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My thanksgiving

TGV2[21:00] It’s two hours later! And I have eaten quite a lot of food – even by my standards.

So keeping my clothes on again for the second time tonight (to maintain control from the first time), you may now watch the video for the post-dinner weigh in so how much weight I gained at thanksgiving!


[20:00] Am eating … Two lots of dinner and one desert.


TGV1[19:00] So tracking my weight is something of an obsession for me on my blog, so how about this .. a video ‘before’ and ‘after’ diary of when I have my thanksgiving dinner.

How much weight can I put on in the course of one evening? Click on the ‘video’ image to find out how much I weighed BEFORE I starting eating…


[17:00] I’m recording some bits for the latest blogcast. I’m interrogating interviewing Leigh on the reasons behind the traditions of Thanksgiving. But I saw her reading the wikipedia page for it earlier which is cheating and means she knows everything that I asked her, dammit …

[16:00] Ok, we still haven’t eaten yet, but that’s because we’re taking round our food to some friends this evening to contribute what they’ve cooked – and then we feast! They’re cooking:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sour cream mashed potatoes
  • Collard greens
  • Southern style green beans
  • Zucchini bread
  • Turkey (Hopefully!)

    [15:00] Ok, the food is ON! (Pictorial evidence below) We are making:

  • Stuffing
  • Green bean casserole
  • Cranberries
  • Baked rice
  • Chocolate tart
  • Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake

    Leigh is a vegetarian. There is no Turkey in our house.


    [13:00] We’re in the kitchen – cooking. Leigh sends me round the local Food Lion before it shuts at 2pm to get some sugar as we’ve run out (the sugar is to go with the cranberries we’re doing). As I walk back (British – remember, I have two legs and don’t feel the need to drive there) some shady dude loitering outside who I think is begging says “Happy Thanksgiving man”. Likewise, shady dude.

    [11:00] We’re down the beach, taking the dogs for a walk. There are lots of other families about, but no one’s saying “Happy Thanksgiving” like people might say “Happy Christmas”. On the drive there, all the shops are closed though, the roads are dead quiet, and it feels more like a Sunday that it does a Thursday. Weird.

    [09:00] Awake now. Leigh brings me tea in bed. Excellent! No sign of any turkey yet though.

    [07:00] I’m still in bed. Asleep. Sssh.

  • 16 responses to “My thanksgiving”

    1. Zucchini bread? I’ll pass on that, thanks.

    2. Alan Perks says:

      And Spurs win 1-0! What could be better?

    3. geofftech says:

      Oh! UEFA cup! shit. I totally forget. (Not used to qualifying for european tournaments y’see…)

    4. Steve says:

      Thanksgiving sounds a bit dull.

      but that black friday thing, now that sounds like a lot of fun. Crazy mob shopping, bring it on!

    5. Alan Perks says:

      You forgot!!?? Through to the knockout stages as well my lad!!

    6. Garion Allen says:

      Happy thanksgiving mate. Looking forward to the interview! lol

    7. jj says:

      happy Thanksgiving, Geoff!

      we had fried turkey – if i’d known there was a chance you guys were to be without meat, i’d have invited you.

      i can claim a personal connection to the holiday, you know, as i’m descended from Peregrine White…

    8. tami says:

      happy thanksgiving-
      as you can imagine, stuffed to the gills and dread the upcoming days of …turkey salad, turkey gumbo, turkey sandwiches , turkey stew, turkey dumplings, etc.. good thing I have 5 chihuahuas to eat it….

    9. Laura says:

      A thanksgiving without turkey!? Isn’t there a law against that? Happy Thanksgiving Geoff 🙂

    10. Semi Colin says:

      Is it me, or is time going backwards?

    11. You might also hotlink to Wikipedia on “Collard Greens” – not something I’m familiar with as an Englishman. Basically cabbage?

    12. jj says:

      no, collards (while related to cabbage) taste closer to spinach or turnip greens, only more bitter.

    13. TowerBlockTina says:

      Why two dinners Geoff,were you just being greedy? Anyway congratulations on the weight-gain. Just had a thought, if you didn’t bath, you could hang on to some of your weight (i.e. dirt)

    14. geofftech says:

      because i’m trying to get fat! did y’all play the video? i added them later after everything else.

      i really should work out how to configure wordpress to put the comments at the top for reverse-time posts like this.

    15. TowerBlockTina says:

      Yes, watched video, of course! Brilliant. Most of the western world is trying to lose weight, and you are the opposite.

    16. TowerBlockTina says:

      Apart from the double helpings of food, did you actually enjoy Thanksgiving? Did you meet up with friends or anything?

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