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In the bath

Gratuitous nudity? Not quite. “Look at me! Look at me!” ?? No. I just thought this would be funny.

I’m genuinely quite intrigued by the fact that American men simply seem to NOT take a bath – only showers. And yesterday, someone questioned whether I really did take baths here, and when was the last time I had one.

So in answer to that question, it was Monday night, as shown here:

Don’t panic. You’ll never see anymore of me that this ever again. Normal service will resume Thursday with a blow-by-blow breakdown of my first ever Thanksgiving.

( [i] Yes, Leigh took the photo, and [ii] Yes, that is a dog licking my fingers – you’re all meant to go “Aaaaah”)

21 responses to “In the bath”

  1. Bob H says:

    More worrying is the look of fear on your face Geoff?

  2. Jon Allen says:

    It didn’t make me go aaaah, but it did give me a great laugh. thanks.
    the things you see on blogs eh?

  3. Garion Allen says:

    The picture also made me laugh! Why so serious? Jus relax and enjoy a British thing! ( a bath )

  4. geofftech says:

    This is true, why do I look so grumpy? I can assure you I was having a very relaxing and pleasant time.

    Glad to have brought a smile to your faces… 😀

  5. Brent says:

    quite disturbing, really. 🙂

    To emphasize the point that American’s don’t take baths, I can’t even remember the last time I took one…unless you count the time I went to Niagra Falls with my girlie and we took a jacuzzi bath…but I wouldn’t count that cause there wasn’t much relaxation or cleaning going on :-/

    My dream bathroom would have to include this lovely shower. 🙂

  6. geofftech says:

    thanks brent … more information then we needed to know!

    but if anyone else would like to send in a picture of themselves looking happy in a bath, i’d be more than happy to post it up here. you know my email address …

    hmm. maybe i should lock down the comments on my blog, and insist you all register with ‘bath avatars’ …

  7. Fimb says:

    small bath you have there!! *g* Ours is fab as I can lay down completely in it (and drown in process if I did) 🙂 Even hubby doesn’t need to bend his legs particularly

  8. Garion Allen says:

    I think history might repeat itself here! (that’s if you were still in the UK Geoff!)

  9. Phew, at least this isn’t a post about the last time you took a shower

  10. Ad says:

    That pic is wrong on sooooooo many levels. hehe

  11. Chris says:


    “Arrrrrgh!” more like.

  12. tami says:

    At least you werent taking a pee!

  13. scottb says:

    Just look at you! It appears as if you are quite uncomfortable, your neck will get a
    kink in it, your knees will get cold, and that your bathroom is severely over-populated.
    You are weakening your case for baths.

    #13 – Tami, how do we know he wasn’t?

  14. geofftech says:

    Hey, i’ve been known to pee in the shower. C’mon… we all do it, right?

  15. zuzula says:

    phew… is it me or is it getting hot in here? 😉

  16. TowerBlockTina says:

    Too much visual information Geoff, last time I saw you in a bath, you were about 6yrs old!

  17. I’m sure half the thing with American baths is that the baths, IMHE, just aren’t as deep as your standard UK bath. ~x~

  18. Neil says:

    I have never peed in the shower Geoff.

    It is sick and wrong.

  19. geofftech says:

    Neil – what were you doing in MY shower? whether you were peeing or not!!

  20. Dan says:

    American men take baths whenever they feel like it. I took one tonight, and I smell lovely.

    So there.

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