that it but couldn’t possibly dare to begin go about explaining it. On the other, I really have no idea and can only assume it’s just the amount of time that I’ve spent here. But meeting certain people on more than one occasion, breaking them down, and making them realise that you’re a likable person certainly helps. What’s the called again … oh, that’s right – making friends! That thing.

Part Four [Tune: Robbie Williams – “Rudebox”. Due to the wonders of Radio 1 playlisting this before anyone else in the UK, it’s weird that I know this song here quite well already, and friends back home do not. Don’t panic, it’s on this months new podcast showing you exactly where it’s been ripped off from, along with the new UB40 single – er, I mean, the new Paris Hilton single. Well they are identicle after all ]

Time.Mini HurdleSo I’ve been here 113 days. That’s three and a half months. And after all that time, I think the ‘settled’ hurdle may be looming and I’m in a position to jump it cleanly. Perhaps not. But I’ve been here long enough for the local City Paper to pick up on me and put me in their ‘community’ section. No – not ‘Care the community’ (Har har), but ‘local man in community…’ talks. It’s in next weeks paper. Dan kindly plugged me to death to on Lowcountry Blogs. What is it they say, it’s sometimes not what you know …

Anyway, I’m comparing it to being in a new job, because that’s the closest thing I’ve experience before that I can compare it to. You must have had that feeling – You start in a new job, and on the first day you learn where the toilets are and where to get a coffee. The first week you’re all mega enthusiastic and keen to learn everything. But then about a month in you get a bit wobbly and worry that things aren’t falling into place fast enough.

Then – at about the three month mark you start to maybe see a little light at the end of the tunnel and you can see that with a little patience and effort, if you can just make it to the six month mark, then you’ll look back and wonder what the fuck all the fuss was about in the first few months.

Well that’s where I am : In the between 3 to 6 months period. So if I can just hang on a bit longer …


So, in summary: Good birthdays, music, friends and most of all … time, is what helps.

Hang on in their a bit longer Geoff. And keep blogging. (Or as Andrew nudged me this evening “Get blogging!”).

Have done.

14 responses to “Four part musical”

  1. Moley says:

    Good good. Glad you’re getting there.

    I was reminded that I’ve been in my job for two years the other day. Now as I commute 5 hours a day, 5 days a week for say 45 weeks thats 2250 hours of commuting so far – crikey, what a waste of time! (That doesn’t count for delays)!!

    ps. When is the August iBlogCastUSA out?

  2. Tami says:

    You sure seem to have settled in alright! Good for you. Like Moley I started thinking and I have 1212 days till retirement and then the move across the pond. Maybe I ll start blogging like you!

  3. zuzula says:

    hurrah! sounds like things are looking good. (btw it’s usually you and me who have the birthday rows! who have you been rowing with behind my back…?!)

  4. Brent says:

    Random, but did anyone else notice the (probably unintentional) Robbie Keane reference within the iPod graphic? Have you been able to watch Spurs at all in their first few matches?

    Anyhow, glad you’re beginning to feel comfortable here in the US. We’re not all that bad, now are we? 🙂

  5. CV says:

    I don’t think ‘Under the Iron Sea’ is a mess of an album, although I agree it sounds rather flat on first listen. And second listen. And third listen. In fact it took me about 8 listens before I started to appreciate it but, now that I do, I think it’s as catchy as the last album, if not more so. I don’t think, even after all those listens, that the melodies are quite so beautiful though.

    August Blogcast eagerly awaited!

  6. While Crystal Ball is a a good tune, I think Keane is suffering from a case of sophomore-itis. A band’s second CD followup after a huge debut CD is almost always a disappointment. They’ve been on the road touring, they probably faced pressure from the record company, they no doubt tried to address criticism that they were too soft and go with a more “edgy” sound that doesn’t suit them… and of course Tom’s now famous substance abuse issue.

    IMHO, there is not a Bedshaped, We Might as Well be Strangers, She has no Time, or Everybody’s Changing in this bunch. Not even close.

    Glad that you are now feeling a bit more connected to your adopted homeland, and continued best wishes to get through the rough spots. Maybe a trip to Hawaii would help?? 😉

  7. PS. I can’t believe Ian hasn’t chimed in on the Keane discussion yet. He actually just told me that he thought the second CD was an improvement over the first!

  8. Michael says:

    Keane, huh? I was given a copy of their (his? I don’t even know) first album a few months ago by a friend, but due to some computer problems, I’ve not been able to get it copied over to my computer and onto my iPod and my home DVD player (which I use as my home stereo) does not play burned CDs, so I’ve not been able to listen to it yet. And now there is a second album for me to be deprived of. I guess I could buy the CD, but really, who does that these days?
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better about your current situation.

  9. Paul says:

    Copied CD’s eh?! Tut tut!

  10. Paul Webb says:

    It may be down to a crap car stereo, but the lyrics sure should like:

    “Oh, Chris de Burgh, Chris de Burgh,
    Save us all, tell me life is beautiful”

    I’m quite taken with the idea of receiving spritiual salvation from the Irish Granny Pleaser.

  11. I think everyone already knows my opinion of Keane, but I’d just make it clear for the record that the context was “an improvement in the sense that being shot in the head is an improvement over being slowly tortured”

    Most bands* have difficult second albums. It’s because the first album is full of songs that they’ve been playing for years, have honed in front of a live audience, whereas the second consists of songs they’ve written in a relative hurry, not been exposed to an audience, mixed with a few leftovers that weren’t really good enough for the first album

    * Exceptions whose second album was better: Saint Etienne. Nirvana.

  12. Alert the media! I actually agree with Ian! (Except for the first sentence.)

  13. Amy says:

    Glad to hear you settling in Geoff. Takes time. I once spent 4 months in the Yukon, which granted was still in my country, but a world away as far as life as I knew it. Take it all in and remember you made your move for a fine reason. Take Kris up on the offer and go visit HI! I am sure you and your fiance would love it.

  14. geofftech says:

    #1 / #2 – It was going great. Right up until Friday. And then it all went shit again. And I don’t know why.

    #3 – Zu, no row this year over your birthday. I still remember last year. YOU LOOK FABULOUS, OK!! 🙂

    August blogcast has been started, but not finished. It might actually be the first week of september that it comes out. Whoops!

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