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Rubbish crossings a year later

RubbishOne random photo:

From the cinema [movie] theatre the other night.

As Leigh pointed out: “You use the left one if you have three items of trash, and the right hand one if you only have two”.

A not so random photo:

After the conversation about roads and specifically crosswalks during the walk, whilst out on my bike on Saturday I was rather pleasantly suprised to find:

i) A roundabout, and
ii) This crossing with the label ‘PED XING’ just in front of it.

So they do sometimes call them pedestrian crossings round here?

And fact that will be interesting to me and no one else:

I can remember exactly what I was doing a year ago today. Yay!

[And it’s worth noting that my ‘2005’ playlist was up to 57 songs at the end of October. This year it’s up ’59’ – so slightly ahead]

9 responses to “Rubbish crossings a year later”

  1. “You use the left one if you have two items of trash, and the right hand one if you have three”

    Is this the reason you needed that tomtom in the first place?

  2. geofftech says:

    Ian – man you need to get a life! i corrected that within two minutes of posting … is this what you do instead of looking after your two children? Sit by your computer all day waiting for me to post?

  3. Chris says:

    Isn’t that not what we all do???

    Ooops – I don’t have children!

  4. Alan Perks says:

    I don’t think we want to know EXACTLY what you were doing a year ago!!
    Although I suppose it was the first day of the rest of your life, wasn’t it??!!

  5. stroppycow says:

    *yay for a year ago*.

  6. TowerBlockTina says:

    What if you have 4 pieces of rubbish?

    Is it 3 in left hand side and 1 in the right, are you allowed to put more than 3 in the LHS, or is it like a limit of 3?

    Or what if you are a woman? or gay? or a child? Is it men only?

    We should introduce these bins over here, our Government loves to tell people what to do! (Not that anyone ever puts anything in bins in London.)

    In Auckland airport N.Z. they have separate bins for paper, plastic, glass, grouped together so you can empty your bag and pockets very responsibly, being very ‘green’.

  7. geofftech says:

    If you have 4 pieces of rubbish, you have to rip/tear one of them in half, so you’ve then got 3 pieces and 2 pieces = 5 pieces. Sorted.

    If you’ve got MORE than 5 pieces of rubbish, you have to make seperate trips, OR … spread your rubbish around the other people that your with so that everyone has either got 2 or 3 pieces of rubbish.

    It does appear to be ‘men only’ trash recepitcles though, so for women… i don’t know. But the guy on the right with two pieces looks more gay to me, so we’re sorted on that front.

    And thus the important issues of the day are discussed on Geofftech. Excellent.

  8. jj says:

    i thought you were going to plotz when you saw the roundabout, Geoff…

  9. I think if you have four, you need to visit the two bin twice.

    What should I do with non-square rubbish?

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