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iBlog – Where it’s all about the music

Play CountsMy favourite local radio station here in Charleston The Drive has a tag line of – ‘The Drive 100.5 – Where it’s all about the music’. They play a good mix of old and current stuff that I like, and they stuff in an odd random tune now and then that I don’t know – get to like, and thus discover new music. It’s nice, and ties in nicely with Geoff’s world – where it’s also all about the music.

So we’re out last night. Leigh & I get in the car to drive home – she’s driving, the radio comes on, and almost straight away she turns it down, or perhaps turns it off – I can’t remember which.

“Do you ever get bored sometimes with listening to the same stuff?” she asks.

Geoff thinks about himself. A man who has got tracks with over 300 play count tallies in his iTunes – and knows that when he likes a new tune he’s discovered so much, he’ll play it ten times back to back just to make sure he really likes it.

“Nope.” I reply. “In fact, if you exclude today – I’d say that I can never hear enough music sometimes”.

And this is true – it had been a weird day. Normally I’d get up and put on a BBC ‘listen again’ show, or fire up iTunes – or anything – just so long as I could hear something. But for the whole of Tuesday, I didn’t play anything at home. It was an odd day. A quiet day.

Back in August, when we went away for a week, I actually forgot (!!) to take my iPod with me, and it was only the fact that there were some CD’s in the car to fall back on that I think I kept my sanity that week.

I came to the conclusion that had I been away for two weeks, I’d of gotten my neighbour to let herself in to our place with her spare keys, grab my iPod and Fed-Ex it to me at the holiday home. No really – I would have done that.

“I think I’d go crazy without being able to hear some music after too long. I once dreamt that I was in the ‘Big Brother’ house and that after a week I was beating the walls down, going mental trying to escape just because I couldn’t hear my music collection.”

“I think if you really wanted to torture me – take my iTunes, iPod and CD collection away. Or just cut off my ears. Or make me deaf. Hell – what happens if I go deaf when I’m really old? I’m going to be some eighty year old wobbly deaf bloke going mental because I can only hear songs in my head, in my imagination, and not through my ears”.

I’m vaguely aware that Leigh is looking at me like I’m crazy, but it’s true. This is what I do. This is what I believe.

Music is a drug to me. It’s addictive. There are times in life when suddenly a song will pop into my head and I have this intense urge to hear it there and then to quell my desire. If hear a new song that I like, playing it once is not enough – it gets played in a continuous loop. Or at least in a short playlist on repeat so that it comes round frequently.

Since when did music become so addictive? What does it actually do to the brainwaves in your head and the chemicals in your body to make them react the way they do? Why can hearing the right song at the right time give me goosebumps all down my arms and make the hairs on them stand up too, and why when you are feeling sad, and you hear a certain song can it be the trigger to set you off into floods of tears?

Slight JGE confession coming up (Ah, what the fuck), but last week when watching ‘The Last Kiss‘, one of the final scenes is when the guy who isn’t giving up on the girl that he’s pissed off is literally camping out on her doorstep in a final act of desperation to show how much she means to him. That’s fine by itself. But add Coldplays “Warning Sign” into the mix, and it made me cry. Yes – you read that right: 34 year old male confesses on his blog to crying in a movie to a lame Coldplay song.

And the most confusing part? The MOST confusing part? Is thus:

I sat down to write this blog post, knowing exactly what I was going to say and type. And somewhere, somewhere … DEEP in the darkest corner of my mind, the thought of playing a Linkin Park song popped out, and I just had to play it several times whilst writing this.

Again – you read that right. Linkin Park. Hang on, I’ll do something I’ve never done before and make that a bit bigger -> Linkin Park. There.

Why? Why the fuck them? With that particular song (“Numb“). Why?

Not the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, New Order, Depeche mode or anything ‘electronic’, not Zero 7, Boards of Canada or anything ‘ambient’, not Keane, Coldplay, Snow Patrol or anything ‘hip and mainstream’, not Girls Aloud or Robbie Williams or something ‘chart poppy’, but friggin’ Linkin Park.

Conclusion? I clearly have NO IDEA how my brain works.

So I’m going to see someone tomorrow that might be able to tell me instead. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.

And when you’ve done that, why not delve into the back of your mind, see what tune you find yourself humming then go dig it out and play it and give yourself 4 minutes of pleasure. I mean it … do it!

40 responses to “iBlog – Where it’s all about the music”

  1. Alan Perks says:

    Nope, no-one else knows how your brain works either!

  2. TowerBlock Tina says:

    I don’t think you’re mad at all, after all music is the food of love, and soothes the savage beast, or is it breast, I can never remember. Don’t worry about going deaf either, they do wonderful digital hearing-aids these days you know, and by the time you’re 80 they’ll probably have them implanted in your head! After all most of the young people who go to clubs now will be deaf in a few year’s time.P.S. can’t believe I’m first on the post!

  3. geofftech says:


    Ten minutes after writing this (including going back and correcting all the mistakes) I ended up playing Keane, Depeche Mode and a Snow Patrol song. Figures.

  4. Alan Perks says:

    I was very disappointed that you corrected the errors; I was quite looking forward to you heating my ideas about how your brain worked. Guess you probably meant hearing them.

  5. Paul says:

    Don’t worry about deafness in later life Geoff, a lot of my mates and the missus like music LOUD with the bass thumping. I feel like I am black when I drive round with them, but it does sound good!

  6. jj says:

    you know Geoff, i used to respect you. but then i found out you listened to The Drive. sorry mate, but that’s just too much. The Bridge or 95SX i could live with, but The Drive? dude.

  7. geofftech says:

    #7 – says the man that has more cheesey 80’s on his iPod than *I* do (and that really is saying something. and i’m not just referring to the Bananarama hit of the same name either).

    Ok, before this descends into a complete song-title-pun-fest, you may all like to read this quite fascinating article that Kris (#4) just sent me:

  8. The Sewel Convention says:

    I think you are the type of person who may enjoy ‘Rush’ (or possibly not!).

  9. Neil says:

    I must take issue with you typing “gotten my neighbour”. You’ve combined English and American there. “Gotten my neighbor” would be fine, as would “got my neighbour”, but never mixed like that.

    You have to choose – is it us, or them?

  10. geofftech says:

    #9 By which band? LP? iTunes doesb’t have it if so …

    #11 – yeah, that deliberate Neil. it’s meant to be satire.

  11. Rush is a band, Geoff. If I were you, I’d be offended by the implication that you might like them

  12. Chz says:

    Mmm.. Deaf. I could do deaf. Learning to read lips would be a pain, but I like watching TV with captioning on so I’ve got a head start on it. I’d probably miss music on occasion, but quite honestly if I had to lose one sense it would be hearing.

  13. Ciaran says:

    Geoff you know what I think of your musical tastes but Linkin Park??? Fucking hell mate, sort it out.

    Try these two out for size. You’ll love them I promise…

  14. geofftech says:

    Ian – I’m just wondering how it would fit in to my collection. [click] * Sorts by artists alphabetically *

    Hmmm.. anything by Rush would fall between Rufus Wainwrights “I eat dinner”, and S’Express “Hey music lover”. Intruiging.

  15. geofftech says:

    Ciaran – but at least you can’t accuse Linkin Park of being ‘gay’ πŸ™‚

  16. Ciaran says:

    I can.

    Linkin Park are offically now pipe-cleaners of the highest order.

  17. Crying over a Coldplay song in a film? That’s nothing.

    Try getting emotional over the Snow Patrol song from the TRAILER. The fricking TRAILER, man! (PS: Is the film any good?)

  18. Ciaran says:

    The last DVD I cried at was the Tottenham Hotspur European Campaign trail. I cried with laughter I hasten to add. Epecially when the Glorious Hammers stuffed them in the last game of the season… πŸ™‚

  19. jj says:

    #8 – 2.5 gb of my 25 gb library is 80’s. 10 percent. what’s yours? :p my country music outweighs my 80’s, for goodness sakes! my celtic/folk music playlist is well over 3 gb, and i’ve got somw new stuff that hasn’t been added to it yet. so at least i’ve got variety. if not taste. i never claimed to have taste. well, bad taste, maybe.

  20. geofftech says:

    #19 – Andrew. I can BEAT that! They used SP’s ‘Chasing Cars’ as the last songs in Grays Anatomy last night, when a character dies and the nursey that inadvertantly killed him is all distraught.

    Hang on .. no .. no .. on second thoughts, getting all emotional over a trailer DOES beat that. Ok. You win! But it is a most moving song, so i’m not suprised…

    And yes – “The Last Kiss” was most enjoyable.

    #21 – JJ – 562 out of my 3830 items are on my iPod have the genre of “Eighties”. that’s er … [calc.exe] 14.67%. Bugger.

  21. Paul Webb says:

    This morning I found myself singing along to a Traveling Wilburys song. And enjoying it. So even the most unlikely music can have an effect.

  22. The Sewel Convention says:

    Rush are not to everyone’s taste as I (and subsequently #13) implied! You may have already made your mind up, but the best material is on Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures and Grace Under Pressure (a little silly before and after). Canadians are now your neighbours so try some of their lesser known culture. I’ll stop now.

  23. Teg says:

    At last, a man after my own heart. I am a diehard control freak and like you have listened to the same song continuously over a 2 hour drive, just because I like it so much! Keep up the good work! You keep the rest of us sane!

  24. TowerBlock Tina says:

    #23, Paul, they play ‘Travelling Wilbury’s’ all the time on Radio 2, annoyingly catchy, I find myself singing along to them too, but then I was a George Harrison and Roy Orbison fan. Does anybody out there admit to having any Classical Music on their iPOd?

  25. geofftech says:

    #25 – Teg, sweet! may i ask which song it was? I AM NOT ALONE!! hurrah.

    Mum – i have no classical music on my pod. sorry.

  26. pixeldiva says:

    I don’t have an ipod, but I have downloaded classical music and listen to it on occasion. Does that count?

    Oh, and Geoff – I have the weird Linkin Park affliction too…

  27. Neil says:

    #11 – yeah, that deliberate Neil. it’s meant to be satire.

    Oh come on, it’s far too subtle to have been picked up by any but the most anal of people …

  28. Ben French says:

    Geoff, have you watched Miami Vice (the remake film) recently? The only reason I ask is the main track in the film and trailer is “Numb” and it is really catchy when you think of it in that way.

    Just thinking because you mentioned another film that you’ve seen recently so your mind may have segued into that

  29. E says:

    Please tell Leigh she has my sympathy.

  30. Alex says:


    OI ! No giving away the plot to Grey’s Anatomy, some of us haven’t seen it yet, we have to wait a day after its shown in America.

    Although I may not be quite so worried about it if Izzy leaves.

  31. Fimb says:

    *puts hand up to having some classical on her Ipod*

    I have music for all moods on there. Luckily I don’t, ever, have any death metal moods *l*

  32. pj says:

    Going to disagree with you on this.
    Silence is a very useful tool. It lets the mind wander, to think and to ponder. On a train or when a passenger in a car and going on a long journey sometimes it’s great to down down the outside world. Switch off the noise and just “be”. I’m a big fan of “being”. It’s a state of mind which I think men do really well. Sitting and “being”.
    BTW, my wife thinks I’m crazy with I tell her this theory!

  33. Paul Webb says:

    #26 – Ahh, Roy Orbison. A true great. I love Elvis, but even he had to admit who the master was.

  34. TowerBlock Tina says:

    #35 Paul, what I should have said was that I AM a Roy Orbison & George Harrison fan, but they are both deceased, so I used the past tense. Surely you can still be a fan of a dead person? BTW the Elvis film ‘Jailhouse Rock’ was on Cable TV last weekend; what a bad actor he was, but the songs were BRILLIANT, still sound good todya. And that famous Elvis hip swivel, wow!

  35. geofftech says:

    #34 – PJ. Oh I agree! e.g. I often lie awake at night in bed, in the small hours of the morning, and shortly before getting up – all in silence, processing the millions of thoughts that my over active brain and imagination have. Plenty enough quiet for me. Then I start my day and like to hear some noise as a distraction…

    #32 – Alex, where in the world are you then to get ‘Grays’ a day after us? if you were in the UK I thought they didn’t get it for MONTHS after, not just a day after.

    New season started on ABC last night. The most delightful Izzy is still in it (fear not), but she spends the entire episode lying on the floor. Straight up. (By which I mean “honestly”, and not “lying straight up”). Right, I’ll get my coat …

  36. 26. Tina…I have classical music on my iPod. But surprised to hear Geoff doesn’t. (I think I remember at one time sending Geoff some of my favorite classical pieces. This means he must have trashed them!?)

    Now I have a poll question: Has anybody here used their iPod while having dental work done? And if so, what artist(s) and song did they listen to?

    I’ll go first: Yes I have and what I listened to was Elton John’s “Funeral for a Friend.”

  37. stroppycow says:

    Kris, wouldn’t you run the risk of having a song you like associated to an unpleasant experience and wince everytime you hear it again afterwards? Wouldn’t you then need to clear the bad vibes and make sure something nice happens when you listen to the song again after that?

  38. geofftech says:

    Dental Work ! What ? How did we get onto teeth? I think a dentist would give you a funny look if you said “Do you mind if I plug my iPod in whilst you work on me…”

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