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A difference a day (Friday: Apologising)

Sorry!UK FlagLondon: I’m walking adeptly through a crowded area and I accidentally brush or bump into someone. I’m in a hurry – they’re probably in a hurry too, so the best they’ll get from me is a waved hand of apology and mumbled ‘Sorry’ under my breath as I carry on walking away from them.

US FlagCharleston: You sometimes can’t get within two metres of someone without them assuming that they’re invading your personal space and they have to say something to you.

Yesterday I’m walking down the road with my iPod – staring at the screen and *I* almost bump into someone. “Oh I’m sorry” they say. Why? I almost bumped into you – what are you apologising for?

Last week – I make a half effort to hold the door open for someone at a coffee shop, and the person coming through behind me says “Oh, I’m sorry”. What? Because I chose to make a small effort to do you favour?

Before that – I have a ‘crossing the road dilemma’ (see Wednesday) when both the car and I falter about who should be moving first, and the driver (their window already wound down) shouts out “Sorry man!” to me. What?

Everyone is just too damn polite around here. Can someone please be nasty to me? Thanks.

4 responses to “A difference a day (Friday: Apologising)”

  1. Brent says:

    you’re a dirty brit wanker…go back home!

    there, is that nasty enough?

    oh…sorry 😉

  2. Mikey says:

    Too used to London. Maybe if you lived in NY it might be a bit different 😉

  3. Rudi says:

    Geoff, you’re in the south. They’re known for being more openly friendly than in other areas of the U.S.

    Try the same in the aforementioned New York City. Or Boston, or anywhere in New England. Or California. Or Chicago.

    You’ll find that the reaction may range from abject indifference to outright confrontation.

    You just happen to live in a very friendly area.

  4. geofftech says:

    The other one people love to do is “Oh, excuse me” when it should me ME saying to them to ask to be excused.

    i.e. I go to get into a lift [elevator] before letting someone out first, and THEY say “Oh excuse me”, for the fact that I’ve barged in before them when I should have let them out first! Far too polite.

    And fuck off Brent. 😀

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