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A difference a day (Monday: Baths)

YazooAm I a bit gay for having baths? Ok, maybe not gay, but (as Leigh put it) “A bit girly”.

This was her (half joking) opinion of me this week when she realised my love of baths. What actually shocked her more though was when I told her the fact that many years ago, I used to live in a house in England which (sit down if you’re an American reading this) DID NOT HAVE A SHOWER in the bathroom. It just had a bath.

I’ll say that again : No shower. Just a bath.

I stress this, because I’ve found out here that it appears to be a very ‘British’ (or European?) thing to do to have more baths than showers. And American men have showers and never a bath.

Is this really so?

US FlagAmerican men – speak up please! When was the last time you had a bath? Has it been so long that you can’t remember? And is it seen as being a ‘girly’ thing to do as far as you’re concerned?

UK FlagEnglish men – do you have more baths than showers? Or showers than baths? Is there anyone out there that still has just a bath in their bathroom and not a shower?

[And a bonus point to anyone who can tell me what record cover the image to the right is from]

My WeightNow it’s been a while since the Monday weigh-in … for a good reason : I got pathetically thin (even by my standards) a couple of months ago.

Until recently that is, where I managed to go from 146 to 158 lbs in a matter of seven weeks, as slowly got used to eating more and having a strange sensation of feeling full all the time as my stomach expands to cope with the intake.

Up! Up! Up!158 pounds / 71.7 Kilograms. (Up from 146 / 66.2 in September)

And you can visibly see that my gut is somewhat larger. Trust me : This is very exciting.

Leigh has set me a target of 160 lbs and maintaining it. Personally I’m going all out for 170 lbs, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I’m on target … right?

33 responses to “A difference a day (Monday: Baths)”

  1. Something from the early 80s, I think.

  2. Bob H says:

    My flat only has a bath, but it has the customery shower attachment and shower curtain. I have about one bath a year and all the rest are showers, every morning to wake me up and it should be boiling hot. Can’t sit in a bath, it doesn’t seem as clean to me.

    Oddly enough my girlfriend prefers a shower in the evening or afternoon “To get rid of the dirt of the day” and she can’t stand the temperature I use.

    So, I’m learning to be flexible on both counts, when not working (because normally I need my wakeup fix) I may have a late shower or both and we are working on a common temperature.


  3. geofftech says:

    #4 – Is correct! Well done Bob. Have a big brucey bonus point.

    It’s the cover to “Nobody’s Diary

  4. Mikey says:

    I cannot stand baths!!! Who wants to sit around in their own filth?

    At my parents house we have bath and shower, and as soon as i could i stopped having baths, and always showers. My uni flat in first year had shower, no complaints there.

    Uni flat in second year (now), has a bath, with a shower above it (well, i say that. I dont actually have a shower, as its broken, and they havent put a new one in yet, so i may stink a bit)

  5. Jon Allen says:

    I agree with Mikey. I don’t like having baths either.

    You rarely get baths in apartments here in Seoul. If you want a bath you have to go to the local gym where they have hot baths.

    I read a news item recently about how hotels are not installing baths in all their rooms these days as there is less demand.

  6. Lisa says:

    #2 Ummmmm….have you ever considered taking separate showers? It may actually take less water as there is less distraction.

  7. Chucker says:

    I once commented to my wife that after a morning shower “I felt like a new man.” She quietly mumbled “why not shower in the evening?”

  8. jj says:

    i only have a shower in my apartment. i wish i had a bath – particularly after strenuous exercise or in very cold weather.

    and you weigh 158 pounds, Geoff? i feel like a positive fatass now, thanks.

  9. Andrew says:

    I too have been criticised for bathing. By a girl no less.

    I find it far more relaxing to lie in the bath with a book for an hour than trying to find a comfy spot on the sofa, or in bed, where I can read.

    I do shower when I want to get clean though.

  10. jaq says:

    I tend to have a bath about once a week, and it’s kind of a lazy weekend treat. I quite often go without a bath or shower on one day of the weekend too. Mua-ha-ha!

    I have some pretty painful joint problems particularly in my legs sometimes, and lying in a hot bath helps soothe them.

  11. Geoff says:

    Only take showers now except luxuriating in a bath for 2. I remember my first digs, in Cambridge, where I was restricted to one bath a week on Wednesdays (no shower in the house either) – hard to believe today.

  12. Well done, Bob H. Of course it is. I had it in my mind that it was Depeche Mode for some reason.

    Here’s a difference for you Geoff – the band were called Yaz in the states due to a pre-existing band called Yazoo.

    I’ve checked the calendar. Apparently I’ve had an equal number of baths and showers so far this year: 4 of each. 🙂

  13. Tugs says:

    I’m nearly always a shower man, but baths are called for after I’ve been playing rugby (and in the comfort of my own home, I should stress, not with my fellow players).

    As far your weight goes, I would happily UPS over some of mine if that were possible. Having been injured for the past 2 months I’ve not played rugby or undertaken any strenuous exercise, so my weight has gone up to about 200 pounds(or so).

    Oh, and I guess the lack of rugby means that I’ve not had a bath for over 2 months.

  14. Chz says:

    I’m fairly sure I remember seeing a survey that said most *people* (male or female) in England shower more often than they bathe. Can’t find it right now, though. I certainly only take a bath when I need to relax. It takes too long and uses far too much water otherwise.

  15. Garion Allen says:

    I like having more showers than baths. I rarely have baths, except for the winter when it’s too cold!

  16. TowerBlockTina says:

    I grew up in a very cold house in England, and we were ‘allowed’ 2 baths per week.(A fire had to be lit first to heat the water). We didn’t wash much in between as it was too cold to take your clothes off!

    I still love a bath now,lying back in that lovely hot water,listening to the radio,relaxing,like being back in the womb! mmm, but feel guilty using too much water and electricity, so it’s mainly showers.

    After a bath I always shower/wash hair so that solves the ‘sitting in your own dirt’ problem.

  17. Fimb says:

    *raises hand*

    I do not have a shower in my flat.

    We looked into getting one, but half the plumbing would need to be replaced, and I have actually grown to really love my bath, and fear a shower would be too easy and take away my lovely “me” time reading in the bath each evening.

  18. sam says:

    I also do not have a shower at home, its just baths. But here at uni there is just the shower unless you want to use the bath that doesnt look like it has been cleaned for hundreds of years that is only covered by a flimsy shower curtain. So i just use the shower, but i cant wait to go home and relax in the bath with a nice book and a glass of wine.

  19. Mark Garth says:

    More showers than baths here, but I enjoy a long hot bath after a day weeding the garden…maybe I should keep on top of it better!

  20. David - Lightwater says:

    158 pounds! I want to be your weight, mind you I am probably considerable shorter than you are!

    Shower, shower, shower … bath from time to time …

  21. And I don’t have a shower at home either, just a bath (and it was exactly the same in my last flat too).

    Having to run a bath means I get up 15 minutes earlier every morning than if I had a shower, but I don’t care – baths are great.

  22. zuzula says:

    i can’t remember the last time i had a bath!

    and how do you stay so thin? tell me tell me tell me…

  23. I repeat what I said at your party, though probably a little less slurred… baths are kindof gross, unless you’re not alone and there are candles involved. Though I’m not typically much of germ-o-phobe, for those of you with old bathtubs, can you imagine how many nasty people have used that tub for years and years before you got there? Ewwww.

  24. Shemsi says:

    My husband bathes. I don’t know how he can stand it. The tubs in apartments are so small that it’s impossible for an adult to be completely submerged, and I can’t stand that half-warm/half-cold feeling of being only half submerged.

  25. Paul says:

    ooh I can’t be doing with bath’s me, all that hot water up your “a hole” nah can’t be doing with it.

    The CD cover, is it the Geofftech Podcast Greatest Hits Album! LOL! Sorry Geoff, but couldn’t resist! 🙂

  26. geofftech says:

    Wow… well that’s quite a response! Excellent. An good and old friend of mine back home today emailed me to remind me that he for years just had a bath back home and no shower.

    So, in summary:

    England: Tea, Bowler Hats and Baths.
    America: Coffee, Drive Thrus and Showers.

    Have I missed anything?

  27. scottb says:

    …but Geoff, are you just gaining fat? That is not the way to go. There is something to be said for being skinny amid the majority of fatty s in North America. Don’t become a lardy American just to fit in. 160 is enough, you may regret it when the pounds start coming on too easily (give it 15 yrs).

    Never take baths. My knees always stick out of the water and get cold, and the tub is not human-shaped and terribly uncomfortable to lay in (of course that may be because I have no built-in padding – is that why you want the weight gain?)

    Scott [Canadian]

  28. Chz says:

    Coffee sales passed tea sales in pounds sterling a couple of years ago, but tea’s cheaper so the Brits are still drinking more of it for now. However, the trend of more people drinking coffee (or rather, less people quit drinking coffee than quit drinking tea as the entire hot drinks market is in decline) doesn’t look set to stop anytime soon.

    I do tend to forget that things like showers and central heating are relatively recent novelties here. 🙂

  29. Yorkie says:

    I like to shower every morning. I share a house with three other men; our bath is full of dust such that ‘cleaning the bath’ involves just the hoover. I cannot recall the last time that I had a bath, I’m tall (too long for the bath) and too impatient to wait for enough water to run (I’m large.)

  30. TowerBlockTina says:

    I find it quite amusing that people complain about dirty baths. Why not just clean it before you get in? Only takes a minute. I have lived in a shared house too, and that was the ONLY way to get a clean tub, do-it-yourself. Course I’m a woman so cleaning the bath/basin/toilet in the nude in the morning is quite normal.(Whilst waiting for your deodorant to dry)

  31. Bob H says:

    With the album cover I will confess, geoff you left an alt=”Yazoo” tag on the html code. I cheated, sorry, but at least I got it right, even if it was a devious route. The cash machine gives out a 20 instead of a 10 we don’t complain… 😉


  32. geofftech says:

    Would you believe me if I told you that i left the ALT tag in on purpose as a clue!? No, probably not .. glad you sussed it out tho!

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