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Pet Poll

This week I’ve caught up with various people socially in Charleston, and it seems to me that they ALL have pets.

Mainly it seems to be cats and dogs, and I’ve seen or heard about so many this week, that I’ve started to wonder: “Is it more common for people in the USA to have a pet than it is for people in the UK?”.

So a quick spot poll to all regular readers/commenters please :- State in the comments whether you’re US or UK (or anywhere else!), if you have a pet or not, and if so, what it is/they are.

If you’re a ‘youngster’ living at home and technically its your parents pet – that still counts.

I’ll go first: Leigh & Geoff (US), have two dogs.

50 responses to “Pet Poll”

  1. jaq says:

    jaq (UK, hopefully US soon) & jaq’s wife (US), no pets now, but the wife wants to get a cat.

  2. Pam says:

    US. Three dogs and one cat.

  3. jj says:

    US. one dog. used to have three. have also had hamsters (max 2 at one time) and fish (max shedloads at one time) father had a monkey in his youth, and, i believe, a horse.

  4. tami says:

    I have five chihuahuas- Chunnie, Weezie, Gizzie, Twinny and Cissy.

  5. Chucker says:

    I’m in the US and am tolerated by my orange striped cat named Wally Jr.

    “Mew,” he adds.

  6. Heather says:

    US – Two dogs. And until last week we had a frog as well.

  7. tugs says:

    UK. One cat, Barney, who was a 50p (iN Da Pod) contributor. Honest!

  8. Are your pets new, Geoff, or were they Leigh’s?

    I live in a bleedin’ menagerie, but here’s my dog:

  9. geofftech says:

    Tami – you have five (count ’em – FIVE! Chihuahua’s ???!!!

    My god. We have one, and that’s bad enough.

    Ian – They were Leighs dogs, she already had them. One boy Chihuahua, and one girl Dalmation Boston Terrier mix. Here:

    Come to think of it, if any previous commenters (above) or future commenters (below) would like to email me their photos of their pets, i’ll add them into the comments here…

    Send geoff your pet pics here

  10. Jon Allen says:

    South Korea. (Originally UK) – no pets, but I’d like to keep a cat. The wife would like a dog!

  11. Scott says:

    Scott, UK, 1 Dog Tessie and several friendly house spiders. 🙂

  12. Kallure says:

    US. One bearded dragon.
    No cats or dogs or furry things because the SO is allergic. 🙁

  13. Amy says:

    Canada. Two dogs – Josh and Molly.

  14. Lisa says:

    US, one beta fish and one dog. Sally dog is a labeagledor (lab/beagle mix) from Hawaii.

  15. Helen Kent says:

    UK – Two cats

  16. Alan Perks says:

    UK 3 cats.

    (Picture of only 2 of them)

  17. geofftech says:

    You see – I’m already thinking that cats are popular in the UK, and dogs are more popular in the US. But we’ll see… keep commenting people, and send me pics if you have them!

  18. jj says:

    Probably due to the population density, i’d bet (244.69 persons per km^2 vs. 29.77 per km^2). dogs like yards.

    I’m sure that dogs are more common in the english countryside than for you urban folks, just as here cats are more common in major cities than in relatively rural/suburban (well, less densly developed) areas like Charleston, or even most of the South …

  19. Paul Webb says:

    UK – 2 Cats (Robert Anderson & Willow) and I am also the current custodian of a goldfish belonging to TV actor & funnyman John Thomson (called Goldie Lookin’ Fish)

  20. geofftech says:

    I want Leigh to post a comment that says “Would you like a picture of my pussy, too?”, but she won’t … dammit …

  21. Paul says:

    UK: 1 Cat – I can send you a photo of my wife’s pussy if you want Geoff. I am sure she won’t mind! 🙂

  22. Fimb says:

    UK – none. (but lack of space is the reason. We will be getting pets as soon as we have space. Technically I have a ferret, Lulu, but she lives with my brother till we have a garden!)

  23. TowerBlock Tina says:

    UK. Sad to say – no pets are allowed in Tower Block, but when lived in house with garden we had 2 cats.

  24. Ross says:

    New Zealand! 2 Cats … Mittens and Maisy (US breed though – Maine Coons – does that count for the “US team”)

  25. Amy says:

    Have done a poll of our neighborhood for you:

    7 houses on each side of our street. 14 households in all.

    Number of dogs … 18

    Number of cats … 6

    BC Canada.

  26. Michelle says:

    UK – 1 cat (Molly) and 1 rabbit (Gracie)

  27. saba says:

    US. No pets.

  28. John Spier says:

    UK – No pets yet, but its soon gonna be a dog, and if it’s no dog then a baby will have to do!

  29. Jon Allen. #10: Well, as no-one else has, I’ll ask. As a pet or as a snack?

  30. Lisa says:

    UK. 1 lovable by silly cat called George.

  31. Jon Allen says:

    Funny you should mention that Ian. I just finished a post about eating dog meat. I’ve now tasted dog and i won’t be eating it again!

  32. UK – no pets, some unwanted housemice. Would like the lifestyle that goes with a dog, but don’t have it.

  33. carl says:

    UK,1 dog and a mouse is in the pipeline (not literally) , carl

  34. UK, and very contentedly dogless, puppyless, catless, kittenless and petless.

  35. Michael says:

    US. 1 dog. Sam.

  36. Sellassie says:

    UK – had six goldfish (Romeo, Juliet, Kat, Zoe, forgot the other two’s names). They’ve since all gone on to the great goldfish bowl in the sky. Also recall in the mid-90’s having a ‘pet’ spider named Harry, and one day he just disappeared. It was very sad. 🙁

  37. Stewart says:

    US – Three cats – evil Ragdoll, clown Himalayan, and faithful Siamese. Plus one very new baby boy.

  38. leslie says:

    US, two cats.
    My friend and her boyfriend have 6 cats between them (there were 9 in the house at one time, but the sister moved out and took her three with her).

  39. geofftech says:

    #38 – Can we have a pic of the baby boy Stew? 🙂 (Congrats by the way, to Charlestons newest father…)

  40. Lisa says:

    #38 – I can’t believe I forgot about the spider! Ms Spider is a banana spider living on the back porch. I’m told that there were two small males with her starting off, but she ate them. My daughter says that is as it should be…..

  41. Michelle says:

    Well it seems that my piccies of Molly and Gracie have been rejected by the computer… perhaps they are just too daft to join this delightful bunch of pets – after all, the cat was sitting in a big bag and the rabbit was playing ‘foot’ball!! 🙂

  42. Paul says:

    Might be getting a 2nd cat from my in laws soon. The cat is ever so sweet, but her face looks like she has been smacked with a spade! Photo to follow hopefully!

  43. Julia says:

    UK – 2 cats, also 50pence contributers

  44. Imabug says:

    US. Two black lab retrievers in my house.

  45. U.S. No pets yet but the boys are agitating for a dog. I want to get a cat but I want to buy it from a breeder. All the cats on this island have too much feral blood.

  46. Brent says:

    US – none in current residence (space restrictions) but I still have a collie at my parent’s house in Ohio. Also living there are 2 other dogs, an English Setter and Beagle.

  47. TowerBlock Tina says:

    Doesn’t anybody have a tortoise? Or is that not allowed any more?

  48. Starkey7 says:

    No pets, ever! Mum says they’d make too much mess on the carpet. I’m not quite sure what she means by that.

  49. DivineMrsM says:

    UK. No pets yet (husband and eldest son allergic to furry things) but a budgie is in the offing for younger son. Are we the first budgie reference on here? It’s all thanks to a trip to Zippos Circus where 5yr old George became most enamoured with Norman Barrett and his amazing performing budgies…

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