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Everything Counts (Pet Shop Boys mix)

Number of times I have now seen the Pet Shop Boys live : Ten(July 1989 at Wembley, September 1991 at Wembley (two nights in a row), April 1997 at the Savoy Theatre, March 1999 at the Brighton conference centre, March 1999 (same tour two nights later) at Wembley, February 2002 at the Astoria, June 2002 back at Brighton again, June 2002 (same tour, two nights later) at Brixton Academy, and now the first time I’ve seen them overseas, at the Tabernacle – Atlanta, Georgia.

Length of time it took me and Leigh to drive there: Five and a half hours (Including two brief toilet breaks)

Number of groupies we saw hanging around the back of the venue several hours before the gig: Three (Two guys, one girl)

My estimated average age of the people there: Mid-to-late thirties

Rough ratio of men to women: Seven to two

The price of a ‘Numb’ T-Shirt: Thirty five dollars [18.50]

Not forgetting a nice shiny yellow glossy ‘Fundamental’ tour programme: $15 [8]

Number of pages in the glossy forty-eight page programme that actually had writing in : Thirteen (The rest being top-notch photos from the tour so far)

Number of friendly German students that were standing behind us that we go chatting to: Two

Number of annoying girls standing in front of us that talked all the way through the first half of ‘Numb’ to the point that even Leigh felt compelled to tell her to shut up (Or words to that affect): One

Number of tunes that Leigh wasn’t familiar with: Five (Pretty good going, I felt)

Number of songs they did in total : Twenty four

Number of songs that I was able to sing along with : All of them (Well, except for ‘Se A Vida E’, which I don’t really like)

I'm with stupidWould I go and see them again? : Absolutely (A good word for a Pet Shop Boys album, actually)

Total number of encores: Just the one (But with a cool medley made up of ‘Go West’, ‘So Hard’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Left to my own devices’ and ‘I’m with stupid’ at the end. Ooooh it was good.

Number of people waving their arms as per norm to ‘Go West’ as the end: Only about half of the 2,000 audience

Number of Pet Shop Boys songs not by the Pet Shop Boys that I played on the five hour drive back again: Three (Carter USM: “Rent”, West End Girls: “West End Girls” and East 17: “West End Girls”) – Are there any other PSB covers out there that I don’t know about?

[ Original Depeche Mode Everything Counts post here ]

18 responses to “Everything Counts (Pet Shop Boys mix)”

  1. Dubstar covered Jealousy for the EMI 100 anniversay CD “Come again”

  2. Paul says:

    Don’t they make a cute couple!

  3. Fimb says:

    *has some strange feeing of de ja vu..*

    OK, so when I last checke dyour blog, I thought “hmmm, I’m sure there was another post here last time I checked”, but couldn’t rememebr what it was for the life of me!! But this is completely different..

    *head spins*

  4. Mikey says:

    Err, what happened. I posted on a very similar looking thread to this last night, except now its changed, including the stats, and my post is gone. I know i’m not going crazy!!

  5. geofftech says:

    #3/#4 – Just keeping you on ya toes … the mysteries of wordpress. (and my ability to set the wrong date on a draft posting…)

  6. You’re lucky to survive! I got edited for the very mention of the fabled post!

  7. Jiff Smesmy says:

    Number of times you’ve seen Steps live? (is that one or two?)

    Number of times you’ve seen ‘them for free on a Sunday night in the union’?

    Number of people you know whose name is Jiff?

    Number of anagrams of ‘Pet Shop Boys’ that don’t come out as ‘Phop Shot Bey’, ‘Bop Phet Yosh’ or ‘Repetitive Geordie Repetitive Electronic Repetitive Duo Repetitive’?

    Hope you’re well matey!

  8. geofftech says:

    #6 – that’s because your special and you know it ian. ssh now.

    #7 – hello Richard!

  9. Best Shy Poop?
    Ho’s Pop Bytes?
    Bye, Post Shop? (ooh, a little bit politcal there)

  10. Stewart says:

    5.5 hours to downtown ATL?

    What, did you take a bus?!

  11. Stewart says:

    …and, BTW, I’m glad somebody out there had an easy roadtrip this weekend.

  12. zuzula says:

    bless you, I can’t believe you did a 10 hour round trip to go to the gig! couldn’t you have just got the CD? 😉

  13. geofftech says:

    Stewart – That’s because some of us don’t speed up the I26 like you do! (Stewarts way of driving the freeway is here)

    Zuuuu … but it’s the Pet Shop Boys godammit! Oh, and the tickets were a late birthday present. And I’m trying wean Leigh off of John Denver, and onto gay pop music. I think it’s working … (slowly)

  14. Leigh says:

    Just to clarify here…. Geoff slept for 3 of the 5 hour trip to Atlanta to see the PSB. He drove for maybe 45 minutes before his “eyes got tired”. So in essence, he did take a bus. But I will give him credit… he did drive half way home.

  15. geofftech says:

    *Warning – First ever online domestic brewing*

    Just to clarify also … on the way there, we left early in the morning and I did that thing where I had my eyes closed but wasn’t actually sleeping because I was still not fully awake, but not asleep either! When I did properly wake up, I then did drive for two hours, and then we swapped back again for the last hour and I did sleep properly for an hour.

    Whatever. It’s the way to go … Share the driving people! (We even got to go in the ‘HOV’ lane in Atlanta – High Occupancy Vehicle)

  16. TowerBlockTina says:

    How can 2 people be High Occupancy? Did you s-p-r-e-a-d out? Or pick up hitch-hikers? Seriously, sounds like a good gig, are they going to be in the UK soon? I’d love to go before I get too old. Is there anyone out there who lives near London who’d like to go with me? (Husband hates pop music!)

  17. jj says:

    #10 – c’mon, they were in the Tankmobile. how fast would YOU want to drive an Exploder on the interstate? keep in mind their tendency to flip over.

    and remember, Geoff is English. they don’t know how to do roadtrips. unlike we Amurrikans. Geoff what’s your average cruising speed when driving on the interstate? (or motorway, for that matter?)

    i know Stewart and i drive similarly on road trips, and i rarely get below 80 mph on the interstate; i try to stay above 90. then, when we get overseas, we really drive. i’ve run over 110 mph for over four hours on the M74 and M6… but Europeans in general are smart enough to move the fork over when you are coming up behind. here in the US, who knows what the yutzes will do?

  18. Sounds like you got a bargain T-shirt wise. They’re 20 over here.

    As for PSB covers, may I refer the honourable gentleman to

    Another PSB cover on the email coming up 😉

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