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Road Rage (Part 5)

To wrap up … I think it’s only fair to talk about a few things that I do like about the roads here.

One WayThey have different coloured lines to tell you if the road you are driving down is one-way or two-way.

Ok, so Charleston doesn’t actually have that many one-way roads compared to England, but when you do find one – the centre of the road markings are white in colour instead of yellow which lets me know that I can relive days gone by and drive on the left – yee haa!

And whenever I am in need of that ‘drive on the left’ fix, I’ve learnt where all the local one-way roads are to me so that I can get there quickly.

Motorways (freeway/interstates) and a few other major roads here have a cool thing – A minimum speed limit as well as a maximum one!

Ok, so you don’t get 70 year olds wearing flat caps and driving Mini Metros here in the ‘states but I really wish UK motorways had a minimum speed limit too to stop people that crawl along the inside lane at 40mph.

Is not actually roads … but car parks instead.

I think that England/UK has some of the worst designed multi-storey carparks that I have experienced anywhere in the world.

But a unique feature which I’ve found here and had never seen before is that the ramps up/down a level are often two-way here, often placed in the centre of the car park [parking garage] and means that the traffic flow doesn’t conflict – and I really really like that.

Of course, I should re-iterate that everything that I’ve talked about here this isn’t ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – it’s just different to what I’m used to, and had I of grown up in the ‘states, then I would never be writing these blogs posts.

It’s just yet something else to adjust and get used to, and having been here almost 6 months (182 days) now, I think I’m almost there.


But more of that coming up on Thursday …

6 responses to “Road Rage (Part 5)”

  1. Chris says:

    There are a few of those car parks in the UK where the flow does not conflict. Infact the one near me doesn’t have ramps – the entire car park levels are slopped so that you are constantly either going up or down.

  2. Andrew says:

    I think the car park in Oxford has what you are describing.

  3. geofftech says:

    I’ve just been out in a car park today where the whole middle section (where you could park on the sides) was also the ramp .. and the length of the car park – two way, of course. Very cool.

  4. I’ve seen some clever multi-storey carparks on the Philips campus in Eindhoven; the sloping levels form two interwoven helix… if you drove the full length of each level and turned only at the far ends you would progressively work up to the top and then progressively down again on the “in between” levels. Halfway along each floor is an interconnection between the two systems which lets you jump from the upward-going track to the downward-going one. Rather difficult to draw, but a very space-saving design.


    Here’s some car-park illustrations, but they don’t show the double-helix layout I’m trying to describe. It’s one-way at any given place.

  6. Brent says:

    The majority of New York City car parks, especially those in the Times Square area (which I’m most familiar with) are even more fun in that you don’t even park your car. You pull into the car park, and an attendant takes your car. And then if you’re lucky and happened to pull into the most fun car park, there aren’t any ramps, but actually an elevator, that takes your car up. The attendant pulls your car into the elevator (or lift as you say) and it just seems to magically get parked. Even more fun is returning to pick up your car b/c you go into the car park, give an attendant your ticket and he just phones up your ticket number to another attendant…a few minutes later and magically your car appears in the elevator 🙂

    This happens for most normal cars. However if you have a very fancy car, they actually leave it on the lower floor so it never enters the elevator and also gives the rest of us waiting on our cars to magically reappear something to look at 🙂

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